Lok Paritran – Where are you?

I remember last assembly elections in Tamil Nadu, a new party was formed called “Lok Paritan” by a bunch of Ex-IIT’ians and few others ex-students from major educational institutions. These jokers had major media coverage. I remember, they getting a full page write-up and fancy photographs in The Hindu. They participated in 7 constituencies I suppose. Read news that members left the party due to indifferences, accused of treason, accepting bribes etc. Shame on a party which is acclaimed to be a model party, with youngisthan members, who will be the future of the country and blah blah blah

LokParitan fancy picture from The Hindu

LokParitan fancy picture from The Hindu

Just wanted to know what happened to these guys over this time around for the Lok Sabha elections? Their website is here, shows no activity.
Having said that, we really need a youthful, well organized party with strong foundations and people with good education and dedication to be elected, serve and save the country.