Make Wine at Home: Easy and Cheap Home Made Red Wine Recipe

I always had the desire to enjoy drinking something I made myself. Did a lot of researching on how to make wine at home and all I got was wine making methods which was meant to be executed in the USA which uses things like wine fermenter kit,  hydro meters, capdem tablets and those kind of stuff which you don’t get here in India.

I wanted to prepare wine using just materials available in any standard Indian kitchen and not spending too much money.  This search for the indianized wine making technique did not yield any results and I kept trying asking friends and relatives.

At last, I got the opportunity to talk to one pattima (old lady), mother of a good friend, who’s been making wine for years, got the recipe of ingredients, and proportions from her and she ran me through telephone the methodology, tips and tricks of the process. Within 2 hours of talking to her, I was all set to go!

This guide is for all you people out there, who like me, at least once, want to brew what you drink.

This guide will yield a minimum of 4 litres of wine. Caution: You need a lot of patience, You need to wait up to 42 days to get the wine ready and you will have to dedicate at least 2 minutes everyday till then to this process of making wine.


Black Grapes: 1.5 Kgs

The grapes can be seedless, but definitely need to be black. There is a variety of grapes in which the inside is also black/dark brown, if you get that its good, if not the black grapes variety with dark green inside is also good

Sugar: 1.5 Kgs

Needs to be clean white sugar, try to get a good brand like parrys sugar which does not have any dirt or discoloration

Yeast: 15 grams

This you get in any spencer’s daily or any supermarket for that matter. Usually you would find it in the section where they stock essences, food colouring etc. It’s called “Activated dry yeast” , any brand and a small 25 gm packed would do (you need just 15 grams)

Whole wheat: 50 grams

Had a tough time getting this, all the supermarkets stock only 5 kg packets. Went to a normal palasarakku kadai (general provisions) and got it packed off.

Egg (just the white): 1

Veggies don’t get dejected. This is not really necessary. I was told this is just to create a good flavour. This can be skipped.

Water: 2.6 ltrs

purified water.

Materials / Tools Required:

Ceramic jar:

Big enough to hold 1.5 kgs of grapes + 2.6 lts of water + 1.5 kgs of sugar. Should have 20% free space after adding all this. Preferably must have a lid. Best bet is to use the oorga jaadi (ceramic pickle jar) or if you don’t have any ceramic jars, plastic or metal also would do. Should have a narrow opening because during fermentation, the vessel has to be airtight. So smaller the mouth, easier to seal 🙂

Wooden pestle / masher:

This is nothing but the lowly wooden tool your mom makes to smash potatoes or paalak / keerai. We will use to smash grapes

Long wooden spoon:

should be long enough to reach the bottom of your wine jar.

Love and Support: Any quantity

Along with all this interest and support from other family members to make the wine making experience a memorable one

Wine Making ingredients stacked up

All the ingredients and tools required

The basic ground rule in wine making is keeping things clean and sterile. This to ensure that the brew does not get contaminated with bacteria which may spoil the brew instead of allowing it to ferment. If the brew gets spoiled only thing you can do is to flush it down the drain.

Ready, Get Set:

  1. Boil the water: Boil the water for at least 3-4 mins to make it as pure as possible and kill any bacteria or germs in it. After boiling let it cool. The water has to be back to room temperature before you can use it
  2. Sterilize the ceramic Jar: Simply pour boiling water in the jar till the brim and leave it for 5 mins to sterilize the inner of the jar. Remember, the jar I used was ceramic, so it could stand the heat. Don’t try this if you are using plastic jar 🙂
  3. Clean the grapes: Remove the stem of the grapes. Wash at least 3-4 times in water to ensure all the dirt/dust/chemical sediments from fertilizers and insecticides are removed. Drain the water; if possible spread the grapes on a wide tray to allow it to dry off the excess water.
  4. Clean the wheat: Clean the 50 gms of wheat with water, rinse 3-4 times and ensure they are dry again.
Cleaned and dried grapes

Cleaned and dried grapes

Rock and Roll – Part 1

  1. Put the grapes in the jar
  2. Use the wooden smasher to smash the grapes. The motive is to rupture the grapes NOT to juice them. So need not crush them so hard to juice them out, but ensure each grape is ruptured
  3. Pour in the cooled water
  4. Prepare the yeast: Preparing the yeast is simple. Just follow the instructions in the carton to activate the yeast. Take some lukewarm water (40-50 C), say 100 ml water, add 2 tsp of sugar (you can take some off sugar you have set aside already), and add the 15 gms of yeast into it (usually around 3 tea spoons) and mix them well.
  5. Pour the prepared yeast into the jar
  6. Add the wheat into the jar
  7. Beat the egg white and add it into the jar
  8. Add HALF the sugar into the jar i.e (750 grams).
  9. Use the wooden spoon to mix the contents. You need not try to dissolve the sugar. Just a couple of stirs so that the contents are evenly mixed.
  10. Close the jar with its lid and then wrap plastic covers on top of the jar to make the jar 100% air tight.
Pestle used to rupture the grapes

Pestle used to rupture the grapes

Wheat added

Wheat added

Closeup shot of the ruptured grapes

Closeup shot of the ruptured grapes

Covered and sealed jar

Covered and sealed jar

Stored in a cool dry place

Stored in a cool dry place

Once you have done this, keep the jar in a cool, dark & dry place. But ensure the jar is accessible. Why accessible? Read on…

Daily Duties:

  1. From Day 1 to Day 21, even if you forget to brush your teeth, you shouldn’t forget to do the things below 😉
  2. Daily, at a set time, you need to carefully open up the jar
  3. Use the wooden spoon to stir the contents, just enough that the contents are evenly mixed. Ensure the spoon is 100% clean and dry every time
  4. Close the jar back, make it airtight and put it back in the cool, dark, dry place where it belongsThis process has to be repeated for the next 21 days, Everyday.

Rock & Roll – Part 2

Here comes the important and little bit difficult part, where again, keeping it clean is the key. This needs to be done around the 22nd day.

Materials / Tools needed

  1. Large, fine holed filter. The ones usually found in juice shops
  2. Disposable Surgical gloves
  3. Somebody to help

Steps Involved

  1. Open up the jar
  2. Slowly pour out the contents of the jar into the filter.
  3. The filtered liquid has to be caught with another clean, sterilized vessel
  4. Glove one hand and squeeze out the soggy half-ruptured grapes, the grape skins and seeds through the filter
  5. Finally after emptying the jar, the clear filtered liquid will be caught in the vessel below
  6. Used the gloved hand to scoop put any sediments left out in the ceramic jar
  7. Then pour the contents of the vessel back into the ceramic jar
  8. Then add the second half (remaining) sugar (i.e remaining 750 grams) into the jar and stir lightly
  9. Close the jar, make it air tight as before and put it back into the cool, dry, dark place
Filtering the brew

Filtering the brew

Squashing the grapes with a gloved sterile hand

Squashing the grapes with a gloved sterile hand

Filtered Brew

Filtered Brew

Patience!! – Wait for another 21 days. The good news is that now no more or opening of jar is required. 21 days is the bare minimum. The older the wine gets, the better. Better means, its tastes better and more importantly it gets stronger!!

Taste it ……. Finally!!

  1. After a total of 42 days, you can open up the jar and gently take out the clear wine on top and fill it up in a sterilized glass bottle.
  2. Usually, the sediments are in the bottom and the clear wine on top. So its important you don’t shake the container too much and just use a small glass to scoop out the clear wine on top. Alternatively you can use a pipette or a siphon mechanism to do so
  3. You needn’t empty the jar. Just take out the clear wine from the top and close the jar airtight and put it right back.
  4. Keep repeating the process, till the wine lasts! Just ensure the jar is airtight everytime you put it back
  5. That’s it, you have officially made wine at home!!!!!
Absolut Wine

Absolut Wine 🙂 just used the solid glass bottle of absolut vodka to hold the wine. The wine disappeared (gobbled up) within 20 mins of taking this shot!

Try Variations

In theory any acidic fruit can be used to make wine. Everything from gooseberries, pineapples, strawberries can be used to make wine. The basic fermentation process is as mentioned. So it’s up to you to try variations. You might be lucky to get a good wine sometimes, and other times it might get spoilt. But what the heck, trying is the fun. So please try variations and share the results so that others can try too. I am planning to try the same with white grapes next 🙂

Send me a bottle

Share the booze! They say joy spreads when you share it. Send me a bottle once its done. Will raise a toast for you when I drink it !!

Why you should make wine at home

  1. At less than Rs.200 for the ingredients, you get around 4 litres of wine. That’s the cheapest alcohol. Clean, pure, unadulterated liquor. And this wine IS STRONG and 600 ml or 2 ½ glasses guarantees a nice high.
  2. Home made wine, is certainly MUCH MUCH MUCH better than the Golconda wine which you get at TASMAC, which actually is not wine at all.
  3. Making Wine at home is really a wonderful experience and should be taken up at least once with the family.
  4. Wine is always a part of a celebration, plan ahead and make wine just in time for Christmas, birthday or anniversary
  5. Wine making is one of the oldest skills recorded in history and i suppose wine is the oldest alcoholic drink known to man. So be proud that you know how to make it
  6. Wine making is one of 75 things a man must do at least once in his life time (see slide 55).

Let me know your testimony of success and failures trying this. Also let me know if there are any ways to improve or tweak this recipe. Will be very happy to hear if there are any other recipes you may know. Cheers!

Update 06, April 2012: Feel free to change the proportion of sugar added to suit your taste. I have got constant feedback that the wine was a little too sweet for some peoples’ tastes. So if you want a less sweeter wine, reduce the sugar to around 1 Kg. Based on my experience a bare minimum of around 750 – 1 Kg of sugar is required for proper fermentation and so anything beyond that is going to make the wine sweeter.  So feel free to play around with the amount of sugar.

Update – 17, January 2013:  Excited and happy to see that so many people are interested in making wine at home and find this post/article useful. I receive so many comments every week and unfortunately am not able to reply to them immediately like I used to (due to time constraints). However, most of the questions people ask are already answered in the post itself or in the comments section. So kindly read through before you ask a question. I have also installed disqus which is an easier way to comment and discuss about wine making. Hope you find disqus useful. Cheers! and keep posting comments!!

Update – 03, April, 2013: This post is 4 years old now!! Cheers!

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  • FairfaxBluntSmoker

    I came across your recipe the other night by accident. Now, I’ve got a jar of what will soon be wine sitting in my closet. I had to convert the measurements to imperial. I hope i did so correctly. It seemed that I used very little wheat, about a handful and a half. I am hoping that this wine is not too sweet. I know that the Indian palette is different from that of more western countries. I certainly appreciate the flavorful and spicey food, however I would suspect that the standard Indian wine might be sweeter than the standard Californian or Italian wine. I am not a wine connoisseur by any means so I will be happy if it gives me a decent buzz. It’s amazing that I can legally buy all of these ingredients, but if I mix them in a jar and keep it closed for a month I’m not legally allowed to possess it. Don’t worry, I’ll be responsible. Drunk driving is for highschool kids. I dropped out over a year ago. Thanks for the recipe.

    • http://www.kosukadi.com KosuKadi

      hey! good luck! and let me know how it comes out. The sugar eventually turns in to alchohol during fermentation. The longer you keep it, more sugar converts into alcohol until there is no sugar left and more stronger and less sweeter your wine gets 🙂

      • Raymart

        Hi! Im Mr. Raymart What kind of yeast did you use!

      • ymart

        Can i substitute baking yeast because im here in the Philippines and there is no wine yeast i need answer urgently because this is our project for this final and i have
        1 month to go before the submition Reply plz!

        • ymart

          can i use other grapes because here in the Philippines only available is the violet and light green grapes

        • http://www.kosukadi.com KosuKadi

          @ymart, I suggest you read through all the comments. Lots of interesting info and the answers to your questions are there. Yes, you can use bread yeast.

          • ymart

            THANKS MR. KosuKadi i have already started making it
            i have one question did its normal that their is a bubbles on top of it!

          • ymart

            can i make it only 10 days
            the another 21 days without opening the jar?
            because the deadline will be this coming October! may you help me!

          • http://hvgy hossein

            thanks alot kosukadi i was searching more times to make wine at home but i couldnt but now when i got your reciept i hope i could make real wine at home you know i iran its not possible to find wine or other drink so …in any way so thanks i hope you be all right all your life time yours faithfuly. hossein

          • ymart

            Thanks for you great recipe. Now i have few day left before my submission I’m done already with the first fermentation last September 30, 2012 and I put again it into the jar and add the sugar! My problem is the submission will be this coming
            October 11, 2012 if i did not finish the fermentation what will happened?
            PLS REPLY!

      • http://hvgy hossein

        hi could you tell me how much does it has alchohole percent? thankful your faithfuly hossein.

        • http://hvgy hossein

          hi kosukadi i m now drinking i missed you much now im drinking wine that you give me ingredient thankful i ;like you much plz if you got my message mplz reply to me im waitting for your reply

      • Ron

        Just a FYI- In your directions you say to use a wooden spoon and this is not a good idea if you need things to be sterile. You can not sterilize wood and there are lots of plastics that you can not sterilize well either, the reason for this is plastic get scratched and these tiny not even visible with the naked eye places allow for bacteria to hide and you cant get the sterilizing fluid in there to get them all.

        Glass is ALWAYS better and easily sterilized, it also can be sterilized using most anything as with plastic and wood, you are limited even to what you can use to sterilize with as you cant scratch the plastic or use abrasives of ANY type. Plastic is just to soft a material.

        Plastic syringes is now known to be the cause of and spread of infectious diseases. Back in the 1960’s to save money and cost of production, this company switched to plastic syringes from glass, and very soon after that was done all these diseases like HIV were spread to countries that NEVER had these infections before the introduction of plastic syringes and the inability to sterilize them properly, poor villages in Africa had to reuse syringes for medical facilities as they are poor and can not afford to buy as many as they really need over and over again, and instead would sterilize them for use again and this was no problem with glass syringes.

        When they tried with plastic syringes, it was then they found out the sterilizing process that worked fine with glass does not work on plastic.

        Moral of the story, do not use wood or plastic, use glass.

        The other thing was that most directions for making wine do not include the first part after you mix water, sugar, and yeast you need to aerate the mixture for the first 2 days so the yeast will the oxygen they need to multiply, and mass produce, then after the first two days you can seal it with the air lock and let the fermentation process continue……..this is a most needed step for the yeast to do what they need to do. Your wine will be MUCH MUCH better if you include this step for the yeast…..


      • arun kelkar

        Or till the liquid is so strong aloholwise that the yeast is killed by it.

  • Ekanth

    Hey… One of the best posts for wine preparation… I caught up with the fever of home-made wine from one of my friends and have been surfing like mad for so many days… Today, you made my day!!!! Thanks a ton for the fantastic write-up (and the lovely pictures). I cannot wait till the week-end before I start preparing my own bottle… Your contribution is great… As you rightly said, there are thousands of videos and content on wine preparation and they only make you lose interest in “our interest”. Your narration and method of preparation is so superb and simple… I wish I could taste a little bit of your expert wine output… well… anyways, let me try my stuff and if at all I succeed, will write back to you and share the great experience…

    Thanks a ton!!!

  • Rakesh

    Thanks for such a informative and useful artical I have not seen on web so far. Infact I wanted to made wine in home, hence serching the net since couple of weeks, specialy in India. I got what exactly I was looking, from your artical. Many many…thanks for all your trouble and time you have spent to share this information with us. I sicerly oblised.
    Have a nice day, and be continue to share your further expirences,
    Thanks and regards,

  • Isaac

    Fantastic but simple explanation to treasure i have been searching.., I cant wait any longer to make my wine at home. Absolutely superb.. Thanks a lot for sharing.. God Bless

  • Clifford

    Hey There!

    Just the recipe I have been looking for! And I got the exact same ceramic vessel at home and have been showing the images around to my parents. We are all very excited and hope to be having some good wine in a couple of months.

  • Tathagata

    Hey did u used the baking yeast or the did u ger the wine yeast

  • Neha

    Hi!!! i had picked up loads of black grapes…. now ur recipe has given me the idea of trying my hand in making wine 4rm them… would keep u posted on the outcome….
    thanks a lot for the simple and easy method….
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  • Arunkumar

    hi friend

    million thanx for ur Home Made Red Wine Recipe, i have one doubt . how to make high concentrate alcohol wine


  • Arunkumar

    Million thanks for ur Home Made Red Wine Recipe
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  • anna

    hey, excellent explanation.. simple n informative…
    Can i still make this without the wheat? y are we adding the wheat?
    Cheers !!

  • anna

    hey , whr r u ??? i didnt wait for ur reply n made the wine anyhow.. i wnt to ask if anyone else has tried it the same way? nd yea aftr the initial 21 days can i refrigerate my wine ? is it okie to consume thereafter?
    thank you

    • gale dever

      Hey i was wondering if this wine is sweet wine. im looking for a good sweet wine recipe.

  • http://www.kosukadi.com KosuKadi

    Hey Anna,
    I guess you need to leave it at least another 20 days after the initial 21 days. End of the initial 21st day, filter it as explained and let it stand for at least another 20 days. This is because, the yeast in the brew wouldn’t have settled and might give an unpleasant taste.

    Also wheat is just to stabilize the fermentation process. No harm if you leave it


  • Joseph

    Hi there ! ,

    Thank you so much for the recipe which i was searching for. I am starting to make it this week end.

    Question: When should we add the egg white.
    Suggestion: During fermentation i feel it would be better to allow carbon dioxide to escape at the same time without allowing oxygen to to enter the jar. This can be done by putting a tube(air tight lid for the jar with a small hole for the tube to enter the Jar) from the jar to a bottle which has water.When the tube is inside the water oxygen can not enter.


    • RAJAN.V.K

      Dear brother,
      I have visited so many sites to know about wine making. I think it can be used your idea as a sbstitute for airlock which I was enquiring where I can get it

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  • ann


    This is for all the people who tried making wine using the above method. FYI

    1) I followed the procedure step by step
    2) I left out the egg white
    3) I recieved valuable advice from the website owner

    Result :

    I coudnt wait for the last 20 days to finish. It was almost impossible to belive I had made the best wine i ever tasted.. Awesome !!!!!! It was even better than the bottled chardony i had bought the other day.. … YIPEEEEEE.. Thank you so very much…:))

  • Helan

    hey i was just waiting for preparing a home made wine but i have a doubt when to add a Egg(White)


  • Helan Chellaiah

    Hello Mr. Joseph,

    You need to add egg white in the first process ie( when you add grapes, water, yeast, sugar and egg white)


  • http://no manikandan

    Hi KosuKadi, Thanks for ur neat and clear cut explanations. I have to try it. I will tell my experience after 2 months. Continue ur Job

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  • Babu Navin

    Thanks a Million, Kosu, I really appreciate your efforts to post this wonderful info. My wine is half way through, its really coming out so great, smells yummmmy, wow, u made our Christmas and New year taste ever better. Thank you from me, my family & friends. Bless you.

  • John

    Hi KosuKadi ,Thanks a lot for ur information.

    I followed ur steps and prepared. Next day when i opened it to mix it further(As per the procedure) ,there was some foam like thing here and there on the top.Is it usual ??

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  • Kiran Joshua Daniel

    Thanks a million for this recipe, I will start right away so that I can celebrate a happy New Year 2010! Still I have a small doubt, is there any need to refrigerate the wine?? Perhaps before or after consumiing?? Anyway thanks and wonder if you know how to make vodka?! Bye and Advanced Happy Christmas wishes!

  • Shawn

    Is there a license needed to sell homemade wine? If so can someone shed some light on it…

    • chris

      it varies from where you are ill give you some facts that i know most will apply sorry to kinda shatter your dreams a little but you will need a lot of cash micro brewery’s witch im sure is where you would like to start the fermentors are around 10k usd each for a size worth having licencing will be worth alot more than that you would need licensing that approves you as registered alcohol producer or something similar then you need licencing to sell then you need quality control to go over your product and show you have strict guide lines to keep everything the same otherwise no government will allow you to sell it in their country (load of bs really) but all in all it would be at least a 250k usd start up fee and you haven’t paid the power or water bills yet i know its bs i shattered my own dreams of making whisky but i cant pay for that and to make whisky try 500k or more for small scale

  • Alex Mathew

    hi kosukadi,

    thanks for ur receipe.
    i read some where that \egg shells\ are using the begining stage along with yeast,eggwhite and sugar. egg shells are needed or not. ? is it harmful?

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  • http://www.redwine.in govindan raghu

    In case I use egg for the sake of taste in the prepatration of red wine, what preservative to be used ?

  • http://www.redwine.in govindan raghu

    in case I use egg for the sake of good taste and flavour, in the preparation of red wise , what preservative to be used? Please advise me.

  • Clifford

    The wine I made last time turned out just fine. Actually, after the first 10-12 days, I tried the wine and it tasted really bad. I gave up on it and just let it be. My mom tried the wine out after about 2 months and she said it turned out great!

    I am now going to try it again – properly.

    I have bought about 10 kilos of grapes and am making it in one of those 50 litre water bottles…

  • susan

    hi there,
    checked in ur recipe…it was very good.my mom makes wine ver y much closer to ur recipe.the difference is she adds two lemon instead of egg white!thanks pal

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    Just read what i am looking for past 6 months. A big thanks for the receipe.

    Now I have purely indian rceipe for making wine with incredigents easily available at local store in Tamil Nadu

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  • Payush

    exactly what i have been looking for but a few questions

    we stir the first fermentation process for 21 dayz….this is done to let oxygen in for fermentation….what wil happen if we do not do this and just let the carbon di oxide out using a thissle funnel….

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    can we store the liquid in wooden barrel or bucket and make it airtight to give it a woody flavour….

    fermentation process will still continue in the bottles after transfer to some extent….how do i make the yeast dis-functional if i want to store the wine at room temprature….

  • Ram

    Tried the recipe as such, but added a 100g of caramalized sugar to give it some different tase as well as a bit of water boiled with one tea bag in it to add color. Worked out well.

  • Ashok

    You should use only egg white. This is added to ‘clear’ the wine of all suspended particles to give you a completely transparent liquid. However it takes several weeks for the sediment to settle down. Temperature also matters. If it’s colder it settles faster. However grape wine does clear by itself completely if you give it time. Here you could skip the egg. Age the wine AT LEAST 6 months before drinking it. Matured wine tastes FAR better than young wine. Keep one bottle SEALED for a year and compare it with what you have drunk earlier !

    • Prakash D Costa

      For veggies you need not add egg white, the same results can be achieved by using skinned raw potatoes 1 or 2 in numbers duly cut to half an inch cubes.

  • Ashok

    Wine that still contains suspended dead yeast cells ( an opaque liquid ) tastes terrible ! That’s how it is before it clears. The lime that’s added by some people is to increase the acidity of the wine. All wines are acidic . The acidity also helps the yeast to function more vigorously. Typically the acidity ( pH ) is around 3.4 to 3.6. This gives it an edge to the wine. Without some acidity the wine tastes flat.

