Tamil Nadu / Chennai / TASMAC Dry Days 2013 (Liquor shops closed)

Following are the dry days in Tamil Nadu ( & of course Chennai) for 2013. On a dry day all the TASMAC liquor shops, TASMAC bars, pubs and hotel bars are closed.

Not included in this list are special days like election dates, poll counting days, sudden demise of somebody important etc which do not occur every year.

Usually bars and pubs at hotels start serving liquor again at around 6:00 PM on the dry day.

Stay alert, add these dates in your calendar and stock up in prior!!

Date Day Reason
January 15, 2013 Tuesday Tiruvallur Day
January 25, 2013 Friday Milad-un-Nabi
January 26, 2013 Saturday Republic Day
January 27, 2013 Sunday Vadalur Ramalingar Memorial Day
April 11, 2013 Thursday Birth Day of Nabigal Nayagam **** Not sure. Please help me with the right date ****
April 24, 2013 Wednesday Mahavir Jayanthi
May 1, 2013 Wednesday May Day
August15, 2013 Thursday Independence Day
October 2, 2013 Wednesday Gandhi Jayanthi

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  • Victor

    It does not matter how many days they are closed for the year, but three days continuously is too much.

  • ggvel

    Very very important information. Economy restructuring needed if holidays are more.

    • kosukadi

      Good one! Yes, how can they just indiscriminately shut down the only business which feeds the coffers!

  • Quater Govindhan

    evan da athu 3 nal leave vittathu

  • Prabhakaran

    Milad-Un-Nabi is Nabigal Nayagam birthday

  • kudimagan

    bootleggers would have enjoyed the continuous 3 days leave. However other months do not carry much to their pockets by selling in black on dry days.

    • Naanum Kudimagan

      man…. can u help me on my query ??? pls

  • Kudimagan

    dear all can i carry liquor bottles on these dry dates ? FYI, travel will be within the state of alcohol purchase. please let me kno asap… thanks in advance…

    • kosukadi

      What do you mean Carry? If you buy it the previous day and consume on a dry day at a private place, nobody is going to ask you anything.

  • kosukadi

    Last dry day of 2013 today!!! Yahooooo!!!

  • vas

    Ini dry inla wwet than adra cheers

  • Krishna Kumar

    Trying to locate a shop or place that sells spice vodka – blue colour bottle with a picture of green chilli. Can somebody guide me ?

    • vishwa

      nungambakam tasmac. 730 for a full