    The first stage of fermentation required daily stirring and it must be covered with a thick cloth to prevent flies , dust etc from getting in. After that it is tranferred to a closed container with a one way air vent. That is air can go out but not enter. If at this stage air gets in , over time the wine ‘might’ become vinegar . To seal the bottle you can use an alternative..a deflated rubber balloon or other similar rubber material that’s available freely in the market ! This will expand as the gas forms but you can deflate it every now and then. It prevents entry of material from outside that could convert the wine to vinegar. Store in this container till fermentation ceases. Wait anothet two weeks and siphon carefully into another bottle and wait for it to clear. It’s always better to make at least 6 liters at a time . By the time you get a clear liquid after maybe three or four shiponing operations you will have only 5 liters left. Always store wine in a topped up bottle.

  • gowri

    Thanks a million, it was a wonderful experience making the wine, and ofcourse a lot of excitement also. I followed the steps except the egg part….the end result….. what a treat, the wine was superb!!!! Thanks a million.

  • chandu

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    Please don’t laugh at my doubts. I read so many articles and blogs to gain knowledge.

  • Krithika

    Hey, i have tried making white wine n red wine both, also tried plum wine..both turned superb, but I did not add whole wheat and egg in it…Thanks i’ll try this recipe of your’s and see how different it tastes…thank you so much to share about this..even my recipe was handed down to me by my Aunt…

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    I was searching for a wine receipe for such a long time , i had vague recollections of how my mother used to make but the quantities were puzziling.
    Thanx a lot for the same it sounds exactly as my mother used to make. will try forsure

  • kishore

    hai finally i got simple method . thanks and great… can somebody suggest can we add more yeast and sugar.what will happen..

    • http://www.kosukadi.com KosuKadi

      Well. I tried this. Theoretically more sugar , more alcohol, more high. Yes. But sadly, yeast has a limit of alcohol tolerance. So when the amount of alcohol in the wine reaches a certain limit the yeast stops working i.e stops fermenting and the rest of the sugar remains sugar and does not turn into alcohol. So you just end up with very sweet sugary wine. Adding additional yeast also does not help either. They all die 😉

      • Raymart

        Hi! Im Mr. Raymart What kind of yeast did you use!

  • chakravarthy

    I followed the recipe and made some nice tasting gooseberry wine. After decanting the fermented juice and sealing it in a container I added the following brew to get a nice color and possibly precipitate the yeast cells. To make the brew I boiled normal tea powder and grated ginger with some cinnamon and add it to the fermented juice. In a few days all the suspended cells, and other colloidal particles just settled down at the bottom of the container. the color of the wine is a pleasant golden brown. I could have added more tea. I think the tannin in the tea precipitated the proteins in the fermenting liquid. I also used a large plastic mineral water container with a large opening which comes with a tap to make the wine. I find that it is a very convenient container. i can easily transfer the wine to bottles when I want to. Thanks again for a very easy to use recipe to make wine. Next time I would use a mixie to cut up the gooseberry a little without damaging the seeds. After 21 days I felt like I had to throw out a lot of sweet smelling fermented whole gooseberries. unlike grapes the gooseberries are hard and need some help in releasing the juices from the flesh. I am going to try the recipe with grapes now.

    • http://www.kosukadi.com KosuKadi

      Gooseberry wine is excellent !! It has lot of medicinal / Health Benefits as well (Vit C, Anti-oxidants etc.) . You actually neednt cut the gooseberry at all. Just use it whole, it will get soaked up and during fermentation let out the juice.

  • anusha

    thank u a lottttttttttttttttttttttt

  • http:roshanscucina.blogspot.com roshan

    hi there..

    thanks for the step by step photographs…

    we usually add a little spice to it…like cinnamon & cloves….you have got a nice color …ours is slightly light..

    merry christmas!!



  • Prince Joseph

    Hey bro, followed ur recipe with the eg white. Started on 03/12/2011 around the 14/12/11 which is 11 days all the grape layer on top started settling down and for the pat three days there is no more gas production. Is everything normal? Pls help…

    • http://www.kosukadi.com KosuKadi

      Yes, @prince Joseph. If there is no CO2 generation, it means fermentation has slowed down. Nothing wrong

  • http://www.thenauticalsite.com Jayant

    While searching for wine making tips, yours is definitely the simplest. As you have commented, that the yeast has a tolerance to how much alcohol it can withstand, is true. I had particiapted in a winemaking session a long time ago, and the quantity of grapes got changed without our knowledge, someone actually ate them, so when we added the sugar (equivalent qty) the end result, the wine turned out to be too sweet. Anyway, I intend to try out you method after my next stint at sea. Lets hope 2012 is a good year.

  • Parashuram

    Thanks for the recipe.I am going to bookmark your page.I have another question.What are other 54 things apart from making wine a gentleman is supposed to know?

  • Sridhar

    Hey … you recipe was so help full. I would like to deliver your cut. Please let me know where could i drop it.. my email is **Removed** and my phone is **Removed**
    Tomorrow is Christmas. Try to see if you can contact me before that and i will make make your Christmas better with some wine. Cheers.

  • red wine

    Well explained in a homely way. i am going to try this..

    thanks a lot. i browsed for an hour for making red wine and found ur receipe as the best,

  • platon

    если готовое вино заморозить . и в результате заморозки удалим половину объёма воды, то получим эксклюзивное бренди!

    • http://www.kosukadi.com KosuKadi

      “если готовое вино заморозить . и в результате заморозки удалим половину объёма воды, то получим эксклюзивное бренди!” is Russian. When translated it is “If wine is ready to freeze. and as a result of freezing water will remove half of the volume, we get an exclusive brandy!” according to google translate

      Thanks @planton

  • selva

    i didnt use fresh grapes.bought 3kgs grapes 5 days ago kept in fridge and used on 6th day. dont know if its going to come out well.there is also no fruit smell.let see

    • Atanu bhattacharyya

      First day I had not add wheat and egg can. I add it on the second day

  • Shankar Sengupta

    Great effort. Thanks a million. I’ll give it a try tomorrow morning.

    Can we use peach also?

  • Jeyavel Aravindan

    Hi Kosukadi
    thanks for the great reciepe. I had started mine with pineapples added raisins , cinnamon and cloves. let me see the results after 40 days

    • http://www.kosukadi.com KosuKadi

      Great. I always wanted to make Pineapple wine. But they say for Pineapple the process is slightly different. Since Pineapple isn’t as soft as grapes, you either need to blend it into juice before you let it ferment or boil pineapple chunks in water before you start the fermentation.

  • Jeyavel Aravindan

    And also i had preparation going on for my grape wine

  • arishi

    good recipe, but is it compulsory to add yeast,which i’m not finding ?

    • http://www.kosukadi.com KosuKadi

      Yes, Yeast is a must. Only with yeast does fermentation start. Fermentation makes the juice wine 🙂 Yeast is very easy to find. You can get it in any supermarket. Just ask for “baking yeast” / “bread yeast”.

  • http://www.hotmail.com chris

    This recipe is working really well. I cheated though. After day 9 I removed all the grapes and squeezed out the remaining juices. Tasted the wine and it taste drinkable hahaha 🙂 I have another recipe but a wine barrel is needed. Its with only grapes and sugar. Nothing more. Let me no if u interested

    • http://www.kosukadi.com KosuKadi

      @Chris , please share the recipe with me. I will be interested (very interested 🙂

    • may

      Yes please – share your recipe…….I’m also trying out me own recipe….

  • soman

    Hai kosu
    thanks a lot .Iknow some basic knowledge.But on seeing ur receipe it is fantastic.

  • soman

    hai kosu
    it is advised to use black grapes.But the picture shows pink grapes
    why this kolaveri………. kolaveri……..Of course pink one is sweeter than blackone.

    • http://www.kosukadi.com KosuKadi

      @Soman. Yes you are absolutely right. The true black grapes has the insides black as well. Unfortunately, it’s become very hard to find nowadays.

  • saif

    hello admin….
    We all are very thankfull to you…..for giving us the easy method of wine making….
    I just started making wine yesterday…but…i used only little yeast (about 1 teaspoon)…therefore is it possible to add some more yeast the next day….???
    Pls reply me soon

    • http://www.kosukadi.com KosuKadi

      @saif , yes add it asap

  • saif

    hi bro
    Pls tell me how your wine taste like ?? is it bitter or sweet or sour ??
    How can i say that my wine turned great or failed ?
    Pls reply

    • http://www.kosukadi.com KosuKadi

      @saif , your question is like a blind man asking someone, how does the color red look 🙂 Just a joke!! Proper, commercial red wine (Shiraz) is a mix of say 40% bitter , 25% sour, 25% sweet & 10% woody IMHO 🙂

  • Joby

    Dear Kosukadi, You have got an excellent presentation skill, I’m impressed with your steps and procedures. So I have stated the red wine fermentation at home, today is the 3rd day, so far all looks fine. I followed all your MATERIAL except “Ceramic Jar”
    I did not get Ceramic Jar (in Bangalore, I have searched for that in most of big and small shopping malls). Many have suggested not using plastic bottle as it gives a different smell.
    Finally I got a CLAY POT (10 litter)!!! ,
    If not, can I transfer the grape pulp to a sterilized plastic pot after few days of fermentation?
    Expecting your reply ASAP, Thanks in advance.

    • http://www.kosukadi.com KosuKadi

      @Joby, I suggest you stick to food grade plastic container, say a water can (food grade water cans are usually white/translucent) or a standard food grade plastic container if you can’t find a ceramic jar. Clay pots are porous so I don’t know how it will hold good for several weeks . But if you do try with a clay pot, please let me know how it comes up.

      • Joby

        Dear KosuKadi,
        On the fourth day I have transferred the wine pulp from clay pot to a good quality plastic pot, as the clay pot look wet always and the smell was spreading across the rooms.
        I experienced never try make wine in clay pot.
        Good news is on the 22nd day successfully I have filtered wine with the help of cotton (long towel), I poured little portion of wine on to sterilized cotton and squeezed it off to remove the waste, repeated it for 10 to 15 times. That looks easy and better compare to other filters.
        So far was no collapse as I was using glows and sterilized materials, also wine smelled good.
        Now my phase-2 of wine preparation is in progress, (I have to wait for another long 22 days 🙁 )
        I’ll keep you posted, Thanks.

        • http://www.kosukadi.com KosuKadi

          @Joby Patience pays 🙂 The wait will be fruitful !

          • Joby

            At last im successful.got a excellent and tasty wine. I will give u 100 out 100 rating.

          • Joby

            Thank Kosukadi for your help and Instructions, I have served my wine to few of my friends and they are very much enjoyed the taste. My 3 litter Wine got over so quickly; I’m going to prepare the same once more shortly.

      • Panna Dey

        I want try it for business purpose.

  • Chirag

    What should i do if wine fermantation seems slow after initial 6 days??
    please reply

    • http://www.kosukadi.com KosuKadi

      @Chirag , how do you say that the fermentation has slowed down?

  • Prince Joseph

    Hey brother. May I know how I can make gooseberry wine.

    • http://www.kosukadi.com KosuKadi

      @Prince , I am still trying to get my hand on a proper recipe, try it out myself before I post it here. Give me another month or two, will post it here for sure.

  • Prince Joseph


  • Ashwin Baptista

    Use of egg white has been forgotten to mention, in the excitement of the recepie. Please give correct guidelines before publishing.

    • http://www.kosukadi.com KosuKadi

      @Ashwin thanks for the valuable find. Post updated. Adding of egg comes in part 1 just after wheat.

  • Fatima Povo

    Hi Kosukadi, thanks for this recipe. Yesterday have kept to ferment in two 3l jars. Excellent presentation of the recipe. Had prepared grape wine, apple wine and ginger wine some years ago. Renewed enthusiasm. can’t wait to taste and share the result., 2 QUESTIONS:: 1) Is citric acid required for this wine and can it be added at any stage? 2) Can I incorporate 2 oranges or lemons now on the 1st day of the stirring? Thanks.

    • http://www.kosukadi.com KosuKadi

      @Fatima. Thanks for your comment. If you a recipe (even rough) for apple wine preparation, please send it to me. I will try it out and probably perfect it and post it here.

      1) Is citric acid required for this wine and can it be added at any stage? => Definite no. Grapes are acidic by themselves.

      2) Can I incorporate 2 oranges or lemons now on the 1st day of the stirring? => I have no idea why why you need to add these oranges or lemon. Again it’s going to increase the acidity. I don’t think this is required either, unless you have a specific purpose.

  • Fatima Povo

    Isn’t 15 g yeast a little too much? or maybe not since you have made this wine.

    • http://www.kosukadi.com KosuKadi

      @Fatima, the calculation is 5g of yeast for every 500 gms for grapes. It works for me. I guess you can stick to this ..

  • Fatima Povo

    thanks your replies. Apple wine: trying to find that recipe,,,will post it here as soon as I find it.

  • shaifal
    • http://www.kosukadi.com KosuKadi

      @shaifal WOW!! This looks like it’s coming up really nice. Rich Color!!

  • UJJU

    Tnks this was helpfull,,i ve made once before but i did not open or shake the grapes by opening each day,..which came out well and very strong,,.(also added cedemon cloves etc for more flovor) and made 2 lts,……
    now im doing exactly like yu said with egg but with 5kg grapes on 25lts biselery water can,..if turns out well im not sharing,.,else im coming back to you buddy

    • http://www.kosukadi.com KosuKadi

      @UJJU, the opening and stirring is basically to let out the CO2 produced during fermentation and let some fresh air inside.

      • UJJU

        i heard fresh air contains bacteria which are harmfull to yeast,which converts into vinegar instead of wine so keeping air contact to its minimum..thats why im using virtual s tube(pipe with 1 end to can and other inside water) to let carbon dioxide out,..il try to upload its pic if any way possible

      • UJJU

        ok this is my making,,i covered with cloth because i thought wine is made in room temperature and dark place,.,correct me if wrong


        • http://www.kosukadi.com KosuKadi

          @UJJU you are right with your idea of keeping it airtight and the water+pipe idea. I use a 3 piece air lock which I got out of ebay (USA) which works on the same principle. It’s fun to watch the air bubbles coming out as fermentation happens. However, for home use, it is not really necessary provided you keep the container in a clean, healthy place. I have done several batches without the airlock and they all came out perfectly fine.


    hi thank u for the recipe. i found the real black grapes with the black inside in hydearbad. i boufht a basket of it (roughly 10 kgs).i followed ur recipe .i started the wine on dec 20th . today i tasted the wine itis kind of sour and a bit acidic on the throat.am concerned is it ok. i want it more sweet. PLEASE GUIDE ME TODAYB IS AROUND THE 40TH DAY. HELP HELP IS THE WINE OFF IF A BIT ACIDIC.

    • http://www.kosukadi.com KosuKadi

      @Malar , “acidic on the throat” , if you feel it on the throat , I am sure it’s alcohol (burning) and not acidic. With our Indian grapes, unless it’s super sour grapes (which you don’t get nowadays, everything is hybrid and sweet), you shouldn’t have problem of acidity. I am sure your wine should be okay.

  • shaifal

    thanx a lot bro….!!
    This is my first time making wine at ma home….!!….just wanna ask u that….why we are adding sugar half and half later…??…



    this is the latest pic….all grapes are setting down…..

    • http://www.kosukadi.com KosuKadi

      @shaifal, dude,when the wine is done, send me a sample if you are somewhere nearby 🙂 Your wine looks like it’s going to be amazing when it’s ready….

    • http://www.kosukadi.com KosuKadi

      @shaifal, wine making is usually in 2 stages. Primary and Secondary.You feed the yeast with sugar in parts. Sugar is an excellent preservative. So if you add too much sugar in one shot, it will stop fermentation and kill the yeast. That’s why…

      • shanmuga rajesh

        hi sir i did everything exactly as u said.i have a problem now i am leaving out of town with my family so i would not able to stir it as per your first part for 5 days is it okay or it will spoil the wine.Please advice sir

        • http://www.kosukadi.com KosuKadi

          @rajesh . 5 days wouldn’t cause any damage. Don’t worry!

  • shaifal

    @kosukadi…..offcourse i do……em here in kerala…..where r u staying..??

    • http://www.kosukadi.com KosuKadi

      @shaifal , I am here at CHennai. Just raise a toast for kosukadi, that’s good enough 😉

  • Deepak

    Hi Kosukadi,

    Firstly,thanks for this awesome presentation ur recipe looks very simple and do able .Was searching for yeast for abt one week now and got it today just an hour ago … I still have one question.. Black grapes earlier used to be the one’s with seeds and also tasted a little sour .. but now a days we find the tastes of both black and green grapes as same as green.. and are seedless so wat do u suggest to do in this case 1. To go with the blacks available in market or add sumthing extra to increase the acidity ??

  • Rony

    Can u suggest a lil bit of variations that we can add in different batches to alter the flavour??

    • http://www.kosukadi.com KosuKadi

      @Rony. You can try adding these. They add a subtle flavor and does not affect the fermentation of aging process anyway. Ensure whatever you add is pretty clean and as dry as possible. How much you add depends on the amount of flavoring you desire. Let me know how it goes….
      1) Orange Peels (Orange, Not Sweet lime)
      2) Cinamon
      3) Cardomom
      4) Cloves
      4.5) Dried ginger root. This gives great flavor
      5) For the color, caramel works great and does wonders. It also has it’s own flavoring. Caramel is burnt sugar. Just search on the internet on how to make it. While making caramel, just ensure that you don’t add lime (like how in some guides they may suggest)
      6) One other person adds dark rum after fermentation, before bottling. This she adds, because it increase the kick 🙂 also adds a bit of color. For one batch of wine, you may add 180 ml of dark rum
      7) In the US, in wine making supply stores, you get ready made flavors of different varieties and flavors. This advantage we don’t have here 🙁

  • shaifal

    hi bro….
    Today i filtered my wine…and i tasted about less than half a glass…the taste is great but its like acidic feeling while swallowing…..(feels like small burning)…..is that okay….??…can i keep at down row of my fridge…to make it chill….??

    • http://www.kosukadi.com KosuKadi

      @shaifal , haha, that burning feeling is alcohol 😉 Drink 2 glasses, you will have a buzzy feeling in your head 😉

    • http://suruchitiwari7@gmail.com suruchi tiwari

      i think u never tasted alcohol. lol that must be strong wine 🙂

  • shaifal

    hi bro….
    I added the other half of sugar yesterday and after mixing it tastes sweeter…..

  • Fatima Povo

    @shaifal, your wine looks really good…my wine color is the same but is missing the white frothy bubbles..
    @kosukadi….has the yeast become dormant? there is not much bubbling happening. It is Day 10. I tasted a drop – it’s not sweet, it’s tasting alcoholic. when the next lot of sugar is added, the second fermentation takes place, is it? Will it leave a little sweetness?

    • shaifal

      @fatima povo …..try to upload ur wine photos….

  • http://www.hotmail.com chris

    6kg grapes that are ripe, even if they starting to rot and 500g to 1kg sugar.
    Squeeze all the juice out the grapes. Make sure to squeeze every last drop from the skins. Pour some into a container with the suger and most into the wine barrel. Then leave it for a few days. It will begin to ferment. After its done(about 6 days) pour the sugar and juice mix into the barrel and leave ot for a day. Then and onlt then seal the barrel tight. After 40 days u can start drinking. Remember,.. The longer its in the barrel the stronger it gets. Can sit up to 10 years as long as barrel is sealed. And to your recipe on here, try add chunks ofe pineapple durinf fermenting and leave it even after ur grapes come out. Makes the wine stronger. And add less water 🙂 peace

  • KrisNaik

    I have used up this recipe on the 3rd of Jan and its currently more difficult part… the patience..

    Just cant see the container and just wait.. I plan to have another set of wine starting today, I was hoping to do white Wine this time. Is the recipe the same? do we just use the Green grapes instead of red?

    All this said, this is the best chapter I have read in all my life, a 5 star rated recipe. Thanks a Ton Kasukodi..

    Looking forward for more such recipe’s


  • Leks

    After secondary fermentation is over, how do we remove the turbidity and get crystal clear wine? I heard there is some chemical you could add, which would remove the turbidity. What is this chemical? Where do you get it in India? Any idea?

    • http://www.kosukadi.com KosuKadi

      @Leks. Removing turbidity is quite simple. Let the wine stand for say 4-5 hours. All the sediments will settle down and crystal clear wine will be on top. Using a good/clean tube, siphon out the clear wine from the top and ensure you don’t go till the bottom. Dispose off the sediments (bottom part). You can do this once a day everyday after say 40 days and within 4-5 sessions, you would have crystal clear wine with no sediments.

      Yes, there are chemicals which clears out the sediments and make them easy to remove. But I haven’t tried that. The process I have mentioned works like a charm with some patience.

  • Green Goddess

    I am 2 days away from my first batch of 21 day stirring then I strain. It’s going so well!! Thank you so much for posting this amazing, amazing recipe!!!

    with love from South Africa!
    (please send me an email so I can keep you posted! Goddess@gardener.com)

    • http://www.kosukadi.com KosuKadi

      @Green. Great to hear that this recipie has reached RSA!!! keep us posted. You can write in directly to me at mail@kosukadi.com. Cheers!

  • http://www.gmail.com Avishek

    Hi, I followed your recipe but there is a bit deviation. I crushed around 1 kg grapes, added 500 gms sugar , 15 gms yeast, 700 ml water and have lef it for fermentation. Now after 4 days, I see the yeast sedimented at the bottom and I do not see much bubbles while stirring daily. Will this work out?? please reply..thanks for the amazing recipe…

    • http://www.kosukadi.com KosuKadi

      @Avishek , it needn’t necessarily bubble or froth. The sediments in the bottom are not yeast, but grape pulp, skin, sugar and since they have a tendency to settle is why we are required to keep stirring it daily. So don’t worry, all should be well 😉

  • http://- vincent

    Dear Friend,

    The process of the wine is very wonderful. Also it is very useful tome. I am going to try this method tomorrow onwards.
    Thank you verymuch for your tips.


  • selva

    i tasted my wine its nice but it is very sweet.

    • http://www.kosukadi.com KosuKadi

      @selva . When compared to the commercial red wine, you may find it a tad sweeter. But “sweeter” is subjective to ones independent tastes.

  • Balaji

    hi kosu machi,
    i am from chennai followed u r wine making, i get 15 bottle good wine from , my honourble friends tasted my wine, all are appreciated all thanks to u only……………………………..

    • http://www.kosukadi.com KosuKadi

      @Balaji. Wow!!! 15 bottles that’s quite a lot. Enjoy!!

  • hari

    preparing wine as the procedure you have shown, but had made a mistake, have added whole sugar at the start
    pls show the way to overcome my mistake, by adding lime juice will work out
    i’m adde 1.5kg of black grapes and 1.5 kg sugar

    • http://www.kosukadi.com KosuKadi

      @hari sorry for the delay in reply. Theoretically excess sugar slows down or kills the yeast. I suggest that you keep your fingers crossed and wait. Hopefully it should be okay. Just keep stirring everyday.

  • Fatima Povo

    Just strained my batch of wine yesterday and have kept it for the second fermentation. I tell you my house was reeking like a winery…..but who’s complaining? hahaha.

    • http://www.kosukadi.com KosuKadi

      @Fatima I know what you mean. The smell will stick on atleast for a day or two 🙂

  • Prajna(Pragnya)….

    Heylo kadi,

    Thankx a ton for d recipe . Am all set for da go. And its really nice of you that u took so much care n patience to post dis, And the best part is, the time u spare to answer the queries that’z really kinda u… And Can you Please mail me some north indian cuisine,,, wishes Prajna Coorg.. karnataka,,

    • http://www.kosukadi.com KosuKadi

      @Prjna Thanks for your comment. Much appreciated!!! However I don’t know any North Indian cuisines LOL 🙂

  • http://NA Nisha

    Its better late than never…. Thanks a ton for your recipe.., i followed your recipe and made red-wine last christmas and it was a HIT! I am now all set to try making some white wine with green grapes.. and the first thing i could think of was to come back right here on Kosukadi to check…

    • http://www.kosukadi.com KosuKadi

      @Nisha what a coincidence , with the green grapes in season, I was about to start a batch with green grapes too. Let us know how you progress.

      • Goutham

        Hi Kosukadi, Thank you so much for your recipe. One batch of red wine is in process.

        2 days back I have put one more batch for white wine .

        Interesting part is , For white wine also I have used black grapes after pealing them( I red in website) . Let me wait for another 19 days and let you know the results .


  • grandmasterc

    Hi KK, thanks for a good recipe. I grow black wine grapes (black skin and black flesh) in my garden, so will try your recipe asap. My grapes are not the seedless variety, so will the seeds affect the quality or taste of the wine?

    • http://www.kosukadi.com KosuKadi

      @gmc what a lucky guy you are to have grapes in your own garden!! Actually the ones with the seeds are the best. The seeds add to the body of the wine and again, black fleshed grapes are the best. When you are done with the wine, send me a photo to see the color of the wine.

  • Fatima Povo

    i read somewhere that during the second fermentation, there must not be empty space, needs to topped with water, or some older wine.

  • Aprajita Rana

    We made wine using a similar recipe, minus the yeast and lesser quantity of water. Wine tasted good but was too sweet. Now better informed from all the comments and experiences of so many people, I look forward to making some great wine! Thanks! 🙂

  • varsaj

    Affordable and easy. wonderful reciepe.

  • Nandkumar Deshpande

    Great ! This is really the easiest way of making wine. I am from Nasik (MS) which produces finest grapes. Earlier I tried 2/3 times but finally had to throw it. May be because of bacterial infection. This time I will try with your method at early grape season and if successful, prepare one year quota ( 12 bottles). If it tastes good I will send one bottle to you as appreciation. Bye

  • Abhishek

    is there any chance of methanol formation during fragmentation, because in this case wine will be toxic. pls help me because i have home made wine but i am scared of methanol formation,

    • http://www.kosukadi.com KosuKadi

      @Abhishek no and even if there is methanol formation, it becomes an issue only if during distillation like say distilling the mash (while making hard liquor). Distillation tries to extract the alcohol i.e ethanol and along with it there can be traces of Methanol that has to be removed. While making of wine, there is no distillation, so no Methanol and therefore no chances of getting blind 🙂

  • Micko

    terribly sweet mate… can this be fixed?????

  • http://www.akeydesigns.com Kiran

    Just check @ my facebook.. Our Homemade Jambul Wine details listed there…


  • MayV

    Awesome reading, thanks so much for your easy to understand recipe!!! I have me grapes in my backyard and today is the day I will start me wine!!! Happy Wine Making Everybody!!! I reside in Ruatorea – NZ – Aotearoa!!!

    • grandmasterc

      Hi May V. How is your wine making going? I want to make some in Auckland and I too have black grapes in my yard which I will use. Please give me some tips for NZ conditions

      • MayV

        Hi grandmasterc. The wine is looking good so far, its only been a couple of weeks, got another 4 to go, so won’t know what the final product will turn out like!!! It is my first try, so i guess I’ll have to wait!!! I’m sure our NZ conditions are ok, as we do have a lot of wineries in the country that succeed!!!

        Good luck with your wine making and let us know how well you get on!!! I’m also freezing a lot of me grapes. They taste awesome in a nice glass of wine!!!

  • N.S.Sreenivasan

    Even though I am not regular in taking wine, I was always curious to prepare wine at home and drink it very sparingly. I was adopting my own method of preparing wine.Some how, I wanted to know the correct procedure to prepare good wine.Now, I have the procedure of preparing good wine, I will try at the earliest and let you know the result. So long.
    Sreenivasan N.S.


    I will apreciate if somebody open a shope for wine making equipments and related chemicals


    KOSUKADI I have done a small mistake as per your formula that for 10 Kg grapes I added only 50 gms of yeast and it is the 8th day in a 25 litter bharani.Is 50 gms yeast O K ? What will happen if some boild water is added to the secondery. My previous batch the S G of my wine (one year old) is higher than 1.000 Is there any solution to reduse it.

    • http://www.kosukadi.com KosuKadi

      @Rajan, What is barani also what is higher than 100, can you please clarify.

      • http://www.randomjunkthoughts.posterous.com Pradeep

        KK, ‘Bharani’ means container. I am sure that is what Rajan means… It is a Kannada term (same as ‘Jaadi’ in Tamil).


    • http://www.kosukadi.com KosuKadi

      @Rajan , Yes, you can add later too. Shouldn’t be a problem. Just mix it with luke-warm water (say 20 ml) and add it. But remember, adding yeast does not necessarily mean getting the fermentation started. If there is no sugar left to ferment, it is not going to work.

      Sorry, I did not read your comment properly earlier. If you have a hydremeter, then you can clearly calculate alcohol levels in your batch if you had measured the specific gravity before and after fermentation. I always follow this index for my calculation. There is no harm with SG below 1.000

      I will create another post with my self learned scientific methods of making wine using Hydrometer, Airlock etc in the near future.

    • http://www.kosukadi.com KosuKadi

      @Rajan, where did you get your hydrometer? Mine is the aquarium use one and not that accurate 🙁

      • RAJAN.V.K

        Hi Kosukadi
        I got the hydrometer at cochin but it is Indian make .Imported is also available but costly.bharani means it is a clay pot. specific gravity I mentiond is not 100.It is 1.000

  • http://www.randomjunkthoughts.posterous.com Pradeep

    Dear KK,

    Amazingly simple method!! Thanks for the post.

    Is it possible to prepare without adding any sugar at all? Is’nt the sugar that is already there in the grapes not sufficent?

    Looking forward for your reply. Thanks!!


    • http://www.kosukadi.com KosuKadi

      @Pradeep , a very good question actually. Traditionally , atleast during olden times, this was the case. No yeast, no sugar. But the problem is our Indian grapes is not as sweet as the “internaional” ones (atleast the grapes which we get in Chennai) and the sugar level is quite less in these grapes and do we have enough sugar to turn to alcohol is a big question. However, I have tried with just 1/2 the sugar mentioned in this recipie and it came out quite well, but kind of dry and not sweet (more like the commercial red wines like sula , grover, 4 seasons (shiraz)) . You can definitely try with 1/2 or less sugar.

  • http://www.randomjunkthoughts.posterous.com Pradeep

    That was faster than I expected!!! Sincere thanks KK, mate!!

    I am in Bangalore and I have taken up a liking to wine. And I am anxious to make my own. I like my wine dry though.

    Mail me if you are coming to Bangalore sometime, we will meet over a glass of wine. I was on the lookout for someone as interested as you in wines closer to home… A bit tired of Bangalore beer-bellied friends… know what I mean? 🙂

    Thanks again. I will use just 750 grams of sugar… 375 grams int he primary fermentation stage and 375 grams during the secondary… Will post the results…



    • http://www.kosukadi.com KosuKadi

      @Preadeep, Sure will let you know when I come to Bangalore. I envy Bangalore because of the variety of alcohol and wines you get out there most of which we don’t get here 🙂

  • http://www.randomjunkthoughts.posterous.com Pradeep

    One more question KK: What about the buzz factor when we use 1/2 the sugar? Commercial dry wines have around 7-8% alcohol as far as I know… Can we match that?



    • http://www.kosukadi.com KosuKadi

      @pradeep , Yes. definitely. I have compared home made wine with less sugar , head on head (In consecutive sittings) with commercial red wine (non fortified one) and they seem the same. I will take your view when you try too.

  • http://www.randomjunkthoughts.posterous.com Pradeep

    Awesome!!! Just what I wanted. 🙂

    Thanks mate!


  • cecelia

    my mom tried out your wine recipe, it is come out fantastic, now she wants to try the same recipe, but with pineapple, will it do?

    • http://www.kosukadi.com KosuKadi

      @cecelia with pineapple it’s slightly different. I haven’t tried it out yet, but I learn you have to boil the pineapple with water and then the rest of the process is almost similar. I just you need to do a bit of reading and then do trial and error. Please let me know if it works for you

  • SVD

    hey thanks for a very nice recipe. I tried it successfully 🙂


    Please inform where I can get ailock.Iam from cochin where it is not available.At present I am doing drilling a hole on the cap and insert sligtlly bigger than a plastic tube so that it will be air tight and putting the other end in a boottle contaning water. One main problem is with the secondery container.When we transfer from primary sometimes the level in the secondery may not be full. If we top up with boiled and cooled water there are two things your wine will get diluted and in the long run there is a chance of funcus formation which happend to me once and I had thrown out the wine.I think if we add pottassium metabisulfite we can overcome it .This time I am going to try it

    • http://www.kosukadi.com KosuKadi

      @Rajan, please don’t add any preservatives, because doing so is going to kill the yeast and stop fermentation. You can try a simple air lock with tube and small bottle of water, just check on the internet or you can just leave with the air space you are talking about. If everything is clear and the surroundings are clean too, there is very little chance of the wine going bad.

    • James

      Hi ranjan,
      I make Grape wine at home but on a slightly larger scale. i make about 50 to 70 liters in a single batch. I use a Cello company Plastic drum with a Lid on top. I get the use of the grapes using a Juicer or i grind my grapes in my sumeet mixee.
      Now.. if you are good at chemicals. you can Sterilize your jars, spoons, or anything else for that matter with Potassium meta bisulphate.
      If you top up with water then your wine becomes diluted so add required quantity of sugar,
      After the whole process of making wine. before bottling its better you Add Dark rum into the mix just to make sure that yeast get killed completly. See the yeast that you get in the department store has a tolerance for about 20% alchol. so since dark rum contains about 45+% its better. Moreover you get a better colour and more high when you drink it.

  • grandmasterc

    Hi KK, after the first phase of 21 days when we seal the container for another 21 days without opening or stirring, how will the CO2 escape or is there no gas formed at this stage?

    • http://www.kosukadi.com KosuKadi

      @grandmasterc , this is a good question. This recipe considers that there is some space left in the container itself to hold the CO2 and also the container is not 100% air tight. If you want it to be the perfect way, try an airlock. This recipe is making wine with “household stuff” so an air lock is not used. Rest assured, doing the fermentation in the method illustrated here works very nicely as well.

  • shankar

    well i have been looking 4 wine making recipe and this is the first time i ventured & it is amaising. i made 3 lots grapes/pine apple & goose berry.Today is the 42nd day & all the three wine are clear & fabulus in taste.But i have some clarification i still feel that the grape & pine apple still needs some more days of fermantaion as i can see the lid
    is swollen & can see some upward movements in the containers.Pl note i have made the same inm trasnperant food grade plastic container,
    pl advice if i have to leave it for some more days or bottle it.pl note i checked the wide with a alchohol meter 7 found no alchohol in it,but a small shot gives a kind of kick.pl advice

    • http://www.kosukadi.com KosuKadi

      @shankar, sure you can leave it for longer. 40 odd days is the minimum. But after around 80-90 days, I see that the fermentation stops completely. Also please share your recipe for pine apple and goose berry wine.

  • Pradeep

    Hi KK,

    What is the longest duration for which you have stored the home made wines?

    Do you have suggestions about adding sulfites or is the sulfite content that is already available in the grape enough?

    What is the procedure for adding sulfites if needed?



    • http://www.kosukadi.com KosuKadi

      @Pradeep, you can leave the wine in the secondary fermentation stage for as long as you wish. But just like mentioned in another comment, in around 90 days, I notice that fermentation stops. What is this sulfites about?

    • James

      Dunno about KK , but i stored mine for 3 years. was superb.
      Sulpites are used to kill bacteria. so dont add after you add yeast! You will screw up ur wine!

  • Umesh Gulati

    Hi Koshukadi,

    Its wonderful and feeling great that we can make at home which I was really looking for a long and tried a lot with hill solution of making wine but taste was not good at all just for the shots only.

    Today I will collect all these stuff and from tomorrow onward I will start the process according to your guidance let see and I am sure that I will give you the news about it,

    One important question can we use sugar free wine ( Instead of Sugar can Sugar free drops or Powder or Tablets can be use ) if yes than please let me know. Because some people cant use sugar added stuff because of the sugar level high in blood.

    A superb Thanks to you and cheers in advance.

    • http://www.kosukadi.com KosuKadi

      @Umesh how I wish all wines were sugar free and less calories 🙂 But unfortunately, sugar is needed for yeast to work on and create alcohol. You cannot substitute sugar with “sugar free” etc

  • Caetano

    Hi KK, just finished day 1, very excited. One question – how would I know if the mixture is going bad? Is there any visible evidence?

    • http://www.kosukadi.com KosuKadi

      @Caetano that’s a tricky question because, for a first time wine maker, you will not know if the odour and turdiness / muddiness is actually the wine fermenting or wine gone bad. For me it has never gone bad and that’s because I assure everything (ingredients) and the surroundings are kept as clean as possible. I hear that if the wine goes bad, around the 20th day it supposedly gives a very pungent smell again, wine fermenting also is sometimes pungent.So keep your fingers crossed and hope it’s fine. When you filter the wine after 3 weeks , you can taste a bit and see to confirm.

  • Soham Mukherjee

    Sir, aftr following your process i am trying it for the very first time. But sir i need a bit help. How can i understand that the process is going well. today is the 3rd day but i am a little bit scare. Please sir tell me how can i understan that the process is going well. Please rply ASAP.

  • Fatima Povo

    Ah!! the first and second fermentation done with and have just bottled the wine yesterday and might I say, it is very strong, fruity and a rich colour. I am so pleased with the wine. Thanks, Kosukadi.
    I am not a drinker. I don’t like alcohol all that much. I am going to keep just a bottle for me and give the rest to my family.
    Now getting ready for the next batch since there are grapes in the market. And I want to try with the green grapes also. Kosukadi, same ingredients, same procedure? or do you +/- anything.

    • http://www.kosukadi.com KosuKadi

      @Fatima , it’s the same with the green grapes. Send pics of your end product (wine) made out of the green grapes please (when it’s done) Cheers!

  • Ashok

    Finally, today was 22nd day and I did the stage 2 process. Couldn’t help tasting a little bit during the filtering. Appears to be on track, the smell as well as the taste and the ‘high factor’! Thanks a ton KK! If this turn out as per my liking, I am going to at least double the quantity next time!.
    Cheers !

  • amit

    its 2 day now since i made the wine
    everything is going good
    but my jar is not 100%airtight
    i stir it daily ,i want to know does fermentation will stop if its not airtight

    • http://www.kosukadi.com KosuKadi

      @amit If it’s not 100% air tight it’s okay. Don’t worry. Just ensure there is no way excess outside air can enter and also ensure the area around the jar is clean , not damp and cool otherwise infection will enter your brew and spoil it.

      • amit

        hey thanks a lot
        its 8 days since beginning every thing is fine.

  • Sharmishtha Dey

    Hi KK, you have developed a beautiful recipie. Wine making sounds soo easy now. I am in a country where any sort of alcohol is restricted/not permitted. But i heard from a lot of ppl,that they make homemade wine or sadiki(no clue what it is). My 1st wedding aniversary is in 2 months, and I wanted to do something special – making wine!!
    I couldnt find the ceramic pot, so used my water can(5ltr). Did everything you have said. Unfortunately,since the water can has a small mouth, it was difficult to stir. So i had to cut the mouth to accomadate stiring process. I closed it with various layers of cling flim and aluminum foil.Place it in a big plastic bag and seal it properly. I close it using tapes etc. Its the 8th day today..i tasted it and its alcoholic,with no bubbles(though the color looks fantastic). Do i need to worry??? is it because of the use of cling film and foil? Advice me if i can close it with something else. Is there a way of knowing if the wine is going bad?
    Awaiting your response!

    Also, I run a food blog, and if the wine I made is successful,i will put it up there..but i will give all the attributes to you. Do let me know if its allright with you.

    • http://www.kosukadi.com KosuKadi

      @Sharmistha, The idea is not making it 100% airtight, but allowing air from inside the pot to escape and not allow exessive air from outside. So please allow SOME breathing gaps. In the 1st stage , since you are going to opening the jar to stir it daily, it’s not going to be an issue since the brew will breathe. In the second stage, use a waterman with it’s original mouth itself and come up with a clever simple air lock to let the air (CO2) from in to go out. You can try this. => http://www.instructables.com/id/How-to-make-your-own-Fermentation-Lock-Not-a-ball/ . Just make a small hole in the can cover to do this. This kind of airlock is perfect for a water can.

      Also please go ahead use this recipe with an attribution to this blog and a link. Thanks!!

  • colleen

    Waited patiently for the 42nd day then………. excitedly opened my wine and…… on top was like when you make Jam and you have to scoop off the scum on top! Anyway, I scooped it off then strained some wine into a jug and bottled it! The wine is slightly cloudy, but the taste is divine! BUT is it safe to drink??? and can I maybe filter it thru a cloth? Hope I don’t have to throw it!!!???

    • http://www.kosukadi.com KosuKadi

      @Colleen, did you filter the wine after the first stage? Your description looks like you did not filter the wine at all. If you havent yet, it’s not too late, please see the article and do it

      • Colleen

        Thanks for your reply – I actually strained it with a normal kitchen seive, but perhaps it was not fine enough?! Can I strain it thru some clean linen cloth which I purchased for the purpose but never used as the picture looked like a sieve! I would be so pleased if it works! I tastes so delicious! Almost like a Honey liquer!

  • Dinesh Patel

    Dear Kousu,

    I have prepared the wine exactly as per your recepe and now it is second stage, so after 21 days I had filtered it and kept it in a Jar without openning it & its air tight, 42 days will be complete after another 7 days, but my question is after 21 one days after filtering it I have not opened a single time and it is Air tight in Jar, so there won’t be any problem when I open it after another 7 days, that is completion of second half.

  • verilog

    ahh!! too much work.. will buy one instead.. will u do home delivery???

  • spavin

    Hi , I tried your recipe but the wine turned out too sour and there was no burning sensation (i think theres very little alcohol in it). it s already 87 days old so im planning to put a new batch . what changes should i make? should i add more sugar or should i get sweeter grapes?

  • pratsy

    Hi KK, I appreciate the methodical representation of yr wine recipe. the discussion over it also has matured like tr wine 🙂 I hv tried making wine from the usual green grapes. I’ ve just added sugar (equal quantity) and nothing else and let it ferment without crushing it. The wine took a long time to get done, almost 5 months. I had not added any water, preservative, yeast, etc. Neither did i sieve it… I had just left it tightly capped. After about 5 months, I tasted the clear liquid that was collected on top. The quantity of the wine was less but it tasted simply heavenly: neither sharp nor bitter… So, do you think it was edible as it was made this way? Or could it be toxic? please do let me know.

    • http://www.kosukadi.com KosuKadi

      @Prasty, if you don’t crush your grapes, the juice won’t come out as much as you want. So there will be a lot of wastage. Otherwise I see no problem. Nothing toxic, it’s safe to drink 🙂

    • pratsy

      thanx kk 🙂 that’s a relief!!! Else wud hv ended a few @ the hospitals, i guess!!

  • Umesh Gulati

    Hi Kosukadi,

    I have one query what will happen if we mix sugar at a time. I mean 1.5grapes and 1.5 kg sugar along with ingredient mentioned by you. I am trying by both process.

    please also let me know can we use apple pulp instead of grapes.

    Kindly reply at the earliest.

    best regards

    • http://www.kosukadi.com KosuKadi

      @Umesh. If you put in all the sugar at once, sugar may turn into a preservative and fermentation MAY not kick start. But however, if you have already done it, wait and see what happens. I havent tried with Apple. The problem with apple pulp, I have heard is, it does not settle down like the grape version easily. So your end result may be turdy not like the clear golden liquid you see in “appy”

  • sowmya

    the process is very interesting and nice. my husband tasted it on the 19th day of the process and he liked it very much but he had a doubt that when we add the other half of sugar will it become very sweet can u give any suggestions.

    • http://www.kosukadi.com KosuKadi

      @sowmya sorry for the delayed response. You can cut the 2nd part sugar into 1/2. It works out well. It does not affect the final alcohol content much and ofcourse the end result is not very sweet.

  • amit

    hey kosukadi
    you gave us a real good recipe for making wine.
    so its just made me more greedy
    do you have any similar recipe for beer making!
    thanks in advance

    • http://www.kosukadi.com KosuKadi

      @amit , I wish Beer making was as easy as well. But I guess, making beer by just using readily available “kitchen ingredients” is not easy/possible 🙁

  • Dev-aish

    Thanks for wonderful recipe buddy. I have started brewing my first batch and it has started fermenting. I used normal bread yeast but for some reason it did not start fermenting for 48 hours. Then i brought another packet of yeast and when i put that in the must it started fermenting immediately. Lets hope the end result is good. Thanks to you.

  • nick

    hi, KosuKadi! i have started according to your measurements 13days back… but it tastes dry today. note the grapes i used were not sweet enough. any suggestions….?

  • Dinesh Patel


    My wine is ready but the lower part is very sweet and upper part is strong.

    • http://www.kosukadi.com KosuKadi

      @dinesh, Stir it and let it settle down for 2 hours and then siphon out the clear part on the top (bottom will be the muddy sediments)

  • nick

    hi, KosuKadi! i have started according to your measurements 13days back… but it tastes dry today. note the grapes i used were not sweet enough. any suggestions….?

    • http://www.kosukadi.com KosuKadi

      @nick, if you added the proper amount of sugar as mentioned in the recipe , then don’t worry. It will all work out to be fine.

  • nick

    why my comment is not being published?

    • http://www.kosukadi.com KosuKadi

      @nick, sorry was out of town so couldn’t look at the comments and make them live.

  • Dinesh Patel

    Dear Kosukadi,

    I made wine with black grapes and had done as per your recipe and the wine prepared was excellent.

    Now I have tried with green grapes with same procedure as blcak grapes, my question is that now the temperature has rising in summer so we have to keep for 21 + 21 days or we can reduce it.

    • http://www.kosukadi.com KosuKadi

      @Dinesh, I suggest that you stick to 21 days. And also keep the container in a cool dry place away from direct sunlight or heat

  • http://YAHOOO naresh

    Hai dude well explanation i am trying this already 7 days gone just 36 DAYS among remains i will get red wine on may 10 2012 and i will taste and experience the greatness of wine

  • nick

    Hi KosuKadi ,Thanks a lot for ur information!
    i still have one query, i brewed it in water jug as i could not get a ceramic one at home n day after tomorrow m planning to filter it, but in a plastic (ofcourse of good quality) 15 litre bottle. will it be okay to do so?

    • http://www.kosukadi.com KosuKadi

      @nick, yes food grade plastic will be good too.

  • Vidya

    I prepared the wine at home and completed 21 days, but the wine was very sweet, so I added 1 litre of water to it. Now I need to keep it for next 21 days. So will the wine get spoiled since I added water to it, Please advise?

    • http://www.kosukadi.com KosuKadi

      @Vidya , No it won’t get spoilt. But it may be too dilute. Just taste the end result and let me know how it is

      • Vidya

        Thank you! It turned out awesome, very tasty! Now I am planning to prepare wine of green grapes. I heard that if you put whole green grapes, the wine will turn sour. I was advised to just put pulp of green grapes while preparing wine of green grapes, Is that true?

        • http://www.kosukadi.com KosuKadi

          @Vidya , NO for sure please add the skin as well i.e add the entire fruit. The skin actually gives the bitter taste (after taste)

  • vijay

    I didnot filter the grapes during the second cycle , I only filtered it after 42 days

  • shanker shetty

    Hurray:Now give us some thing strong,like rum or whiskey & thanks a lot
    for that red wine

    • http://www.kosukadi.com KosuKadi

      @Shanker , How I wish that I could rum or whisky at home 🙂 for stronger spirits, you need to have a distillation apparatus or a home made distillation kit and it’s not easy doing it 🙁

  • Shivaganeshan

    Hi, firstly i would like to thank you a lot for this blog.
    Secondly my query goes like this :-

    How should i age the wine…?

    Like you mentioned the first phase take minimum 21 days.. how about if i continue that process for like say 30-35 days will it be any useful??

    Next instead of storing the filter brew in the jar itself, can i just pour it in amber color bottles and just forget about them for say a month or two to get better taste..

    Thanks in advance

    • http://www.kosukadi.com KosuKadi

      @Shivaganeshan, you can leave it in the jar for additional 2-3 weeks or so and then bottle it. Wine ages well in bottles too. Ages well…Not ferment.

      • Shivaganeshan

        thanks for the answer mate

  • Hillman

    HI KosuKadi!

    I opened the jar after 41 days and took out one glass for tasting. WoW! It is amazing! Thanks to the dark grapes, color-wise it is same as what you get commercially and taste-wise much better. The cardamon, cinnamon, etc gave a slight spicy flavor which I am loving it. It is slightly sweeter, but as mentioned elsewhere, over a period of time, the sweetness should come down.

    I made it with 1.5kg of grapes, now if I want to make it with say 4.5 kg of grapes, should I use three times the other ingredients that you mentioned?

    Thanks a lot!

    • http://www.kosukadi.com KosuKadi

      @Hillman, yes, ofcourse. 3x times. you can try splitting it into 2 batches if possible. Try flavoring or other combinations to have a variation. Read some of the comments in this post, you will get ideas.

  • Dido


    Can we sell our home made wine. If No, tell me why. If Yes, how can we get the license to sell. Are there any risks. Please advice.

    • http://www.kosukadi.com KosuKadi

      @Dido, AFAIK, you cannot sell wine commercially. It’s against the law. Selling it to close friends , as long as you don’t publicize it shouldn’t be a problem. I know a couple of families that do that.

  • Pradeep


    I searched almost 15 shops for the oorgai jaadis but did not find one. Seems like people aren’t using them or making them anymore. Can you suggest an alternative please? I don’t want to use plastic or steel or any metal container because they might add unwanted odor to the wine. Can I use clear glass jars?


    • http://www.kosukadi.com KosuKadi

      @Pradeep, NOTHING can beat glass jars. If you get glass jars nothing like it. You can easily sterilize glass jars as well so that’s an added advantage , PLUS since they are transparent you can see whats happening inside. IF possible send me a photo of what kind of glass jar you are able to get. I am trying to buy glass buoys similar to the drinking “water bubble cans” but no luck

  • Dinesh Patel


    I want to know that with in how many days grapes get fermented, I am making second batch of Grape wine and after 10 days all the grapes has been settle down and no bubbles are coming out when I am opening it for stirring. The temperature has also rised to 42 degree in day time. Shall I keep stiring for 21 days or there is any changes during the summer time in fermenting the grapes. Please reply.

    • http://www.kosukadi.com KosuKadi

      @Dinesh, Chennai is getting hot too 🙂 Please ensure that you keep the jar in a cool dark place. Under or your bed or some place where it’s cool. Excess heat will kill the fermentation. But just because you don’t see bubbles does not mean that fermentation has stopped. Store it in a cool & dry place and hope for the best.

  • shanker shetty

    Dear Mr. KK,

    can is use citric acid or bakers yeast as substitute for dry yeast ?

    • http://www.kosukadi.com KosuKadi

      @Shanker, Baker’s yeast is what you need to use. Baker’s yeast is only dry yeast

  • http://suruchitiwari7@gmail.com suruchi tiwari

    i m using home dried yeast which is used for baking. will it work for the wine.

    • http://www.kosukadi.com KosuKadi

      @Suruchi, Bakers yeast aka dry yeast is what you need to use. It will definitely work

      • http://suruchitiwari7@gmail.com suruchi

        and one more query..that yeast is chocolate flavored. is it ok?

        • http://www.kosukadi.com KosuKadi

          @suruchi , sorry for the delayed reply. Chocolate flavored yeast! Never heard of it, but I am sure it’s not okay to use it. Thanks

  • Cheryl

    Hi, not sure I understand the last part ie. taste it finally. Not including the sediment – is this at final bottling? Point 4 -Keep repeating the process until the wine lasts – I am not sure what this means. Hope you can help, thanks.

    • http://www.kosukadi.com KosuKadi

      @Cheryl . What meant to say was…..The wine is muddy if you shake it. So let it settle down and siphon out the clear wine which is on top into a bottle. You needn’t bottle the entire batch immediately. So you can , say , bottle just one bottle and let the remaining contents remain in the jar and then when the first bottle gets over, you can siphon out the next. This is completely left to your discretion of-course. You can siphon out the entire contents into multiple bottles as well 🙂

  • dominic

    hey kosukadi from newzealand!
    have just put down a brew as per your recipe! Black grapes not cleaned as organic,five kilos worth, 8 litres of water, and 2.25 kilos of sugar to start, yeast and 2 eggwhites. Bubbling within the hour, 25 litre plastic container, airlock fitted, don’t recommend anything metal.Egg white is definitely for clearing.Keep you posted in 21 days when I start phase2!

  • http://N/A Zahid

    Know me now your dry grapes price.ok

  • dominic

    hi again from new zealand!
    7 days in and all is good bubbling well. Good smell 25deg c and ph of 3

  • chris

    chris here from south africa. ok its 2 months since i made my wine in the proper wooden barrel, using noting but sugar and black grapes…… and it is soooo strong but the barrel gives it amazing flavour. the longer it sits in the barrel the more potent it becomes. if you guys can, do yourselves a favour and get your hands on a barrel. also made a few batches of white and red wine in a plastic bucket. tastes good but nothing compared to the barrel 🙂

  • suju

    im suju i prepared wine in 2008 when i was in M.sc its part of our experiment, so i tried it in at our home it came very well..we taste it, it was awesome but still i have one bottle of wine which was prepared on that time is that wine is still good to drink please let me know waiting for ur reply
    thank u

  • http://www.dataentryjobathomes.com Thangaraj

    Dear Sir

    Please explain how to make beer at home.where did i am buy beer making meterials in tamilnadu

    • http://www.kosukadi.com KosuKadi

      @Thangaraj, It’s not easy to make beer at home. However, there are lot of beer making kits available in USA using which you can make beer at home. But I am not sure we get it here in India

      • Thangaraj

        thanks for your reply

  • Fatima Povo

    has anybody tried making vinegar out of the wine sediment. I am told it can be done but i don’t know how. I am trying it out and in case it turns out well, will share with you.


    As per your recipe we have make recently red wine in the home and i am vary happy that we found a new way for my requirement of red wine because I don’t drink whiskey or beer. many many Thanks for you the wine is very tasty good color and too strong. thanks

  • MDB

    Hi Kosukadi,

    I tried to know, how to prepare wine for a quite long time but did not get any success though am not the regular drinker. But after came here (?) drinking wine every week is became a habit with my portuguese collegue who always talking about making wine and about Portugal. Because he believes that only portugal wines and olive oil is perfect in the world as he and his family prepares wine for several decades. when I ask him how to prepare it, he told that I should get atleast 40 to 50 KG grapes, mash it, cover well to ferment it. No sugar, no yeast.

    I was almost leave-up the idea making home made wine. But I am happy to see your well explanation with small quantity and lots of people have already tried it well in this blog. So, hope to prepare my wine as soon as I return home.

    A Tamizhan from Angola (Central Africa).

  • Aprajita Rana

    Hi! We followed your recipe verbatim, the wine has turned out perfect! We did one batch with green grapes, the colour is sort of golden, its a little sweeter than the black grape wine, taste is great!

    The experience of wine making has been really enjoyable under your valuable guidance and witty comments!

    Thanks a ton and Cheers!

  • Johnbritto

    Hi thanks u for ur tips during wine making, if u know to get license for wine making

  • Shivaganeshan

    hi buddy,

    well bro its been only 14 days since process-1 and i dont see any froth foaming. I mean till day before yesterday the grapes used to come up as froth. But now since two days i can only see the liquid wine on top and all the other mixtures sedimenting down. However i am able to smell alcohol in it from quite a many days.

    So is there any problem???

    PLz help

    • http://www.kosukadi.com KosuKadi

      @Shiva, don’t worry. The frothing is intense only in the first few days. By your description, I guess everything is going on fine.

  • dominic

    hey there
    21 days. today i strained wine and added 3lb sugar. Nice smell taste and colour. I personally think that this is the time to add egg white as the first ferment has finished. The second ferment is more gentle and the wine will begin to clear from here on. What do you think?

    • http://www.kosukadi.com KosuKadi

      @dominic, the entire thing is about trial & error and experimentation. Actually I see your point. You can actually try adding the egg at the 2nd fermentation . Let me know how it works out. Cheers!

  • Bhupendra Mehra

    really the tip was nice, and right now going to purchase the things to make my red wine … thanks man..

  • http://www.randomjunkthoughts.posterous.com Pradeep

    KK My friend,

    It’s been sometime.I have been traveling and all that. Here’s the update I think I owe to you, our wine master! 🙂

    a. Mid of April, I raided all old time kitchenware shops in old Bangalore (Chickpet, Nagarthpet etc. and got the oorgai jaadi, not roundish like yours, but kind of tall, will post pics tomorrow). I paid Rs. 310 for that, none of my bargaining techniques worked. I kept the jar safely tucked at home for some time… till yesterday.

    b. Yesterday, I went to buy black grapes, But apparently, the season’s getting over. I finally got to buy some imported Australian ‘Red Emperor’ grapes. (Handpicked them – so I got only 850 grams of good ones, hence I am scaling down the production this time). Per WIKI, Red Emperor is mostly table grape but used as a ‘component’ while blending red. Nevertheless, the berries are pretty sweet and they are real big (about the size of small Ooty apples!) Also, I managed to buy dry baker’s yeast, sugar from Food world. Also paid Rs. 120 and picked the pestle and wooden spoon as per your specs yesterday (Rs. 55 and Rs. 65 respectively in Bangalore… no bargaining worked again)! Also bought 250 grams of wheat from nearby Mallu provision store – he gave me a silly look when I asked for just 250 grams of wheat.

    c. Started setting up my grand winery at about 11:00 PM (had to wait for my 3 year old to sleep). Poured really hot water into the Jar, cleaned the lid too. The crushing tool (Pestle) and the mixing tool(wooden spoon) :)too were cleaned with same hot water. Cleaned the grapes 4 times. Cleaned the stabilizer wheat some 3 times. Cleared the water from the Jar, kept the grape and wheat for drying under the fan overnight.

    I’m all set to begin the crushing operation today.

    That’s it so far. I Will keep you posted.

    PS: Public reacts to my winery (mis)adventure:

    Wife – I knew you were up to making this. GTH! I will not help you!!!
    Mom – For how many days will you ROT the grapes?

    Me – No mom, we do not ROT it. We ferment it.

    Mom – Well whatever, just make sure it doesn’t get poisonous!
    Uncle from Mysore – What is he doing at this hour?

    My liar Dad – His friend just moved and had this really heavy pickle jar he didn’t want to carry. So he gave it to Pradeep and he is just cleaning it.

    Me – Yeah, and I have got some fruits and I am making jam out of it in this jar.
    Brother – What are you doing?

    (Looks at Kosukadi recipe printout and understands…)

    Should you do it at this hour?

    Me – No response, just a dirty look.

    Brother – Walks away.
    🙂 🙂 Well so far so good. I’m really excited… Thanks again to you and Pattima for the recipe and ongoing support!

    • http://www.kosukadi.com KosuKadi

      @Pradeep , nice recital 🙂 It gets exciting only when the family gets involved, like in your case. All the best. All the best for your wine. Cheers!

    • Vidya

      Hey Pradeep,

      You can use a plastic jar instead. I prepared my wine in a transparent plastic jar and it turned awesome! All the best for your wine preparation 🙂

  • http://www.randomjunkthoughts.posterous.com Pradeep

    Thanks KK!

    I experienced lots of satisfaction yesterday. I managed to keep all my tools sterile and had exact measures of all the stuff. Finally we got the process started last night.

    Keeping everything clean and sterile is a bigger challenge that I had assumed. My suggestion to other rookies like myself, from what I learned yesterday:

    1. Take stock of all the utensils and be generous in cleaning them with hot water. You will need lots of hot water for keeping everything clean and bacteria free, so be ready for it. Also do not forget to start the cleaning process at least an hour and a half early because every utensil and tool has to be clean and dry well before putting all the stuff into the jar.

    2. If you have the slightest doubt that something is not up to the ‘sterility standard ‘then do not hesitate to give that candidate one more round of hot water treatment.

    3. Be nice to your assistants 🙂 and let them know that they get equal credit for the wine and ask them to be very patient and at the same time do exactly what you say and NOT TO TOUCH ANYTHING. Especially the grapes. Ask them to wash their hands till their elbows thoroughly and help you with the work only when you ask for. It’s ok if they think you are overreacting a bit. You should since it is your first time, you see!

    4. Keep everything at hand so that you get over with the process quickly without much scope for anything to go wrong or get contaminated.
    Hope that helps. Cheers everyone and have a good time brewing! 🙂


    PS: Will post pics over the weekend. I did not have much time yesterday.

    • http://www.kosukadi.com KosuKadi

      @Pradeep Excited to see someone so excited about wine making 🙂 You have a great talent of writing!!! Very interesting to read your experience. Keep posting and also please send pictures, I will add it to the main post

  • Sanjay Kulkarni

    Hello! We came to know about your recipe for making wine from a friend and she forgot to tell us to stir the brew daily for the first 21 days! The resulting wine tasted good but seemed VERY STRONG – when i breathe in after taking a small sip, the aromatic gas flavor is so strong i end up coughing!
    Could you tell me how can reduce the strength? We are starting the second 21 day incubation now – will it help if we stir the wine daily now?
    Please let us know.
    Thanks again for a great recipe!!!!
    Sanjay Pradnya

    • http://www.kosukadi.com KosuKadi

      @Sanjay you seem to be the only one that seems to be unhappy about the wine being strong 🙂 Stirring, I guess may not help in reducing the alcohol. If you still haven’t added all the sugar, you can then not add all off it, because sugar increases the alcohol content.

  • adi

    after 21 days next 21 days the matter will b again in ceramic jar or in bottles?
    how to check the HP n alcohol volume ?

    • http://www.kosukadi.com KosuKadi

      @adi you can check alcohol % based on specific gravity readings of a hydrometer. But however, you should have noted the specific gravity of the brew before fermentation and also note the specific gravity of the brew now to calculate the alcohol %.

      After 21 days, the brew should be kept in the same container it was stored earlier.

      • sajjad

        I wanted to know that how can we make sour cherry wine??

        pleeaassseee answer!!!!!!

        • http://www.kosukadi.com KosuKadi

          @sajjad, I unfortunately have no idea about it. Here, in Chennai, we don’t have access to cherry. But cherry is a sweet acidic fruit like grapes, so you can just try a similar method like making wine. Just try small batches and perfect your recipe via trial and error.

  • Umesh Gulati

    Dear kosukadi,

    first of all I would like to say Superb Thanx to guide us about wine making process.

    My two batches complete the process and a wonderful awesome wine is ready and we every tested. Gud One Really Gud One.

    I kept 1 liter wine from both the batches for you let me know where to send.

    As I already told you that In One batch I mix all the sugar in one go ( as in your case 1/2 qty in first process and 1/2 qty in second process

    I would like to inform you that in one go sugar mixing the wine taste is better than the 1/2 qty. I dont know how.

    I made in plastic ( fiber one which used by the milk man ) without egg white.

    I have few question

    1. How to store? pepsi bottele is ok?
    2. How long we can store? during storing shall we still keep in cool & dark place.
    3. The sugar we mix all sugar convert into alcohol or not how much sugar remain
    as sugar. ( is this prohibited for diabetic patients any idea )
    4. How to freeze to get brandy ( this batch is not freezing )

    well I also started with green grapes with same process is that ok or need to amend any process this time I added egg white. ( 10 days back ) I could not write you because i was tied-up with work

    any suggestion to increase the alcohol level.

    I am not a drinker some time I take beer but i would like to please people of my surrounding. you are right share happiness and increase the Joy.

    I read in your comments which you translated from russian to english about freezing wine. I kept 3 days one liter wine in freezer but this could not freez where russian guy mention that this become brandy after freezing but this never freezed. any idea why this could not freeze.

    Another query

    can we use jaggery instead of sugar, or the juice of cane which is come thru the process when factory people make jaggery we call here ( seera ) black colour.

    I am happy that I cud make wine at home and not wine a wonderful wine pure clean not at all adulterated. keep updating us

    I am also exploring about home made liquor the process is on with grains using herbs as yeast as here in Uttrakhand people of hills doing at home in their village.

    Thanx & regards

    from all of us

    • http://www.kosukadi.com KosuKadi

      @Umesh , will try my best to respond to your queries.
      1. How to store? pepsi bottele is ok? => yes, perfect.Safe and VFM
      2. How long we can store? during storing shall we still keep in cool & dark place. => I have had home made wine stored for several months. Just, keep it in a cool place away from direct sunlight
      3. The sugar we mix all sugar convert into alcohol or not how much sugar remain => Enough sugar to make the wine sweet. After a while fermentation will cease and sugar will stop turning to is this prohibited for diabetic patients any idea ) => No, I guess the wine will be sweet with enough sugar like in fruit juices. So I don’t think it’s good for diabetics
      4. How to freeze to get brandy ( this batch is not freezing ) => Unfortunately, Brandy is a distilled spirit. You cannot make Brandy out of wine

      5. can we use jaggery instead of sugar, or the juice of cane which is come thru the process when factory people make jaggery we call here ( seera ) black colour. => Yes, you can. I have tried palm jaggery (which you get in south india and is black in color). BUT the problem with some jaggery is there are bleaching agents in the jaggery which is used to purify the sugar in the jaggery which will stop fermentation and will not work for us. I have also noticed, wine made out of jaggery is very muddy and does not clear up easily. However, it has a unique taste and rich color. Try a small batch and experiment

      6. I am also exploring about home made liquor the process is on with grains using herbs as yeast as here in Uttrakhand people of hills doing at home in their village. => Any sugar based liquid/fruit juice + yeast will create alcohol when fermented. Everything from guava to banana. Just try and let your imagination play!!


  • Pradeep

    Thanks KK, I enjoy going through your blog. You style of writing is very compelling too.

    Just some interesting trivia below for everyone curious about wines:



    Cheers and I will definitely post the pics soon.


  • Pradeep

    @Vidya, Thank you Vidya! I did consider the plastic jar as a last option since I was afraid that they might cause some odor in the wine. However, I managed to buy a 6 liter ceramic jar and I am currently brewing in the same jar.

    But I am curious to know about how you sterilize the plastic jar? I feel confident when I use very hot water to clean the ceramic jar (It can take the heat). But plastic may not withstand the heat – How to ensure it is clean enough?


    • Vidya Aranha

      @Pradeep, I did not sterilize the jar. I bought a new plastic jar and cleaned it with normal soap liquid. For wine preparation while adding water, I added boiled and cooled water.This is the second time I prepared the black grapes wine and this turned out better than my first attempt. My aunt used the same procedure and she stored the wine for almost 2 years.


      • Panna Dey

        KK i had a Question. How can i store the wine almost 10 to 20 years.

  • manish j maharajwala

    Hi friend,i took 2kgblackgrapegrinded,1.5kgsuger, 2ltwater, 5gr.east, 200grwheat togeather in ceramicjar and stair with glassrod once daily for 30days then fillture but wine is not clear and test also very sweet . totly4timeslots. Please guide to improve the lots. please helpme.

    • http://www.kosukadi.com KosuKadi

      @Manish, Wine won’t be clear. You need to let it settle down and pipette / siphon the clear wine on top. You can reduce the sugar if required to make the wine less sweet. See my last update at the bottom of the recipe

  • Tan

    just bought a glass jar and gonna try your recipe.
    can i skip both the wheat and egg?
    what is the wheat for?
    and I’m here in Malaysia with morning 32C night 28C every day, will it be too hot and it kills the yeast?

    many thanks 🙂

    • http://www.kosukadi.com KosuKadi

      @Tan Egg clears the wine (helps it settle down). Even though both help a lot, I guess you can safely skip it.
      If wine can be made in 38C Chennai heat, you can do it Malaysia too. Just keep the brew in the coolest (and dry) place

  • Vay

    Came across this… Will try soon. I’m in Canada. Thanks for posting!!

  • Mehrdan

    hi there I`ve been searching on the internet for a while and i`ve gotta say that this one was really the most simple and clear method to do the job.
    you`ve been a reall great help.
    i`ll drink the first glass to you if i tried it,

  • Mehrdad*

    hi again , i wanted to know if i can use this method for rasins instead of fresh grape it self since there`s no greape in this season in my country !!!
    i`m really in a huury !
    thank !

  • Srikanth

    Had 3 quarters of the Tasmac stuff yesterday and was fed up which made me to browse for home made wine. I think I have made the right landing on your recipe. Will go through the procedure and get back. Right now, I have to go hunting for the oorgai Jaadi from the attic.

  • Tan


    Tan from malaysia again, i started it last week and today the 3rd day.
    help needed! 1st day it start bubble a lot, 2nd day still bubble but slow down, really smell nice on 2nd day, today the 3rd day it turns from pink to red which is very nice, but smell no more and bubble really really slow (near stop), is the fermentation stuck?
    what should i do now?


    • http://www.kosukadi.com KosuKadi

      @Tan, sorry for the extreme delay in reply. Don’t worry, bubbles are not the only indicator of fermentation. Please be patient

  • Kate

    Hey there! This is my very first experience in fermenting anything! =D I mixed the ingredients and boiled everything just like the recpe said and when I opened the jar the next day to stir, it was was covered with a bunch of pinkish foam and there was no noticable pressure. Is this normal? And lastly even though I’m using clean utencils, I’ll be able to tell if it spoils, yea? Thanks, cheers!

    • http://www.kosukadi.com KosuKadi

      @Kate sorry for the extreme delay in reply. Yes, pinkish foam is normal. If gets spoilt, it will start smelling like rotten eggs, but it’s very rare if everything is sterlized

      • Kate

        No problem! I just filtered it and it smells good. I tried very hard to filter the wine to a liquid like in the “filtered brew” pic but could’nt press all the skins through my filter and there are small bits of grape skin floating in the wine. Is that ok; like will it affect the final product?

        • http://www.kosukadi.com KosuKadi

          @Kate, technically no issues with grapes still floating around. But you wouldn’t want them to floating around in your final wine right? Did you use the kind of filter as pictured in the blog post? if yes, you really can’t have stuff floating around 🙂

          • Kate

            Yep. And the grape skins as well as the wheat didnt realy mash very good. after about an hour and a half of trying to squash the stiff grains and tough skin through, I was forced to leave whole grains and skin in the wine. That only means a little more sediment in the bottom right? And that’s ok .I’ll just be more careful when I siphon the clear wine. 🙂

  • Rajesh Balakrishnan

    Hello Mr. Kosu,

    Thanks for this method of preparing the wine. I just did all as you said and kept it in a cool place in my home. I have a doubt, this is the first time i saw yeast which is like small granules. Once i put it in water and added sugar and stirred a little the granules got dissolved, is that OK ???

    will wait and see the results !!!

    -Rajesh Balakrishnan

    • http://www.kosukadi.com KosuKadi

      @Rajes sorry for the extreme delay in reply. Yes, you can stir or just leave it like that, eventually it will get dissolved.

  • Anikumar

    Hi Mr. Author, my hearty thanks for this posting. I tried my first batch 60 days back and got a very nice (strong as well) wine. As i missed to read out your last updates on 4th April, wine is more sweety than expected. I started my next batch and is due for filtering and clear (21st day activity) by tomorrow. My question is,
    after filtering out, may I mix the first batch wine (which is more sweety) with second batch (without adding sugar) to reduce sweetness?.

    • http://www.kosukadi.com KosuKadi

      @Anikumar, you can give it a try, I don’t think that there is nothing wrong it it. Let me know the results.

  • Thomas

    Hey, thanks for the great recipe. I plan to try this soon. I do have a few doubts though –

    1. If I add an airlock mechanism, then do I still need to stir the mixture everyday?,
    2. Can this recipe be adapted to make white wine?, and
    3. Why does the finished wine in the absolut bottle look a bit cloudy and not clear?

    • http://www.kosukadi.com KosuKadi

      @Thomas, sorry for the delay in reply, hopefully my responses are of some use to you now.

      1) Airlock, is only for the 2nd stage of fermentation. In the 2nd stage, you neednt ferment it anyways
      2) If white wine means making wine out of green grapes, yes it can
      3) I guess it’s the final batch. If you can stay patient, let the wine settled down and slowly pipette or siphon out the clear top liquid, the wine is as clear as commercial wine.

  • Iluvwine

    Hi there, greetings from the UK. Great post btw mate and was just wondering, do you happen to use wine yeast or just ordinary bread yeast?

    Looking forward to trying this but all there is in my area is bread yeast.

    Please reply asap,


    • http://www.kosukadi.com KosuKadi

      @iluvwine, sorry for the delay in reply. If you have access to wine yeast, then great. Wine yeast has higher alcohol tolerance. If you don’t have wine yeast, you can try the good old bread yeast. Bread yeast is available everywhere.

  • sagarputra

    i try this mathod and make vine but it it too much sweet any body know what is wrong or how make it same like bottled vine ?

    • http://www.kosukadi.com KosuKadi

      @saparputra, sorry for the delay and nice name you’ve got. Just see the bottom of the post for response regarding your question.

  • Kate

    So I’m about 14 days in stirring every day and was wondering, how do I know if the wine is spoiled? I made sure everything was clean and carefully followed the directions and I was just wondering if it’s normal if the whole wheat shows no sighn of dissolving. So far it smells a bit like wine and is red then pink when i stir it. This is my first time in fermenting anything and tips would be much apreciated. Thanks Cheers!

  • Pradeep

    Hey KK,

    My primary fermentation ends tomorrow (21st day). But I am traveling for about 5 days from today and I will not be able to filter the brew and start secondary fermentation till I come back. I wanted to know if it is OK to leave the brew in as is primary condition for the next 5-6 days – untouched and unfiltered with the grapes and all other stuff intact, no stirring too till I return.


    • http://www.kosukadi.com KosuKadi

      @Pradeep, apologies, I still havent posted your pictures, I will post it shortly. Also please send pics of the bottled stuff when it’s ready!!!

  • Rajesh Balakrishnan

    Hello Mr.Kosu,

    Please clear my doubt !!! The second day when i opened the jar for stirring, i heard some hiss sound and bubbles comming out. But today is 7th day, now-a-days am not hearing any sound, only one or two bubbles here and there.

    Is this normal or shall i add some more yeast to it.


    • http://www.kosukadi.com KosuKadi

      @Rajesh, don’t worry, if you had added the proper quantity of yeast, fermentation WILL happen. So don’t add any more yeast.

      • Rajesh Balakrishnan

        Hey Dude,

        Thanks for your reply and sharing this recipe.

        The yeast I bought is 25 grams and i have added approx 60 percent. Now around 16th day and it smells very good, I can feel it is fermented well.

        Once finishing the first session 20 days, do I need to close the jar air tight and leave it for next 20 days or make the set up so that allowing only inside air to go out (not allowing outside air get in) ???


        • http://www.kosukadi.com KosuKadi

          @Rajesh do I need to close the jar air tight and leave it for next 20 days or make the set up so that allowing only inside air to go out (not allowing outside air get in) ??? => Yes that’s the general idea.

          • Rajesh Balakrishnan

            Thanks man, i did it Today morning. Need to wait for next 20 days.

            -Rajesh Balakrishnan

  • Pradeepkumar

    Wow excellent recipe. i am very excited to try but grapes are not available in our market. 🙁
    But I am confuse in step where we have to smash/ruptured the grapes.
    how it is possible to smash 1.5 kg grapes in 2.6 litres of water.?
    or is it possible..? or can i smash grapes separately and then put (in 2.6 liters of water) in Ceramic Jar?
    pls help… Thx

    • http://www.kosukadi.com KosuKadi

      @Pradeep sorry for the delayed reply. Smash / rupture the grames and then add water. I guess that’s how the recipe also tells you to do right?

  • Yuvaraj

    Hi KK,
    i tried our recipe, completed the 42 days, i taste it yesterday its getting bitter, what mistake i done kindly reply me

    • http://www.kosukadi.com KosuKadi

      @Yuvaraj , I guess you are the only one you have said the wine is bitter, I have heard people say it turned out sweet. Do you mean the wine turned out to be strong and burns by saying it was bitter?

  • manish j maharajwala

    Hello dear, Lastyear imake mix fruitswine like grape,cherry,litchy,kiwi,strowberry but it was not clear and too much savour,I can’t cansume so kindly guide me for repair that lot. Is there any change for mixfruitswine? ,kindly inform me the formula. ThankingYou, Yours Manish.

    • http://www.kosukadi.com KosuKadi

      @Manish, I don’t have any recipie to make mix fruit wine. But the basics are pretty simple, any sweet, acidic fruit can be fermented to make wine. I guess you just need to play around and get the best recipe via trial and error. Let me know if you try something.

  • http://suruchitiwari7@gmail.com suruchi

    hey i got the wine nd it tastes so good…half glass of the wine made me little dizzy 🙂 .tell me ur email id..i wll send u the pic coz it looks perfect.. thanks alot

    • http://www.kosukadi.com KosuKadi

      @Suruchi, Congrats! raise a toast 🙂 Send some pics if possible!!

  • shubhank

    Im using round fish bowl to prepare the wine!!!hahaha i knw it sounds wie4d bt i ws vry much i.trstd to see wat actually happens inside… 🙂 and now its 3rd dayof stirring andim soo mad about it that i tame my nose to the lid and try gettingthe smell!!! Bt wen i open the lid tostir,il b wanting to taste it each and everytime. .. Wooow thnq so much KK.. 🙂

    • http://www.kosukadi.com KosuKadi

      @Shubhank a clever idea actually, keep us posted. Send some pics if possible. Cheers!

      • shubhank

        Sure!!!i shall mail u d pics nw!!! 🙂
        Thank you

  • http://G-mail Alin

    My father made wine today .I am only 9 years old.thank you for this wonderful recipe ,I will post a comment after 42 days

  • jayaraman

    hai my second stage of 21 days are going to complete and i wanna know how to find my wine is not turned into vinegar

    • http://www.kosukadi.com KosuKadi

      @jayaraman , wine does not turn acidic unless it’s very aged/old and kept in the open. So don’t worry about it

  • Thomas

    Thanks for the help man. Appreciate it. 🙂

  • Pradeep

    @ Vidya, Thanks for the response! Nice to know you are improving with the 2nd batch!!

    KK, My wine is now in secondary fermentation stage. I guess I will get about 2.2 to 2.5 liters of wine finally. It was smelling very strong during filtration and I am happy.

    However, I am a little concerned about the color… I was expecting it to be red but it is actually whitish pink (or pinkish white… whatever). Do you think the color will get richer by the completion of secondary fermentation? I have promised red wine to many of my friends… will be embarrassing to come up with white wine after making them wait for such a long time… 🙁


    • http://www.kosukadi.com KosuKadi

      @Pradeep , well the color purely depends on the quality/color of the grapes. Commercial wines have added color to them, this is all natural. If you are concerned about color, you can make caramel out of sugar and add it to the brew at the last i.e finally before bottling it. This does not alter the taste much but gives a good rich dark color. Cheers!

  • evoldog

    I have 15 gallons of oxygenated mango wine, that is flat and only good for the 13.25% alchohol content.
    Can I use it in place of water when making a new batch, and if so, do I need to make adjustments for the existing alchohol?

  • mahmood

    HI `I`m trying your recipe ,it seems so simple ,thank you so much .hopefully I start the second phase tomorrow and let you know how it turns out, thanks again

  • stejin thomas

    can i add some liqur into the jar to make wine even stronger?????

    • http://www.kosukadi.com KosuKadi

      @stejin , You can add some dark rum if you want just before bottling the wine. It will make the wine stronger and also add some color to the wine

  • Ronald

    Hey Bro,,

    Rocked procedures for wine making,,, i wanna make this Christmas memorable by my wine, thanks for the procedure, am gonna make it. Like the software methodology, the procedure was cleanly defined and explained… hats off good explanation… i cant wait,, let me c how far am making,,,

    Thanks bro..


  • Sharmishtha Dey

    Dear KK, the wine turned out so well that i cnt explain it in words!! i am starting the second batch today onwards!! the 1st time the process looked a bit longer and tedious..but know having made it once..it looks easy!!! Yuppieeeeee..

  • Pradeep

    That is a relief KK. But does addition of caramel sweeten the wine further?


    • http://www.kosukadi.com KosuKadi

      @Pradeep , Caramel is burnt sugar. So it’s not sweet.

  • yogesh Mohite

    Thank you very much for recipe… Indian Style… because there are hundreds of wine making clips and tips on internet… but useless because of accessories… but KosuKadi you show us a right path… thank you very much

    Sir, as per your method.. I am making a wine of mango and pineapple also… (of course in 2 container ) but i didn’t get a right pot so i used water bottle of 5 liter (purified water container) but when I follow the instruction and kept it in place.. after some time there is a of air in bottle.. there was minimum 20% empty area in bottle… but it is full of pressured air…. so I slightly open it and release air… I don’t have air lock.. so please advice me that whether I keep its slightly loose… so air

    thank again to give us a simple method

    your friend
    yogesh mohite

  • Pradeepkumar

    Thx KK for your reply , My dought is clear now.. i have one more..

    i am using Plastic jar instead of Ceramic jar, is it will effect on “Taste” and “Quality” of Wine.? i don’t have that much size of Ceramic jar, i have 3-4 liters jar, i am confuse it will work or not? so i am using Plastic jar ..

  • yogesh

    Dear Sir… Thanx for great and simple recipe of wine
    Please tell me..

    I am trying to make wine of Mango.. because grape season is over here in my region..
    I boiled it well.. cooled…and then prepare it as per your instruction. I used 5 liter purified water bottle. but when I tight its cap after some time it is full of gas & lot of pressure in it. (I spare 20% empty area in it).. so I release some gas..
    Please tell me whether I slightly loose bottle cap..

  • housewines

    Cool and easy recipe. I try to repeat it – is 19th day!
    Normal flight.

  • Prabu

    when should I add second half of sugar?

  • tonytomson

    I did it……..followed every instructions and on the 41th night I tasted my wine…..
    top attractions are its Colour,Clarity and Smell.

    One tip:Dont add any spices to your wine it will disturb the natural taste and smoothness.I tried some cinnamon,cardamom it only helped to ruin the taste.

    I have one more jar unopened for opening after 60 days!!!!!!!

  • tonytomson

    Thanks a lot to KK………your guide rocked…………

  • Linu Nair

    Thank you very much for your sharing !!

  • Pradeep

    Hi KK,

    I got little over 2 bottles of wine (750 ml bottles)! It was a bit harsh initially, still generating CO2 and was also foaming. I had to put it back in the jar for mellowing and then try after 3 days and it tasted good… I plan to keep it in the jar for a month or more and then try again.

    I did not add caramel by the way, I will rather have natural red by using proper black grapes, we get them at 20-30 bucks per kilo at Nandi hills near Bangalore.



  • Rare breed

    Hey man yesterday I started the process hope it turns out to be success, I was just doubtful about the amount of yeast we put in it, I did it for double quantities and added double the amount of yeast too hope it’s fine

  • Lokesh

    hey man, nice job…. one of the best posts i have seen till now on home made wine

    i started the process yesterday, but i did it for double the quantity i.e. everything double the quantity…. I was doubtful about the quantity of yeast i added around 30 gram of yeast, as I am making 8 l of wine, hope its fine and i didn’t spoiled the process…

    one more thing I wanted to ask You, I am using a bucket and its around half empty after filling in all the ingredients….. will that create some problem ??

  • joy

    where found yeast or alcohole / how made it, its impossible to buy from market,so give suggestion

  • joy

    how make yeast, or alcohole,, its impossible to buy from market give suggestion to make alcohole

  • ruff

    nice.clear explanation.i ll try soon.liked your jovial steps.its god’s gift .keep it up.try more receipes .go ahead.

  • http://rediffmail samrat

    best and pure wine is good for health

  • hardik maheshwari

    hey i just read your recipe and i am very delighted…
    ill surely gonna try dis…but need some more advice …by following this process without addidng alchol will this wine will make us buzz or will we be having any awesome feeling the one which we get by having drunk.

    or if we can alter this let me know please

  • satish

    Dear KK,

    Really it is very good information for all…… KK just i want to no it is alcohol free r not b’coz i m not alcoholic person so please give me information about this.3

    Thanks KK.


  • Amnish


    I bumped into your blog and found exactly what I was looking for. Cheers to you mate. I introduced my taste buds to red wine for the first time some 3-4 odd years ago and am hooked to it ever since. I was lucky enough to lay my hands on some traditional (Italian) home made red wine made by my colleague’s father here in Australia recently. Ever since I tried that home made wine, let me tell you an itch to brew my own wine has emerged. Went through your blog and all comments left by readers. Equipped with knowledge shared by you, I am all set to go ahead with a big plastic bucket container with airtight lid at hand (will buy the rest of the gear from brewery shop over the weekend ), just need some clarification on ratio of ingredients. I am looking at getting 8-10 liters of vino in the first batch and planning to add about 5 KG black/red grapes, 6-7 L water, about a kilo & a half of sugar, yeast (no idea how much) and finally some wheat (yet to buy it and keeping my fingers crossed because I’m not sure about where would I get it from in Adelaide). Could you please assist me in deciding the appx ratio of ingredients?? 🙂


  • Rajesh Balakrishnan

    Hi Kk,

    At-last I got my wine, Once again !!! Thanks for the recipe… The concentration is too good and after drinking two small glasses itself i can feel a nice KICK!!!!

    But only thing is it is little sweet. Is it possible to repair it.

    -Rajesh Balakrishnan

  • Hillman

    I made using 4.5kg of black grapes using your recipe. This was my second lot. The first lot I made was using 1.5 kg. Since the grapes were sweet, I felt that my first lot was very sweet. I reduced the sugar by half kg and this lot turned out to be much better.

  • Linda

    i would love to try making this but is it possible to get this in U.S. measurement i have tried converting this but i haven’t had much luck your help would be so greatly appreciated.

    thanks in advance

  • http://-- Vijay Soni

    Thank you very much for this receipe. I made the red wine accordingly and it turned out to be great wine. Next grapes season will make in large quantity.

  • George


    Thanks for your recipe. I followed it but with a difference. I added all the sugar in the beginning itself.

    I made two batches.
    1. A 7 litter glass jar was used for 1.5kg mango, 1.5kg sugar, 3 litters of water.
    2. A 10 liter glass jar was used for 2.5kg Indian gooseberry, 2.5kg sugar and 5 litters of water.

    Both the batches started fermenting on the first day itself. On 18th day the mango batch stopped bubbling and on the 22nd day I removed the solid contents and kept only the liquid. I do not find any bubbles in the liquid.

    But for the 2nd batch the bubble did not stop even on 22nd day. So I waited one more day and though the bubble did not stop I remove the sold contents on the 23rd day. Now, this is the 25th day and the liquid is still bubbling happily.

    Both the contents has the same alcoholic smell.

    Following are some of my unanswered questions and doubts. Can somebody with better experience comment on these?

    1. Is there anything wrong I did with the 2nd batch?
    2. Why it is still bubbling?
    3. How long it will continue to bubble?
    4. Should I have waited for the bubble to stop before the solids was removed?
    5. Do any of you have similar experience?

    Your comments are most welcome.

    George from Dubai.

  • http://rjchetan.com RJ Chetan

    hey kk, thanks for the recipe iam in the first stage..i have added demerera sugar instead of normal sugar just to enhance the taste so lets see how it turns out to be..as of now just the 3rd day and it smells good…

  • adishar

    i have started doing this process after reading your page – can u tell me how to me low alcohol wine (wine with less alcohol content) i found in the internet that wine having average of 15 to 20% alcohol and i found low alcohol wines (company made) with as low as 5% are there any suggestion please

  • satish

    Dear KK,

    Your information is really very useful for wine lovers, KK please tell me this wine is alcohol free r not coz i am not take alcohol so please give me the information about this….



  • Maria

    I kinda screwed up…… ! Ended up not getting the right size ceramic pot so used three glass jars and stuffed the three with uneual propotions of

    mashed 2 kilo grapes
    2 kg sugar
    three table spoon wheat
    2 tsp yeast
    . 750 ml water ( the jar is stffed with the crushed grapes so no space)
    ………. Help !

  • adishar

    can u please tell me how to make low alcoholic wine which is good in taste and can i use beetroot juice to make redwine red

  • roshan

    Im new to this all reciepe can you send me the pdf document to my mail id..and pics for all procedure after 21 days..

    thanks in advance

    • Guest

      if you r new i am wishing welcome to you in this site

  • m ha

    many thanks

    i am making without using wheat suger and yeast
    dried grape joice instead of suger
    i dont know what the wheat is for

    thx anyway good guid 4 me

  • Jim

    NOnononononono! this is not a reliable way to make wine.. Hooch is what this is- plain and simple.. The process requires a little more effort- not much more if you educate yourself.. Oh, if I only had the time.. excellent home made wine is withing your grasp, but not by this method.. Back alley hooch will get you drunk, but not worth much more.

  • Arif

    I need a recipe of vodka which can easily make in home. Please send or give the tips.Thanks.

  • Baby

    Please advise me , how can I make it stronger?

  • Love Modesty

    Thanks for your recipe, can’t wait to try it! If I blend the grapes in a food processor can I skip on adding water?

  • kay

    wow. eating grapes while reading your post. I will try and share this with my mom once I back home. its method just similar with rice(sticky type) wine – a traditional homemade wine. nowadays, she never make it again cuz it’s tiring unless it is for festival(Gawai festival season here only in Sarawak) or if someone requested for it. anyway we still keep the rice wine in a bottles as you mentioned and nobody can take or even have a sip of it as if they are mom’s treasure. only certain lucky guests will taste it. lol. I’m glad you post about this. 🙂

  • prabhuravi

    hey can we use mud pot intsead of ceramic?? pls reply.

  • Richy123

    Dear Arif,

    Vodka is a distilled liquor, meaning you need some pretty advance equipment to make it and some kind of alcoholic drink. You can’t make it through fermentation alone as it is a concentrated form of wine. Just Google it there are many ways to make vodka but beware, when making vodka discard the first and last part of the batch as it contains methanol which attacks the retina and causes blindness.

  • Prince Joseph

    Hey Bro, have u come with any gooseberry wine recipe. If u have let me know.


    Thanks a lot my friend. I never knew its this easy to make wine and never thought I can make it in my home. However, this Christmas I will be enjoying with my home made wine.

    Thanks a lot again 🙂

  • chandana

    Hey Kosukadi,

    I am trying to adopt the same recipe for Java Plum wine, i.e Jamun fruit wine.
    I soaked the plums in warm water for an hour or so, that helped in getting the pulp off the seeds, i squashed with my clean hands. I had a sour starter I use for bread making in the freezer, i activated it. it smells sour, not sure if it still has active yeast in it.
    Could I use this strain for wine making? (Sour starter= instant yeast in a watery mixture of wheat flour, warm water and sugar. left to sour for a while before making a bread dough. Like dosa batter.)

  • Manish Girja

    Dear KK

    wr i get ready made wine yeast in india with burgundy red colour

  • Rajiv pereira

    What does one do with the grape pulp after it is all squeezed out.

  • sathis

    Hi..Really good…I am going to try this…Bless me..I should not waste it..

  • Swetha

    Thank you for sharing the procedure to make Grape wine. Could you also share the procedure to make other kinds of home made wine like cashew fruits, rose petals, raisins, rice, persimmons, passion fruit, plums, pineapples,gooseberries, hibiscus, mixed fruit wine, tomato, pomogranate, papaya and lot others.

  • jaysajjansinh vaghela

    Dear friend,

    first of all thank u very much for great recipe to making wine at home, because its great pleasure to get wine at our home in gujarat b ecause gujarat is a dry area and alcohole is a strictly prohibited. we cant get small quantity of bear after spending big amount. we are spending 300 rs. for 500ml bear at our place.\\

    thank u very much.\\

    jaysajjansinh vaghela.

  • Badal

    Dear KK
    Thanks for great recipe actually i thought that the process of wine making is impossible to make at home.can you give me some answer on following questions.
    01. how to make color perfect ? the color depends on what/s?
    02. how to make testy wine?

    thank you very for excellent recipe.

    • http://www.kosukadi.com KosuKadi

      @badal, Color depends on the color of the wine. Don’t expect the burgandy color of commercial wine. But however, wine will be tasty if you follow the recipe

  • badal

    Dear KK
    Good Day!
    Can I use bread yeast instead of wine yeast?

    Your earlier responds will highly appreciated.

    • http://www.kosukadi.com KosuKadi

      @badal, Yes you can. Bakers yeast / bread yeast works wonderfully well. Cheers!

  • Dimpy Sharm

    I had infused Vodka in past with Grapes, Chilies, and Pineapples… the first attempt for infusing Vodka sloshed 4 guys with 1 full bottle of vodka (smirnoff).. very strong…
    After reading your instructions.. it seems to be very easy process.. i m going to get started next week and will post you if something comes up.
    thanks a ton for the recipe.

  • ruchismita

    thanks alot 4ur great wine reciepe,n i just want to know that can i add some vodka into that wine bottle.

  • Tutun from bangladesh

    Big THANXXXX TO U for giving us lovely recipes’ …………. well i going to make this one for my loving husband, sons and friends…. wish me luck…….. i’ll be proud to say that i got it from you…………. have a wonderful time hopefully get us more wonderful recipes……. long live

  • Jay Zadeh

    Hi my friend: Thanks for recipe. I have question. 1- Why we add water. 2- If we don, t add water, then what is going to happen ?. Please let me know.

    • soman

      do experiments… nothing will happen .it will be thicker and will have different taste. Fermentation will be slower and it will not be wine .I suggest all my friends that our great friend Koosukadi has given a receipe and hundreds of people tried successfully.
      My sincere advice is that if you want a really good wine follow his guidelines gvien in the bigining. to get an excellent quality (Iahve also tried and have now 4 lts in my stock) Simulataniously do experiments in your spare capacity

  • http://gmail suresh

    i love this recp ……….now i m going to try once………….

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    yay!! Underaged alcohol

  • http://www.kosukadi.com/make-wine-at-home-easy-and-cheap-home-made-red-wine-recipe/ chris rogers

    This recipe is absolutely perfect. It proves you don’t need any fancy equipment. My back is in the second phase waiting for the sediments to drop so it can be bottled after the 2nd 21 days. This is the best wine I have ever tasted. The only alterations to the recipe I will use is to add 1 drop blue and 3 drops red food color. This will color it to a superb Burgundy color. I can’t wait till next years grapes!!!

  • Sonia

    just wondering how much yeast and sugar and egg do i need to use for 15kg grapes..
    could you pls reply asap as I’m in the middle of the process..? 😀
    thanks a lot..

    • soman

      sonia ,you read the first part where it is mentioned for 1.5 kg it is 1.5 kg sugar that is equal quaniity sugar and 5gms yeast for every kg grapes

  • jayzen

    hi kosukadi.. 🙂

    shall i use sand pot(paanai) instead of ceramic pot.. will it be suited to make wine ??? also shall i use karumbu sakkarai..

    • soman

      sand pot is porus .so it is not suitable.you can also try with jaggery.but see the replies in this sight mentioned by lot of people.Fermentation will not be up to the expectation

  • Vijayarajan K

    Hi, I am going to try this.
    But I like to know at what intervals the clear wine to be taken out from the jar? This point is missing

  • elias

    dear kosukadi thanx for ur resipe , but i dont like sweat wine if i dont add suger i will get ps (suger free)

  • leo

    dear KK…thnx a million for your recipe….if i use strawberry thn how many kg do i need for your recipe ???

    • leo

      i m waiting for your reply ………………… 😐

  • Venkat

    Hi Kosu,
    Would suggest that the mouth be closed with a rubber tube,preferably a car tube with the mouth. A balloon can be attached to the mouth, it gets inflated during fermentation and once it deflates it is the right time to do the transfer. I tried and worked out fine….no need to do the stirring hope u would appreciate.
    Any way a toast for your recepie .
    Regards ,



  • seema


    My wine in the fermentation stage, today its the 5th day. but I realized that I added less water than you mentioned in your recipe after 3 days 🙁 I put 1.6 ltr instead of 2.6 ltrs for 2 kilos of grapes, could you please tell me if I can add more water now or after 21 days when I will be add remaining sugar. Will my wine be spoiled if I do so. I dont want to lose it . Please advice.


  • Francis

    Thanks for the method. Even i was preparing the wine in same method. despite of keeping it for a long time, the carbon Di oxide which is produced due to fermentation does not go away completely. So i would like to know how to remove the Carbon Di oxide which is formed due to fermentation.

  • Shivam

    Hi. Its a great article describing the easiest way to prepare wine in India. I am eager to do it but have a question. I have read that people do die in India because of drinking desi made wine. May be because of over fermentation or some problem with their preparation process. So how could we know that our preparation is upto the mark and any thing is not exceeding in it that could make it poisonous. I am new to this and I would like to adapt wine making a hobby. So want my queries clarified so that I have no doubt left.
    Infact Luvd ur article..

  • dileep


    I am trying it today.. will let you know the result soon..

  • guru prasad

    thanks !! hey I have tried and maintained all your steps . I just have one questions to ask you.. its the tenth day and it tastes bitter “is it fine will wine taste bitter by tenth day”?
    can you reply pls. is anything wrong its drybitter taste now .

  • Sasha

    thank you for the great recipe! I have completed a batch of concord grape wine. I had to three times the recipe to use up all of my harvest and used less sugar per your tip and it turned out great! I followed your recipe exactly and was successful- I will definately save this recipe and use again and again! I could attempt to ship you a bottle- where?

  • Elizabeth

    I have made wine using black skin/yellow flesh grapes from my back yard over the past 2 years. I found an old recipe in “Aunt Daisie’s Cookbook” (a NZ iconic cook book) so started with a plastic bucket of grapes – I did not add anything except water and sugar – no yeast or wheat !!!! The first year the beautiful wine was very sweet so this year I cut back on the sugar. I have strained the wine a number of time but feel that I am straining away all the goodness so the end result is a cloudy product – but VERY NICE – not unlike a Moscata or sweet dessert wine 🙂

  • soman

    Hai Kosukadi,
    Thanks a lot I made beautiful wine as per your receipe.
    However my daughter tasted it and said that some more sweetness is required.Ihave added another scope of sugar before bottleing.will it affect the quality of the wine since I have added on the last stage that is after filtering on the 42 day.
    awaiting your reply,

    Meanwhile my borther has made wine with Jagerry and “Nellikka”.It is superb.

  • Sukhpal

    Its a great article describing the easiest way to prepare wine in India. I am eager to do it but have a question. I have read that people do die in India because of drinking desi made wine. May be because of over fermentation or some problem with their preparation process. So how could we know that our preparation is upto the mark and any thing is not exceeding in it that could make it poisonous.

  • Sukhpal

    Pleas let me know how to make wine using other materials like Potatoes or sweet potatoes and apple. Thanks in anticipation.

  • anandneil

    Hello kosukadi. Beautiful recipe. I have one doubt – how long will the wine last after bottling?

  • ashwin sonani

    Hello KK,

    One of the great in-depth detailed info I have had ever before! I am a great fen of RED WINE, unfortunately I am living in GUJARAT (legally a dry state but we GUJJU’s drunk as similar to Maharashtrians or any other state in India, it’s a long debate to talk on ban on alcohol in Gujarat, it’s a parallel economy of police dept with the illegal alcohol selling in the state), as I am lover of RED WINE some of my client/friends of foreign country, they always brought a bottle for me, but it’s all very rare for me. Even, I read thousands of articles on health benefits of drinking RED WINE (moderate drinking), actually we people of Gujarat don’t have that etiquettes on drinks! Well, few days before I came to read that most of alcohol in India are adulterated! It’s shocking news because we don’t know what we are drinking for some fun, it might be much harming inside our body by this adulterated alcohol available in the market and specially for the state of Gujarat, here we are with a drink is more than enough then who will go to check right and wrong??

    So, the thing is I was searching some genuine tips to make the RED WINE ( RED WINE is more likely for me to drink if I would have to make choice amongst all the alcoholic drinks because it’s believed least harmful amongst all alcoholic brews) Today, I read most of your v/s other’s comments, more specially your and Pradeep had nice conversation and it increases all of others knowledge including me and so many in future. BDW, you wrote that you will post images of Pradeep’s wine, will u do that? or I just missed it? please reply.

    Now, I am preparing for myself to make my 1st batch of ‘KK WINE’, ( I like to make branding and it’s my hobby, so from today I will address it KK WINE, dedicated to you and your nice desriptive, co-operative nature). I am little more curious about SUGAR and it’s potential danger ( I hate SUGAR and always reduce my oral intact which contains SUGAR, I don’t have diabetes but till from childhood I don’t like to eat things sweeter) SO, LET ME TO KNOW B4 MY 1ST BATCH, CAN I MAKE IT WITHOUT SUGAR? I MEAN IS THERE ANY OTHER ALTERNATE OF SUGAR?

    thanks a ton for your wonderful – informative posts….and yes, warm welcome if you are visiting Surat in Gujarat.

    best regards,


  • javed

    hi is there any procedure in tamilnadu state to apply for a licence for home made wine manufacture. kindly let me know

  • esther dawson

    Thanks for your recipe. We grow some grapes and were thrilled to find a recipe that did not require special equipment. We tasted after the 42 days and it is a beauitful color and we think the alcohol contect is VERY high. Will it mellow as time goes by???

  • abhijeeet

    Among 75 things to do, i would start with this one.thanks for kicking me alive



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    Its nice

  • Munishwar

    I ll try it soon

  • Munishwar


  • bokhtier

    If I use steel/aluminium pot that is used in village for storing water, is it ok? To make the wine strong you advised to add “dark rum”. In Bangladesh our only local distillery company “Keru & Co” make a rum that is black in color – is it the rum you mentioned about? Your reply would be appreciated highly. Thanks.

  • Angelica

    Hey Mr.KosuKadi is it okay if I use wheat flour? i can’t seem to find whole wheat in the Philippines.. 🙁 I need your reply ASAP.

  • Anooj

    i got up in trouble , when ever i get a bottle of wine , it makes me mad and will finish it soon as possible , i am addicted to it lol if i made it at home then sure i will die due to over drinking … 🙁

  • Rutam

    Hello, firstly thanks a ton for the recipe. I couldnt have been happier. Secondly, I made a mistake of adding 1.5 kgs sugar for phase 1 and 1 kg for phase 2. After phase 1, the wine didnt really taste that sweet and it had a strong smell. I’m guessing all the sugar got converted to alcohol. The phase 2 is still on and I have doubts about how sweet its gonna taste now. As the sugar still hasnt melted, is it possible to open the jar and remove the sugar? My dad’s a diabetic and I wouldnt want him to consume an over sugary wine. Also I’m putting a second batch soon, hoping I wont be forgetful the second time. I’d really appreciate it if you replied to my query. You have done a wonderful job as it is by making this recipe available.

  • koushal

    hi kosukadi
    thankx for explaining simple way to make wine,
    i have small query can we use jaggery in place of sugar

  • http://www.facebook.com/anandneil anand

    Dear KK. How long will the wine last after bottling. Kindly reply.

  • Div

    Very well presented. I went through some videos on YouTube which had a specific gravity checking instrument to check the amount of sugar that’ll go in. You did not mention it wouldn’t that make any difference?

  • seshadri

    Dear KK
    I set my hands in wine making. The wine started settling even within 18 days. After 20 days I transferred the first batch to the new bottle, I added sugar and now after seven days I get strong alcohol smell. The liquid is crystal clear and the yeast settled down. shall I siphon out and rack it or use it.

  • Saradha

    Hi! I had made two batches of wine with red grapes. I opened the jars yesterday after nearly 25 days (2nd stage). In one jar i had clear liquid. In the other jar i see a thin layer white substance (not sure abt the colour here). I moved this away and tasted the wine it is good. Can i use this wine? What is this layer on top?

  • Saradha

    Hi! Made two batches of wine as per your above preparation. Opened the jars after the 25 days of fermentation. One jar had clear liquid. The second jar has a thin film on top of the liquid. I moved it aside and tasted the wine. It is tasting good. Is it ok to use this wine? Why is there a thin layer on top of one jar? Is this wine gone bad? Please adv

  • Stein Mark

    Thanks Kosukadi! I am going to try out this recipe of yours this year with my mom! I appreciate all your efforts! Hope it works out! 😀 God bless you !

  • Balaji

    helo kk, thank you for your detailed description about making wine at home. shall i make it a business please tell me your suggestion

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    Many many…thanks for all your trouble and time you have spent to share this information with us. I sicerly oblised.

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    great to know the process of wine making at home.

    tanks a lot Mr.

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    Hi KK,
    First of all I would like to appreciate you for writing such a simple and wonderful recipe. I was searching for home made easy recipe for wine and you just made it. I have also read your other posts i.e drinking while married and it’s just nice.

    Now coming to brewing, I am living in a place where liquor is not encouraged but you know it has always been available regardless of time and space on this globe. I am not a regular drinker but just for fun with friends sometimes so in this sense I am aware of smell and taste of alcohol but I have not ever tasted wine.

    When I went through your article, I also skimmed through the posts to have a general idea and when I understood the Basics I started the plan. My batch is in 2nd stage and until now everything seems to be perfect and it will be ready for celebrating new year.

    My query is: As I used a food graded plastic container with a secure lid, I didn’t require any further “air tight” lid. The lid came with the container worked perfect as it closes very tightly. Now as it is in 2nd stage, “I want to ask that whether I should close the lid full tight as I used to close it in the 1st stage or put the lid over the container loosely so that no visible things could go inside? ” I am worried about the generation of CO2 so it might not explode in 21 days. I read a similar post of “grandmaster” in this article where you said that it must not be 100% airtight. I want to know that whether closing the lid tightly will work a 100% airtight??

    Please help me by giving me your generous advice. Also I want to give you a good news that I am starting on “home made beer” as a lot of friends are curious about other alcoholic brands. If my work goes correct, I will be glad to share it with all the fans.


  • weggie

    do you think this recipe will work with cranberries. i am going to try it anyway. fingers crossed.

  • jithin ajith

    dear sir i am makin the wine said by you but it 20th and again i came to your web site to check evety thing i did is correct the thing is i made a mistake “I ADDED THE WHOLE SUGAR IN THE FIRST PROCESS WHAT SHOULD I DO TOMORROW SHOULD I NOT ADD SUGAR TOMORROW OR ADD LITTLE TOMORROW” PLS REPLY FAST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Hi KK
    I have noted the contents and method of Home made wine. I surely will be back to you for your directions or for my success.

  • Noble ebenezer

    I used to make vine by mixing the whole things as you have mentioned (I mean the whole thing ) and after filteration I keep it for some months in dark bottles before it is used, I don’t understand why you are adding the other half sugar after filteration

  • Anand

    i have tasted cloves in wine, is its used, means wine have some spicy taste while using cloves.

  • Maui

    By following the recipe above, how many bottles can I make?
    Please I need your response.

  • Pradeepkumar

    KK, I am very happy and excited, finally i have started the process, today is my first day.. but i have not used Luke warm water for the Yeast, i have used just normal water.. so pls tell me about this it will work or not.?
    Thx … 🙂

  • sudheer

    Hi KK,

    What is the Antioxidant proportion in ur method of red wine making?

    (b’coz as u knw; Antioxiidants boosts immune system, good for skin and improves relaxing)

  • BABU .A.P

    hi Kosu kadi,, wounderful artical will try soon,,,,

  • Louis


    I am happy to get this recipe. but i want to make ginger wine . can i use same process for this.


  • Bibi

    Hi KK,
    Made wine as per your instructions. Looks good so far!
    Just one clarification. I will be heading back to my home town during 19 – 22nd day of the period. Is is okay if I take the wine out on 18th day instead of 21st and move to the second phase of filtering the wine.

    Thanks in advance!

  • Bibi

    Hi KK,
    One more doubt! Why do we actually open the container to actually stir? Is’nt okay if we shake the container rhythmically which will ensure that its content was mixed well. This could avoid the risk of using the non 100% pure stirrer and contamination by opening the container! for the first 21 days!

  • Ekta Fozdar

    Hi … Please if you can help me clear the confusion … You have written sugar required is 1.5 kgs … But then in the method you have mentioned add half the sugar … So should I mix 1.5 or half of it …. Confused

  • Biju, Mumbai

    Dear Kosu,

    This is the second time I am preparing wine as per your web site. I want a little different taste this time. I saw only very few responses about the flavouring. You are recommending cinnamon, cardmom, dry ginger root etc., but what is the combination exactly? and the quantity. Someone added boiled tea to the brew to change the color. I dont want to take the risk. Can you recommend me some good flavouring formula.

    thanks for your wonderful wine receipe.

  • Praveen NS

    Dear Kosu,,,

    Nice treat and the narration is so beautiful, felt like made the wine and had it with a little booze,, cheers for that.
    I had a bottle of wine from one of my employee and it was tasted more alcoholic than the local arrack (ofcourse enjoyed the kick), but it did a negative opinion about the wine by my wife and kids(they had only a little). So we shall be trying to make the one as u mentioned and sure later with other varities. Thanks a lot for sharing such fruitfull preparations, regards.

  • arunviji

    wow,did not know there are other people like me,this same recipe I have, tried out by my mother in law and handed over to me, we let it mature for six months minimum before drinking.arunviji

  • Krishnakumar

    Hi KK…. Nice article man… Finally I found ur site by searching how to make wine at home today… Interesting…. Will update U once I finished my preparation…. Thanks again…

  • Abhishek

    Hi, KK thanks for yr wonderful efforts. i m in 12th day of 2nd fermentation, now my wine color is going dark, day by day. is it ok ????? now it has become full dark just like black
    Kindly reply. and how will come to know our wine is Poissoness or not
    Plz help….

    • kosukadi

      Haha! It can’t be poisonous at all. if you have followed the steps properly you are good. Post some pics if possible!

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  • Shrikar

    Hey, KK one question before I start – After filteratiration of content, Do I have to add the smashed grapes and other stuffs back to jar with wine filter in second stage ? and airtight completely in second stage , means seal or need to allow some air ? any photo guide ?

    • kosukadi

      Do I have to add the smashed grapes and other stuffs back to jar with wine filter in second stage => Ofcourse Not.
      Airtight completely in second stage => Air-tight. Ofcourse there will be air inside. That’s okay.

      • shrikar

        KK. On this sunday first stage of firmantation is going to finish. One more dought. I have added equal amount of sugar in first stage only. SO how much do u rec. in next stage. Pls. reply as sunday I am going to filter the content..thanks in advance for reply.

  • Leena Kapoor

    Hi Kosukadi! Thank you so much for this page. The recipe is uncomplicated and do-able. I began the process on 21st December ’12 and yesterday was the 42nd day. Today, I opened the jar and poured out the wine into a couple of bottles. I ran out of dry bottles, so there’s still a couple of bottles left in the jar. It tasted amazing. I spent something like 760 rupees on a 750 ml bottle of Sula rose wine. That’s when I realised that I had to find a feasible alternative to buying wine that has been marked up so high. I spent around 400 rupees on the grapes (black) and sugar and yeast. I have already scooped out a little over a litre and there’s still more to go.

    The colour is superb and the liquid is clear.

    I also find that this tastes better than the Sula, or at least it suits my taste buds better.

    Thank you again!

    • kosukadi

      Great!! Nice to hear. Please send some pictures as well so that I can post them here!!! Cheers!

      • Leena Kapoor

        I don’t have pictures of the process, but here are the pictures of the bottled wine and poured out into a wine-glass. The colour is a rich-red. the picture does not do justice to the colour.

  • Chetan, Ahmedabad

    hi, my wine completes 30 days but its still very strong in taste and not sweet enough to drink, should i add more sugar at this stage?

    • kosukadi

      Sure, you can add sugar. No problem!

  • sudhi

    Hi k.k thanx 4 ur knowledge share;
    1) my brew is 12 days old, b4 stirring in the morning am observing white thin small patchy layers at the top of brew from day 9 . is it ok?
    plz do rply.

    • kosukadi

      Oh, No problem. It’s perfectly okay! And you seem to have got a very rich color too. Congrats!

  • sudhi

    Hi..KK, thanx 4 knowledge share; my wine brew is 14 days older, why it has white small patchy layers at the top of the brew, is it ok?

  • kosukadi

    You can try with Banana. But I have heard that you have to boil the banana in water first. Let it cool down and then add sugar etc just like the wine making process mentioned here. Just search on the internet for Banana wine and please share on how it goes. Cheers!

    • Chetan

      I starts the procedure with banana without boiling it, 1st day it doesnt looks good because the carbon dioxide is not producing sufficiently but afterwards on the 2nd and 3rd day it gets a little well, i hope that goes well as i expected, be in contact

      • Anand

        how is it now? All good?

  • Ashok

    I have been toying with the idea of making wine at home & after reading your too engrossing blog, I decided to make. So brought 1 kg. seedless grapes ( really sweet ones ), hand cleaned each one after washing with water, crushed them in a sterile glass jar, added 1/2 kg sugar, 1.7 lt. boiled water ( after cooling ) & 75 gm wheat. Glass jar is tightly closed with a lid & plastic cover in between ( with 4 very small holes on the plastic cover ). Quantity of all contents have been adjusted to suit 1 kg. grapes. I have not added yeast because a friend of mine, who makes gooseberry wines, told me that wheat will do the job & there is no necessity to add yeast, though I have not tasted his wine. Today is 6th day & I have been stirring the contents everyday with a clean wooden stirrer. I have found some bubbles coming from the second day onwards and now the flavor is stronger, color is deep red.

    My Questions are (1) Will the wine thus prepared be mild & sweet one because complete sugar has not been converted into alcohol? My preference is for mildly sweet smooth strong wine ( around 12-14% alcohol – Amarone? )
    (2) Since grapes were quite sweet, therefore should I reduce the quantity of sugar to be added in part 2, from 500 gms to say 300 gms.

    (3) Should I leave the brew for more than 21 days before filtering for the first time or should I filter the brew on 21st day & then leave it for longer duration to make it smooth & increase the alcohol content ( therefore less sweet ) I can leave it for next 60 days.

    (4) Can I add some more wheat now because I have not added yeast?

    All help and assistance will be smoothly appreciated & admired.


  • Amit Khatu

    Kosukadi you are great ! I am renaming you ‘SOMNATH’, Lord Somnath (Shankar Dev), who got this name for consuming ‘Somrus’ (Alcohol in Sanskrut). Bye SOMNATH

  • ram

    sir, after making wine, how many days can i keep it.

    what is the Expiry Date would be?

    • http://www.facebook.com/natasha.saxena.16 Natasha Saxena

      No expiry date. Older the wine, better it is.

    • Him

      homemade wine can be kept for long, if you follow a small tip. Add a little (any wine-making blog/site will guide you to the ratio) Potassium Metabisulfate to the wine when you are bottling it, it will stabilize the wine and let it stay good for a long time.

      • kosukadi

        Potassium Metabisulfate is a common preservative (chemical) found in Jams , juices , squash etc. This recipie is all natural. I have had home made wine bottled 3 years ago and tasted perfect (actually much better). So I guess, one needn’t necessarily add the preservative and take the naturalness of the wine.

        • leenakapoor

          I agree. I have been using this recipe for sometime now and I use the bottled wine for months, without adding any preservative. It tastes better as time passes.

      • leenakapoor

        I agree with Kosukadi below. I have been using this recipe for sometime now and I use the bottled wine for months, without adding any preservative. It tastes better as time passes.

  • Beena

    a very good piece of data sharing….thanks…..adding .one or two crushed cloves gives a special flavour to the wine.

  • pushpa

    i am going to try it today………all the ingredients are ready………….

  • Him

    Hi all,

    I’m through with the first part of my first wine-brewing experience so I thought about sharing my experiences here for the benefit of all. Just today, I filtered the grapes and re-sealed the filtered liquid. The details:

    – The first container (it fell short and I used a second one) in which I filtered the wine; the color was a deep red one. The second container had a lighter color. No clue why but that’s how it was.

    – Beginning the process of adding grapes, sugar, water, yeast etc. was easier than filtering out the grapes, crushing them. The irritation was the whole wheat. In absence of any directions about it in the steps above, I also removed the wheat, and since I had used a narrow neck ceramic jar, scooping the whole wheat out was a bother, be prepared 🙂

    – In my curiousity, I put one of the semi crushed grapes in my mouth and sucked the juice out of it, then threw it out. After half an hour, I felt starchy and dried; the same that you feel when you’ve had a dry vodka 🙂 But yes, it was heady (I got almost a kick just from sucking on a grape! )

    – I had also kept googling about wine making even after starting the process, and came to know few important tips. One is about the wooden spoon. Initially I also thought why only wooden spoon? but later I read about metal haze. So people, stick to wooden dry spoon!

    – It is also better to add a little of Potassium Metabisulfate before bottling the wine (it helps keep the wine longer acc. to this blog – http://www.blog.eckraus.com ).

    Will share the taste after about 22 days 🙂 happy wine making!

  • Shabeer

    Sharing my Wine… 😀
    Thanks Kosukadi.. It was fantastic

  • http://www.facebook.com/natasha.saxena.16 Natasha Saxena

    I helped my mom finding this recipe. She started the procedure a month ago. A small deviation she did is after 21 days she filtered the liquid and the remains she put it in a mixer grinder and added it back. Lets see what happens. Waiting for the result by 1st week march, 2013.



  • uma

    I made wine with exact proportions it turned out very tasty thank u

  • Giel

    Is it possible to do the same but then with apples instead of grapes?

    And is there no risk for production of methanol?


  • jagadish phadke

    sure i want to try

  • cyril fernandes

    Thanks very much i will try to make

  • sibin

    sir why we r using hydrometer in wine .

    • Thunder Striker

      hydrometer is used to check the specific gravity of the wine, so that you can know the alcohol percentage of the wine you have produced…you can search in youtube on how to use hydrometer

  • Plato

    I just hit upon your article and you’ve made my day! TGIF and today is going to be Day 1 for me!

  • Megh85

    Hi, Its a nice recipe though, i am the beginner and will try my first batch soon, just wanted to know after we get the clear wine after 42 days. can you give the instructions to store it (like in temperature, to keep in fridge or at room temp or airtight) so that it will not get spoil or further fermentation to reduce sweetness. please reply.

    • Thunder Striker

      hi Megh85, storing must be done in a dark place at room temperature and must be airtight…different temperatures for different wines, so check on youtube for the kind of wine you are preparing. Finally, you must refrigerate your wine only before consuming it. Again, this differs on the kind of wine you prepare, i.e., red versus white wine…

  • Abhishek sharma

    i am going to try it soon………very nice sharing …

  • hanmant

    I started my first batch on feb. 27 with 1.5 Kg grapes+ 2.6 l water + 500 gm sugar+ 25 gms yeast(activated) in a 15 litre plastic container. Things went well for six days but then bubble formation has stopped. I added 250 gms more sugar but still there are no bubbles or cap formation. What shall I do proceed for 21 days etc. or start secondary fermentation ? urgent advice needed as the batch processing continues.

    • Thunder Striker

      hi Hanmant, the bubbling usually happens only for the first week or so…stopping of bubble formation does not mean that fermentation has stopped…you will have to wait till 21 days which is a bare minimum time for the first stage to complete…then you can proceed with second stage…

      • blackmamba

        oh thank u for this reply

  • praveen

    I ll try this…. Today it slf… But i want all ready prepared bottle to taste

  • Pooja Amitkant Jain

    hi all n kk

    it is good to read this recipe n the below mentioned comments. i feelso motivated now that want to make it for my husband n want to surprise him. though i don’t drink at all will still try it for my husband to make him happy…. thanks kk n all

  • alka

    Thanx for the beautiful recipe . Yesterday I started …….as I was using the dry activated yeast for the first time , I prepared that as u told but within 5 minutes without getting frothy I mixed that in the grapes mixture , please tell me will it work or what I should do ……..,

    • kosukadi

      For dry activated yeast, just follow the instructions provided with the yeast (usually on the container). Procedures to activate the yeast may be different.

  • sid

    this is awesome.. the recipe i was searching for

  • mizo

    hi iam mizo, i have tired ur wine, simply great and tastes better. can u suggest me one thing i have added only 2 glasses of water for concentrated wine of 3 kgs. is that fine or should i add water pls. let me know.

    • kosukadi

      If you don’t add enough water, the wine will become thick and slurpy. If you like it that way , then shouldn’t be an issue

  • Shanthi

    Hello Kosukadi

    You said in daily duties

    “Use the wooden spoon to stir the contents, just enough that the contents
    are evenly mixed. Ensure the spoon is 100% clean and dry every time”

    Do I need to clean the wooden spoon in boiling water daily before mixing ?

    Or just wash the spoon in normal water and drying it before mixing daily ?


    • kosukadi

      Good question, but the idea is simple. Everything needs to be extremely clean and almost sterile to keep away any chances of our brew getting infected and thus getting spoilt. Boiling everyday might be a little too difficult to do , but please ensure that the spoon is as clean as possible before you use it everyday.

  • aman

    hey! that was a very clear and easy article describing wine making. i am gonna try it for sure, and also tell u when it’ll be completely brewed. Thanks man….;)


    I jus made it according to instructions but without egg white in a plastic container. On 5th day there is thin white coloured film on top of it.Could u please suggest me what to do next. and if it is Ok or spoiled

  • blackmamba

    till day 8 i had nice bubbles and suds…but after that now there is no bubbles ..is it okay

  • SANG



    Thanks Thunder Striker for yr advice which I have followed. On March 20,2013 twenty one days of primary fermentation were over and I proceeded further as per KK procedure. I put a baloon to cover the narrow opening of the secondary fermentation can but even after two days the baloon is not getting inflated . Does it mean that no further fementation of the sugar added before the secondary fermentation is taking place ? Need I need to add more yeast ?

  • hanmant

    Thanks Thunder Striker for yr advice which I have followed. On March 20,2013 twenty one days of primary fermentation were over and I proceeded further as per KK procedure. I put a baloon to cover the narrow opening of the secondary fermentation can but even after two days the baloon is not getting inflated . Does it mean that no further fementation of the sugar added before the secondary fermentation is taking place ? Need I need to add more yeast ?

    • Thunder Striker

      As per KK’s method or rather any other method of wine making, we add yeast only once and that is at the beginning of primary fermentation..all you need to do right now is to have patience…let things settle down for the next 21 days and then enjoy the wine, but remeber to not disturb the wine jar…the sediments will settle down to the bottom leaving clear wine on top and you have to carefully scoop it after 21 days

    • Thunder Striker

      Hanmant, for your information, today I have tasted my first batch of red wine after a long wait of 42 days…I was quite thrilled and eagerly waiting for this day, and to my pleasant surprise, the wine looked great in colour and gave me a very pleasant first impression…it almost resembled the commercial wine…I then bottled it into an old and cleaned 500 mL cooldrink bottle, then left it to chill in the fridge for sometime, then gave it a try…well…boy, its one of the happiest moment in my life…yes, I have successfully completed preparing wine…500 mL really gave me a good high…the rest of the wine is still in my wine jar container….what i thought is like i will scoop it as and when i drink or until I plan for another batch of wine because I will be needing the same container again for preparing a new batch of wine…well, this time i might end up doing white wine with green grapes…i am just researching on that and once I am through I will go ahead with it…finally, post me your comments once you are through with your 41 days of waitnign period and tasting it…do ask me if you have any querries meanwhile, i might be a bit late, but I would certainly answer your querries to the best of my ability or understanding…i guess it took you a long time to read this lengthy message…I am very excited right now on successful completion and hence this lengthy message out of my excitedness….Happy Wine Making…

  • uv

    Wow…Nice recipe and wonderful the way you explained!!!!! Cheers!!!!!

  • ram

    what is the expiry date it would be?

  • ram

    hi kosu,
    what is the expiry date it would be after making wine?

  • kk

    hi kk I made wine as per the above rec.. and its around 16 days old now but we i taste it I feel a sour taste in it can it be corrected or it will turn still bad.

  • K k

    hi kk I made wine as per the above rec.. and its around 16 days old now but we i taste it I feel a sour taste in it can it be corrected or it will turn still bad.

  • Jagdeep Singh Virdi

    Hi … Thanks for the recipe. I just started on 31 March. Everything looks good. I just want to ask how do I know that my wine is spoiled? Is there a way to know that?

    Thanks, Jagdeep

    • kosukadi

      If everything has been maintained clean, there is no way it will go bad. So don’t worry!

  • prabu

    can u plz upload more photo stills of step by step process of making wine….
    it will be more helpful for us

  • prabu

    yeah…. now a days the rate of wine in TASMAC and other bars are raised. like me, the students are not enough money to spend lot.
    so, this home made wine process is really really helpful for us. but . the thing is we have to wait for atleast 42 days. mmmmm….. its ok.
    for getting better thing wait for a long is acceptable. thank u. thank for ur explanation or teaching or sharing…
    plz upload some more photos that help us more. thank u again. bye.

  • Jagdeep Singh Virdi

    Can we add extra water after Day 1, I found that water is very less in my container so added around 500ml more. will this have any effect on wine?

    • kosukadi

      Yes, Please try. Shouldn’t be an issue

  • vijay soni

    If I want to make more quantity wine of say 3 kg. grapes, do I have to double the qty of wheat , sugar and yeast?

    • kosukadi

      Just increase everything proportionally. Instead you can make 2 batches


    Really excited to try out your method. Is there a season for carrying out wine making ? Summers are up in north India will it still work in this season ?

    • kosukadi

      Good question!!! The room/place you store the container for fermentation needs to be COOL and dry. Say around 21-23 degrees. The fermentation will be killed in a room of 40 degrees (Chennai heat)

    • arak

      Use a mud pot, put a plate with water at the bottom and cover the pot tight all around with a T-shirt while the shirt is in contact with the water, and place the pot in a cool shaded location with airflow. The pot will be cooled by evaporation during fermentation as long as you keep the plate filled with water.

  • Lois

    Hi I made the wine but its bait sour,,, is there anything I can do to get it back to normal??

    • kosukadi

      The wine as per the original recipe will be SWEET! Because it’s got so much sugar. If your wine is sour , then you have gone wrong with the proportions.

  • Prabhat

    Made 5 liters of red wine from crushed red grape juice. This is the third year I did it. Did not use any form of yeast, but allowed it natural fermentation. Added 10% sugar by weight. . Added natural flocculants after fermentation had ceased to aid settling and clarification. After a month decanted and filtered it Turns out great and crystal clear –always ! As good as any bottled wine available. Now doing the same with 7kgs of sweet green/yellow grapes.

    • Meena Rajaram

      What natural flocculants did you use?

  • Goutam

    how to make white wine Please..

    • kosukadi

      Use green grapes 😉

  • http://www.daktre.com/ NS Prashanth

    Thank you! For quite sometime I was looking for something like this. Hope to start making this sometime soon and mayebe I’ll blog about it (if it turns out nice of course). I found your blog just as I was wondering if I need specialised equipment, but it seems that the ceramic jar is the only thing that’ a bit “specialised” then! Thanks for this effort.

    • kosukadi

      You can use a glass jar. Or a good grade plastic jar. I have used the 5ltr bisleri cans and even bubble tops (water). All work great!

  • srinivas

    after bottling how long it will be to use

  • Sharad

    Hi,we made wine as per your recipe ,with a variation of adding only 400 gms of sugar in the second half instead of 750.It was a great experience and ofcourse great fun too.Am thrilled by the experience and will surely love to share it with my friends too.Thank you so much for all the simple and helpful tips.

  • swadesi winemakers

    hello. Thank you so much for the wonderful and precise recipe. We made it here in Gandhinagar, Gujarat. It was amazing.

  • Mel

    Hi, Great recipe I definately want to try this as Ive got grape vines at home. I was wondering why the wheat is nessesary and could I use burghul?

  • vijay soni

    These are the pictures of wine I made as per this recipe last year. It was so great that A friend from Dubai took one bottle with him. This year I have made almost 10 liters. Thanks.

  • Jagdeep Singh Virdi

    Wine making is very exciting experience. Thank you for this recipe. I had been learning lot about it on net.
    I wanted to ask What else have you tried after this?
    I mean what’s the next step? also wanted to ask what is tanning in red wine mean?

    How can I make my wine better?

    Do you know any place in India where I can get proper Wine Bottles for bottling the wine?

    • http://www.facebook.com/munjal.vivek Vivek Munjal

      Kabadi wala, is the ans.

    • Anand

      Get old beer bottles from your friends who booze often..

  • Jagdeep Singh Virdi

    The Color of my Wine is not red exactly. It is kind of purplish… Will it become red in sometime? Is there a way to make it red?

  • Benz

    I have put 2 batches.. one of the batch after 10 days it tastes a bit sour, do let me know if its getting spoiled. Thanks, Benz…

  • http://twitter.com/Perezjoe7535Joe Joe perez

    This is awsome now i don’t have too buy my wine. Thanks for the instructions I’m going too try it out and I’ll let u know whats up.

  • Cheryl

    Hi can use a stainless steel bucket and put plastic wrap on top right? We have a lovely grapevine out front and I would like to make the wine soon.

  • hanmant

    My first batch was bottled two days ago after 45 days in total. Taste and colour is wonderful and I enjoyed it thoroughly but clarity is not very good. The wine is not totally transparent as available in market , Thanks a lot to KK for the recipe and Thunder Striker for advise. . My second batch will be ready for bottling after a week. Can somebody advise as how to improve the clarity of the wine using the material available in India.

  • vignesh

    i am in 5th day of the process. . and it seems like the quantity is reducing day by day . .and grapes seem swollen ,,is it ok? And am using a clay pot wrapped up with plastic cover . . is it fine ?

  • vignesh

    i used a mud pot . . had small penetrations through the sides of mud pot . .so after 4 days i put it in a plastic cover , have wrapped it tight !!

  • viral

    Super Thanks Kosukadi ….me and wife made it togather its turned out to be perfect ( i am a big time wine lover) i so love my wife for making 🙂 thanks again for the great help …want to make some more wine with diff flavor please suggest :0

  • anil

    Hi Kosukudi ! made wine exactly as per ur formula and tested it exactly after three months, what a test ! what a color! Great ! ! Every one at home loved it .

  • Pratyush

    Hey Kosukudi.
    Thanks a lot for the recipe. I regret not finding ur site 6 months back. Had to buy 12 bottles of red wine for my weddin which was no where near the one I’ve started preparing. 1st stage of fermentation complete. Sadly will have to wait for months for the next batch.

    I had a few queries. How can I make wine from Jamun (java plum) ? The proportions n preparation ? Is there any way of makin the wine transparent?

  • prabhakar

    how to identify tat my wine is spoiled pls help me…??

  • Vivek Munjal

    Dear Kosuadi, thanks for the recipe for making Wine at home, I have completed 21 days, and filtered it, will wait patietly for another 21 days

  • http://www.facebook.com/munjal.vivek Vivek Munjal

    Thanks for the recipe
    Vivek Munjal

  • Vishal

    can we use rum?

  • ayyappa raj

    mr kosukadi… indha idea romba nalla eruke… i ll surely try this out

  • Dr Praveen Sharma

    lovely…. i am gonna try it out definetely.. I love wine while dine..

  • Beach House Boys

    Hi Mr.Kosikadi,
    Really inspired by your post. I have been trying to find ways to brew my own beer. Could you post a similar post for brewing beer. Would really be of great help in these tough times when they have hiked the price of beer phenomenally in tasmacs…

  • arak

    @Kosukadi, Forgot to add another important ingredient to the mash. Need to add 3mg of crushed vitamin B1 tablet.

    Also the reason it takes 42 days for fermentation is you have too little yeast for fermentation to finish within 7 days and lack of yeast nutrients leading to stuck fermentation. I culture the yeast before pitching. Make a cup of horlicks with just water .. 5 full teaspoons of horlicks (basically malt + nutrients) with 100 ml of boiling water, mix well, cool it down to about 20C, then pitch your dry yeast into it about 2 days before. This will activate your yeast and when you use this solution to pitch your mash, you should be able to finish your primary fermentation within 5 to 7 days.

    • kosukadi

      wow! that’s a tonne of information. You seem to have done these before a couple decade itself, when I would have been in school. Really inspired. I have seen a lot of guides for distillation, but the boiler, the distillation process (safety concerns) really scared me. But with a bit of guidance from a pro like you , I am sure I will be okay. Will email you shortly. Thanks a tonne for posting the comments!

    • Suranjan

      I am brewing a batch myself.Going back on your advice,what do you mean by “pitch your dry yeast into it about 2 days before”?
      Do you mean that in order to finish the brewing the 1st part in 7 days instead of 21,I would have to activate the yeast and add it to the horlicks mixture 2 days before I actually want to use it in the brewing process?
      And I am glad people are actually taking an interest in wine making here.I personally wanted to try making beer,but I could not find any of the processes described online suited to being executed in India
      And again,thanks a lot to both of u @arak99:disqus and @kosukadi:disqus. You guys are great 🙂

    • Suranjan

      Also,please advice on an amount of yeast to be used with the solution of 5 full teaspoon of horlicks to be used to make it into the desired strength of yeast solution

      • arak

        Hi Suranjan,

        I redid some of the experiments as I realized Horlicks in India is made with buffalo milk instead of plain malt like the UK version. Luckily the local indian grocer was able to procure the Sri Lankan version for me which is close to the indian version.

        Mix 50 gm of horlicks in 500 ml of water. Raise temperature between 37 to 39 degrees centigrade. Pour the mix into a clean 1 litre bottle and aerate the mix by capping and shaking it vigorously for 5 minutes. Pour 50 gm of dry yeast into the bottle and let it sit for 20 minutes. Then gently shake the mix (emphasis on gentle) to mix the yeast in or pour into a cup and mix gently with a spoon. Gently mix every 1 hour to aerate the wort. The yeast would have reached max cell density between 12 to 18 hours. Now use this mix to pitch as per Kosukadi’s recipe above. Kosukadi’s recipe is a bit too high on original gravity giving you sweet wine, if you prefer a drier wine, use less sugar or add the wort along with the original water amount as per recipe. Also, break the wheat into a large coarse pieces using a grinder/mixie on a short cycle instead of using whole wheat as per the original recipe.

        • Suranjan

          So,you are saying that the Indian version of horlicks won’t do?Any other substitute readily available in India?
          The wait of 1st 21 days is killing me…..I know you have to work towards a god brew,but knowing that it can be done much easier doesn’t ease the process 🙂

          • arak

            Indian version of Horlicks will work. Since it has milk solids in it, you have to be careful about keeping everything clean so you don’t introduce lactic acid bacteria.

          • Suranjan

            Any process for speeding up the secondary fermentation time of 21 days? I don’t really mind waiting if it is the only way though 🙂
            Also,pointers on other fruits which can be used?

        • Purshotam Kumar

          Hi Arak,

          You mean we can add Daliya instead of whole wheat


  • Grrrrrrrrr

    I think you need some kind of clearing agent for your wine. There is a pile of sediment in it. You may also want to think about using a filter for the final racking prior to bottling.

  • disqus_CATaMGNXBC

    Thanks KK for giving such a good recipe, I got success and made a perfect Wine, for tasting I consumed 1/2 lit. Thanks Long Live KK

    • kosukadi

      1/2 liter gave you a good buzz?

  • shelly george sebastian

    how much is the ratio of grape sugar yeast or for 6kg grape

    • kosukadi

      Just do your match from the proportions I have mentioned. Y can of course reduce sugar to make the wine less sweet.

  • indian

    i made it it was good…. i was so happy to c it thanks man love it

  • dweep

    i mad wine with green grapes turned out to be great !!! it has a light pink color !! but the sediments r troubling me !!
    how do i make it more clear ????

    • kosukadi

      Looks impressive. To take out clear wine, just let the jar you have photographed lay still without any movement for a day. All fine sediments will settled down and you will see clear wine. Then you need to siphon out the clear wine ( much like how you siphon out petrol out of a bike tank) into another container. Ensure the tip of the tube does not go too deep , other wise it will suck in the sediments as well. This is the easiest way to do it and it’s extremely successful.

      There are alternatives such as expensive filters or using some tablets which will enhance settling of sediments, but the method I have mentioned above is the easiest and simplest. Cheers!

    • arak

      Leave the container in the fridge for 48 hours, the yeast will settle at the bottom. Decant the clear fluid into a new container. Pour the rest through a cotton pad filter (use your regular tea filter lined with surgical cotton pad from a medical shop). Easier than siphoning.

  • dweep

    and it was more clear wen grapes were actualy inside 😛

  • kosukadi

    Rs.6500 for the kit???

    • Navyug Infosolutions

      Yes..It is the price of the Basic Kit..However, other variants cost higher….Check our fb page for more details……https://www.facebook.com/HomeWineMakingKit

      • kosukadi

        Dear Readers: Please be advised, I strongly suggest that you don’t even consider buying this kit. All items mentioned in this kit can be easily sourced for a grand total of less than 10% of the mentioned price of Rs.6500 i.e it wouldn’t even cost you Rs.650.

        • Navyug Infosolutions

          We are not forcing anyone to buy kit from us..It’s really good if you can source all items at less than 650 Rs…

  • Ramkumar Pawar

    Instead of removing cap of jar everyday,how if we keep non returnable air vent ?

  • yogesh pawar

    can we make wine of raisains instead of grapes with same recipe mentioned by you.

  • arak

    Beer or wine? What do you guys like? What would you like to pay for decent beer? Do you like beer in a 330 ml or 650 ml bottle? I’m so pissed with TASMAC that I’m planning on a legal challenge to f*ck with the TN govt.

  • Dheemant

    Hi i will be on my 21st day tomorrow…time to remove, strain it add sugar and keep it back…seems pretty good till now…am very excited….

  • yogesh

    i have prepared guava wine with recipe mentioned above. i have only not used wheat in it.
    after 13 days some white layer like cream is coming on top.
    is my wine spoilt ??
    but it smellls nice.

    • Suranjan

      Guava?Oh wow,do reply on how it turns out 🙂

    • arak

      Next time, macerate the fruit to a coarse pulp without crushing the skin in the process. This will make the extraction and conversion go faster.

      • yogesh

        thanx a lot sir,
        but can i drink this wine ?

        • yogesh

          now what should i do with this wine ?

          • arak

            It appears the wine isn’t fully fermented yet. The wine hasn’t gotten bad from the looks of it,

      • yogesh

        thanx a lot arak sir,
        can we make wine from cashew fruit by above recipe.

        • arak

          Yes. That is how Feni is made. Taste wise though, it won’t be something you would like, unless you like cashew fruit taste. Apples work great for cider, but you need fresh apples and way to carbonate them with either a modified Mr. Butler machine or lots of bottles. caps, priming sugar and yeast.

          • manoj

            sir instead of yeast i added sodapowder. does it works???

          • Rats

            U need yeast and sugar to make alcohol. Sorry, no substitutes here.

      • yogesh

        the fermentation of wine was stopped i have again added some sugar and activated dry yeast the ferment started again.
        how i ll know that the wine is good or not drink?

        • arak

          Before you add more sugar, you should taste it. If it tastes sweet (I’d use a hydrometer instead to measure SG), then all you need is to pitch more yeast. Look below in the comments for hydrating and activating yeast with horlicks mixture.

      • sujata fernandes

        hi arak this is sujata from mumbai. can you pls post me how to prepare homemade beetroot wine. thanks my email id is sujatafdes@gmail.com

    • steamersama

      oh no, your pulp has gone rancid (rotten); you have to make the jar AIRTIGHT, especially when you are dealing with low-acidic fruits… I don’t mean to scare you but some rancid foods make you very very ill… so ake care when making wine…

  • darkPORKeater

    no offence…but i have done my reasearch and this is a very wrong method….u used baker’s yeast/bread yeast which is saccromces cervicea…it will result in a fungal moldy growth…pls visit some government agancie/private and get WINE YEAST..!!!

  • yoman

    I was wondering if you cn make wine from Tropicana grapes juice…..?

    • arak

      Grape juice from concentrates doesn’t give good bouquet. If you are looking for just alcohol, just use sugar and don’t bother with grape juice. That wine has to be made from grape must is lie spread by the fucking French. Unless you thin pate is desirable food, fuck the French advice and go the Indian route. Any fruit can be used to make wine, and tropical fruits beat European fruits any day.. You just have to adjust the fruit ester aromatics with sugar to make it desirable.

  • Karthick

    Have two queries.

    Waiting for 42 days is must or is there any way we could reduce the no of days?

    How could we find the wine has become well to drink or it has gone worse that not to drink?

    • arak

      42 days is not necessary. You can do good wine in 14 to 21 days including secondary fermentation. Read the yeast topics in the comments below. You need good yeast pitching rates and fermentation temperature control.

      • karthick

        In 14 to 21 days!!! I must try now :). how much alcohol percentage will be in it or just tell how the booze will be?

  • arak

    @kosukadi:disqus Can you create a post on what people are willing to pay for good beer at TASMAC shops? I would like to know because I’m sick of the crap that TASMAC sells even though I have to put up with crap TN beer only one month every year. Most beer in India generally sucks, but TASMAC beer list is the worst of the worst. I want to launch a court case to break the Mallya stranglehold on TASMAC and fuck with the TN govt liquor policy in general.

  • Sreedhara Rao

    Sreedhara Rao @ arak & Kosukadi – I have followed all the instrutions by kosukadi and also very valued guidence by arak and have made my first batch of red wine. This time i have made by using Bakers .Dry Yeast . Of course, when i get my hands on Lalvin yeast, will make a fresh batch. I AM UNABLE TO LAY MY HANDS ON POT.SORBATE in small quantity pkts. I will be highly indebted if someone could suggest where it is available and who is manufacturer. Thanking in advance. regards . sreedhararao@gmail.com

  • Raushan

    can u please tell me while to mix water?

  • Suranjan

    I understand that there is a way to reduce the time for secondary fermentation from 21 days quite drastically? Ofc, the process for shortening the primary fermentation time has aleready been covered, but I couldn’t find any details for the secondary one.Or will using the horlicks mixture for primary fermentation be enough for reducing the secondary time as well?
    Any suggestion is highly appreciated
    Also,pointers for using fruits other than grapes for variety?
    Thnx in advance 🙂

  • Allia Alviedo

    we are assigned to make a wine in our biotech. I’ll try this. hope it’ll work >_<

  • yuvraj

    thanks man whoso ever you are !! hope i make it in one shot 🙂

  • Sreedhara Rao

    @arak sir, as per your reco “. Citric acid is about 175gm per 5L to acidify the wash” , i added citric acid as suggested by you at first fermentation stage. Unfortunately, the dose of citric acid seems to be too high and redwine after 1 st fermentation is too sour. can we do something about it? my concern is whether it was 175 correct or a typo. will be very happy for guidence to reduce acid content .

    • arak

      It is supposed to be 175gm per 5G, not 5L. Reduce it to about 40gm per 5L.

      • Sreedhara Rao

        @ arak sir, Arak Sir, thanks for correcting the quantity of citric acid from 175 gms ?5L to 175 gms /5gals. . As already I had made my first batch of 15 litres with specified citric acid, i could bring it down only by making another batch of about 15 litres without citric acid and after secondary fermentation and degassing, mixed them both which automatically brought down the citric acid % by half to tolerable limits.For the first batch used Bakers dried yeast. fortunately by the time i went for 2nd batch i got Lalvin RC212 wine yeast through a friend who came from abroad. Still trying to locate pot.sorbate in small quantities sachets. Now my wine is about 1.5 months aged and got a good alcohol content . Am making small quantity of wheat malt , for the next batch. Thanks for the guidence.

        • arak

          @fdc7f239ab3619ce4e3d262bc6d35274:disqus With the 2nd batch you don’t need the citic acid as you have Lalvin RC212 yeast. Just make a yeast starter one day before you pitch the yeast so you have enough active yeast to start fermentation right away. Make the malt solution, aerate it well by shaking it vigorously in a half empty bottle (this is important) and put the RC212 yest in this starter one day before pitching it into the wine. Don’t waste the good wine with bad. Chalk it up to learning experience.

          • Anish

            @arak99:disqus Can we use Jaggery instead of White sugar? Please suggest ..!

  • Ayush Agrawal

    Hello Arak sir n kosukadi,,i made wine as per ur recepie mentioned above but its taste was a little bit sour.. so wat can i do next time to reduse the sour taste?? Secondly wat is the % of alcohol content in this as per ur recepie???
    Waiting for ur rply…

  • Jon

    Shouldn’t red wine be kept _warm_ during primary fermentation? _Then_ cooled upto consumption.

  • Nubra

    I have a winemaking project coming up in biotech! Thanks a ton. Hope it works out well for me.

  • Rajendranath

    Hi there, I’m planning to setup a large scale wine making plant where I’ll be using Cashew Apple juice. I just want to know fundamental about wine making and the quality standard I have to follow.

    • Guddu

      Hi, finally I’ve made super red wine at home, really awesome far far better then Lager Beer. I didn’t use gloved hands but bare hand washed and dried. didn’t add egg. got about two and half liters of clear red wine. about a liter at the bottom didn’t turn clear even after three weeks, I have to wait for another 42 days for the 2nd batch to get ready.

  • Suranjan

    My first batch of red wine is done.Consuming it right now……a small tip for those who want their wine to be a little less sour-
    While the 2nd phase approaches its end, u can see the sugar getting sedimented.Give it a good shake every 2 hours and finally let it rest for a day without disturbance
    Personally I used a tupperware 4 litre airtight container for the 2nd phase so it helped me notice if there was any sugar at the bottom if it helps
    Btw,heads off for an awesome recipe 🙂

  • sudheer

    Hi KK,
    This is my 2nd batch of wine making and this time my wine brew is tasting very sour…itz not the sour or bitterness of grapes but a kind of irritative sourness.
    i did 2 mistakes,
    1) poured all the sugar at the start
    2) poured more of wheat
    wht do you think? is got spoiled if so what may be the reason? suggest me things to do to get the taste right?


    • Jeevan

      HI, I too did the same mistake and the wine got sour. Is it spoiled or still we can use it adding more sugar in the second Phase? Please respond.

  • Krishna

    Really nice and simple method of recipe
    Sure I’m gonna make it soon

  • Sharon

    My red wine has come out good.. thanks for posting the recipe. it gives a nice kick n its just 22 days old…

  • ankit

    While fermentation co2 is produced which has to be removed, how will we do that in your process of making wine because while co2 has to be removed, air should not enter the ferment.

    • Suranjan

      It is not possible to remove co2 without air.The simple reason being that it is not possible to sustain a vacuum.Furthermore, in the initial fermentation, without the air, the yeast will simply die causing the fermentation to stop altogether

  • Dimpy Sharma

    I actually followed your proportion of recipe.. and made some wine of my own.. The grapes were too sweet which I got from Nandi Hills (a place known wineries near bangalore).. as a result… the wine became very sweet (I guess I should have added half of the sugar) but the Kick it gave.. I was out within two glasses most of the times.. 😀 .. But this is how we learn.. make mistakes once or twice and then come near to perfection.. However the overall taste was good.. color also came out real good. . next time.. im sure going to come little closer to the taste of actual wine.. I wish I could post some pictures.. will see how it comes next time.

    • kosukadi

      The recipe itself is for a sweet tasking wine. Next time, just reduce the sugar. Try small batches and play around with the proportions till you strike the proper proportion which suits your taste.

  • Suranjan

    Well,the 1st batch i made….

    • kosukadi

      Magic Moments wine!!!

  • Arun

    Well. This is my first time.

    I wanted to try with grapes but we had brought some star fruits which turned out to be so sour that we had decided to throw it away. Co-incidentally, I saw this blog and though why not prepare wine out of it !!!

    I just prepared wine with the star fruit :). Excited !!! at the same time sad that I have to wait for 42 days to taste it.

    Not sure how it will turn out with star fruit. Considering that it is a citric fruit, I have hopes that it turns out well.

    let me wait and watch 🙂

  • vishvanath bhatt


    pls advise recipe for sparkling wine

  • burton soares

    hi i made the wine of jamuns (java pulms) its become the best wine i ever had thank u so much i made around 11 liters
    thank u

  • burton soares

    hi these are the pic of the amount of bottles came and its so good thanks a million . i have given to friends and family and i have got my self orders to make more

    • kosukadi

      wow!! This is amazing stuff. Are these the jamun wine or the grape wine? Can you please share the proportions of the ingredients for the jamun wine? Thanks!

      • burton soares

        hi this is jamun wine only. i used 4.5 kg of jamuns, 1kg sugar(as people at home cant have too much sugar so little less), 6 liter water, 100grams wheat, 50grams yeast(but not dry yeast bakery ready yeast the baker told this will work like the dry yeast), actually i forgot to put 2 egg white i put only one rest the same method word to word given in the recipe. but problem was after 21 days after the first process i tasted it was very sour but extremely strong more than i imagined so i put 1 kgs for the next round and thought by this it will become ok. and after 21 days there was still sourness little bit so i put around 750 grams more sugar and kept for another 10 days and then miracle happened i tasted the best wine ever. thank u so much i got praises from every one and orders from family members. thanks a ton. if u dring this during winter half a glass i tell u all cold will go and yes with a good kick

        • kosukadi

          Thanks for sharing. One question. Jamun, you crushed it, pealed it or what exactly did you do before you fermented it?

          • burton soares

            i crushed it just like grapes and i kept it with the seeds to ferment . actually jamun wine has very faint taste of jamun remaining it taste more like grapes or cherry. please do try if can and let me know how was it

        • sajith

          hello burton jamun are blue color may i know how it turned maron colour pls..what kind of jamun it is?

  • Milan Prajapati

    Nice thank you

  • winemaker

    can you make this with white grapes?

    • Arnab

      yes its possible.thanks

  • Binge drinker

    Many thanks kosukadi, As per your instructions i am on the way of making my first batch of red wine using Black/red grapes. Today is the eleventh day of my first part of fermentation, I tested from that a spoon and the mixture showed no sine of sweetness ! Where all the sugar gone ? Should i add more sugar now or wait until i reach 21 days ?
    Another thing, If i add a home made airlock system to pass the CO2 and don’t allow air to get in to jar at the second part will it be better or just leave it air-tight as you instructed ?
    And the last question is, may i use Pomegranate (Anar) juice to give a look the colour of the wine red as blood ?
    At last, I want to thank you again from the bottom of my heart for this ‘not-scary’ recipe because i would not dare to start this experiment if i keep on reading others system.


    sir i followed the same reciepie but with apples. please guide me for any changes i have to make for a good wine…..today z the 8th day and its fermenting well…. but some whitish layer is formed above it… is that ok or it is spoiled……. please guide….

  • Angad singh

    sir i followed the same reciepie but with apples. please guide me for any changes i have to make for a good wine…..today z the 8th day and its fermenting well…. but some whitish layer is formed above it… is that ok or it is spoiled……. please guide….

    • kosukadi

      How did it turn out finally? For making wine with apples, you need to follow a different procedure, which involves boiling , crushing (pressing) etc. Just look up for apple cider recipe on google.

      • subrat

        I made with apple with the exact same procedure and it came out really well, I didnt boil and crush though, just cut the apples into small pieces, another set I have put with gooseberry and pomegranate, looks good till now. Thanks a million.

      • sujata fernandes

        hello sir iam sujata from mumbai pls post me on how to prepare beetroot wine. my email is sujatafdes@gmail.com thnks

    • Graeme Brown

      Hi you need a pectin enzyme like pectolase to stop this cloud

    • Selvin Moses

      apples are not supposed to be in this size.. it needs to be cut small..

  • Arun Sahasrabuddhe

    How do I send you a bottle? I do not have your address

  • Radhin E S Das

    Hi kosukadi,
    Thanks for sharing a simple and effective recepie. I have got one suggestion- I think it would be better if we add the required amount of sugar durining the primary fermentation. At the end of the primary fermentation the amount of alchohol will be around 9-12%, and as the baker’s yeast doesn’t have much tolerance, almost all yeast would be dead. When we add sugar after this the fermentation would be partial or nil, which would render the wine to be sweet.

    • Sreedhara Rao

      In primary fermentation , under optimum conditions ,with
      plenty of oxygen available, most of the
      sugar is used for exponential growth of yeast colony. Yeast cells then multiply rapidly, and a
      large yeast population is produced quickly. But, comparitively, little ethyl
      alcohol is produced in the first fermentation.

      In the secondary fermentation, This simple technique of
      having the maximised yeast colony
      ,allows winemakers to encourage early yeast growth, and the large yeast
      population will convert the grape sugars
      and calculatively added sugar fully into alcohol and carbon di oxide, a
      dependable way. This conversion to ethyl alcohol and carbon di oxide , occurs
      only in either highly restricted or no
      oxygen in secondary fermentation under unaerobic

      so, keeping in view of a novice wine maker, avoiding all technical explanations,
      kosukodi has given the receipe correctly – adding sugar in the primary as well as part
      of sugar in secondary fermentation.
      Also, the quantities of sugar were worked out based on experience, to
      give correct sweetness and maximum alcohol percent.

      • Radhin E S Das

        Hi Sreedhara Rao,
        According to my knowledge almost 70% of the ethyl alchohol is produced during the primary fermentation (first 5-7 days).
        Could you help me to understand why is half of the sugar added at the start and half after 21 days?

        • Sreedhara Rao

          Hi Radhin E.S.Das . Thanks for your comments. While the maximum sugar is used for the exponential growth of yeast in the primary fermentation and partially to alcohol and carbon di oxide , and also it is correct that maximum yield of alcohol occurs only in secondary anaerobic where molecular oxygen is leeched from sugars for the end product of alcohol and carbon di oxide — the difference is , CALCULATED sugar additions based on sp. gravity of juice and percentage of alcohol expected to be obtained. Also, every type of yeast used sustains only certain content of alcohol, beyond which fermentation is stopped is also to be considered in primary fermentation.
          While what you say is absolutely correct i.e. 70% alcohol is produced in primary fermentation (sometimes they take it up to 80%) , there is a difference. To the best of my knoledge, this optimum conversion of sugars to alcohol occurs in primary fermentation ONLY IN COMMERCIAL LARGE SCALE MANUFACTURE of Whiskey etc , where maximum conversion of malted grain sugar content is converted to alcohol ( which is later distilled). If i remember correctly, at Jack Daniels plant in lynchburgh,Tenessee use malted and ground Corn, Rye and Barley for their whiskeys and what i observed was they have only single fermentation going on . when i asked the guide about single fermentation followed by distillation , he said he cannot answer as it is their trade secret. There if they dont use maximum conversion of sugar from grains, under optimum condition , under the eye of master brewer, then , commercially profits may be less.
          So, still i feel , that for Grapes (and variations), the explanation given by me earlier holds good and the receipe and methodology given by mr.kosukudi is absolutely correct – based on requirements of a INDIAN home wine maker.
          Please excuse me , if my explanation is poor for want of sufficient knowledge and i will be very happy to stand corrected.
          Have a nice day. Sreedhara Rao

          • Radhin E S Das

            Thanks Sreedhara Rao, for the explanation.
            But, all the wine making receipes and methods that I have read from the Internet say that 70% of the fermentation happens in the first week. (please note that it is not commercial wiskey). These recipes use wine yeast instead of the baker’s yeast.
            So should I understand that with wine yeast this is true and with baker’s yeast kosakudi’s recipe (adding sugar as two halves) is true?

          • Santhosh

            Hello Sreedhar Sir,

            What is your number? will give you a call some time

  • Edward

    What is pipette or a siphon mechanism?

  • saiful islam

    I liked it.. what a recipe!

  • guru

    thank you very much your explanation is very clear

  • michelle

    best clear instructions i,ve seen so far thanks . here,s trying .

  • virender

    Hi.. I am in process of making THE wine. today is my 3rd Day.

    QQ – The wheat is settled below in the jar & looks like same. When it will start to mix in the mixture (Brew)?

    • virender

      Turned out to be a such A Good wine. Attaching pics of 1st day and last day

  • Anish

    Hi Kosukadi

    Can we use Jaggery instead of White Sugure? Please suggest…!!

  • Anish

    What about Jaggery instead of White Sugure?? Can we use it for Wine Making??

    • kosukadi

      You can use even jaggery made from palm tree (Karupatti as we call it in Tamil). The only problem is the purity of the jaggery here. If its not clean, refined enough, then it may cause the wine to go bad during fermentation. Try your luck with a small batch

      • Anish

        Oh, Purity was the issue …
        So it is always better to use Sugar. Any way will try a small batch and will update here.

        Thanks for update.

  • Rishabh

    hi i am going to make wine as per as your instructions but i want to use brown sugar instead of white sugar bcoz i like dark color so can u please suggest me that what amount of brown sugar must i use instead of 1.5 kgs of sugar? and can i use 100% Tropicana grape juice instead of water it does not contain any chemicals like preservatives, color, artificial flavor, stabilizers,added sugar etc. plz plz plz help me to sought out with this….

    • kosukadi

      I guess you can use brown sugar. you need to change the proportion too. The sugar quantity suggested in this recipe is for a sweeter tasting wine. Now you want to use brown sugar which is not as sweet as refined white sugar. So just play around with the proportions. Also ensure the brown sugar is of the type you use for baking and not country brown sugar (which may have impurities and may case the wine to go bad during fermentation)

  • rishabh

    can i pour egg whites during secondary fermentation (filtered brew) because i forgot to add egg during primary preparation

  • winemakerpro

    the egg whites is optional, it is use to clarify the wine, when it’s still cloudy, but naturally the wine will clear up after done with fermentation and wheat is used to add nutrients to the yeast.

    • Sreedhara Rao

      The purpose for which egg white is added (though optional) is give flavour and also to assist in protein clarification of Red Wine . I shall be obliged if someone gives a article on wheat being added to brew to add nutrients to the yeast as suggestion by winemakerpro. I personally prepare wheat malt from wheat berries under correct temperature conditions, and use broken wheat malt instead of just readily available wheat. malting, steeping as well as mashing process of wheat , converts wheat starch into sugars, which in turn will be converted to alcohol and carbon di oxide by yeast. thanks.

  • shegde

    Dear Kosukadi, This is a well narrated recipe. I tried the first batch with black grapes, I followed the instructions except the sugar. I used only 1.2 kgs, the wine was mild sweet but fruitier. It could be compared with one of the best wines I ever had. I prepared the second batch with white grapes, also was nice but not one of the best. I am sure to improve with my next batches. I need some advice regarding the following points:
    1. In both cases, I used the yeast which I bought from the Super Market. After consuming the wine, I have a mild hangover the next day which I think is due to the yeast. Do you have any advice for authentic wine making yeast?
    2. The white wine is not clear, though the mix was settled more than 21 days. What needs to be added to make it clear like the commercial wines without changing the taste/ properties.
    3. I preferred to store in old wine bottles, it was almost impossible to get the corks to close the bottle. Where can I get them?

  • Leabel T. Fabella

    Hey kosukadi!, can we substitute the whole wheat as whole wheat flour?

    • Andy

      whole wheat is best !!

  • ajay

    hi, this is my third day of fermentation, today when i opened my jar to stir i saw it was foaming and when i was stiring it was sounding like soda…
    is it good sign? or it has spoiled? i used fresh pineapples…plz reply as soon as possible i m worried 🙁

    • Selvin Moses

      It’s completely ok.. fermentation completes when the pineapples dissolves under water.. and stop bubbling..

  • dinesh kr

    I made wine using pineapples & in rock & roll 2 at day 10 I saw many small white worms ii filtered wine. Is my wine spoiled

    • Ajith

      u need to boil the pineapple in water


    Hai…this is my sixth day,how is it ?

    • sujata fernandes

      very nice

  • Ann Parada

    Thanks so much for the recipe! Made a successful batch of Gooseberry Wine. Easiest way to use up our harvest w/o having to remove all those stems for jam or pie.

    Recipe alts:
    Skipped the egg and wheat

  • Smitha

    Hi KK, this is smitha here…. Have put 3kg grapes for wine in 7 liters ceramic jar , today is 4th day….. I am afraid the ceramic jar would not sufficient…… So can I shift this grape mixture into a bigger version of tht….. Pls advice me….. ASAP…

    • karan

      Yea sure you can but b4 tat you gotto sterlise your
      Second containers you gona pour ..you can use 2 campden tablets to prevent bad bacterial stuffs

  • sam

    I have dibetic, so that I can reduce the sugar, if it is no sweet no problems for me

    • Eric

      The sugar is converted to alcohol, so yes you can use less sugar, but you’ll need some to make the wine otherwise all you’ll have is grape juice.

  • Chints


    This sounds like a great recipe, very similar to a recipe documented by my grandmother that I had used almost a decade ago. The differences in her recipe were:

    1. No eggs or wheat
    2. Caramalize the second batch of sugar to a light brown and mix during Part 2 of this preparation. The molten sugar suddenly solidifies when introduced into the wine mixture so it has to be stirred till it is completely dissolved. As soon as this is done, the wine start smelling immediately like professional wines.

    All the best to everybody!

  • prabha

    how to increase alcohol content…..?

    • Bd

      Add sugar

    • Eric

      more sugar in step one, but remember the yeast will die after a certain alcohol %, around 14%, so after that you’re just making the wine sweeter.

    • Grashan

      Put little more wheat. it will increase alcohol content

  • iris

    hi i’ve made wine several times using a plastic bucket. It comes out really well. I am happy for the additional tips you’ve given. tx. all the best

  • goutam

    Best clear instructions i,ve seen so far thanks . here,s trying please help me with making of Apple wine and pineapple wine…

  • Sonny Thomas

    Several recipes say, fix a water trapped plastic tube to the mouth of the Jar, so you let the gas escape & won’t let air in. Your response please. Appreciate if ypu can email me – Thanks. – sonnytomas@gmail.com

  • Martin Robert

    how much sugar, yeast,etc recipes required for 5kg grapes..?? can any one help??

    • Andy

      It’s usually the same measurement of the grapes. so 5 Kg Grapes = 5kg Sugar, having said that. most of them find it too sweet in equal measurement of grapes and sugar. You can play around so even 3.5 – 4 Kg of sugar will also work.

      • Martin Robert

        Thank you Andy…. its very usefull.

    • Andy

      1 Kg of Grapes = 10 gms of yeast and your quantity will be 50 grams.

      • ANIL

        depends on yeast. lalvin RC-212 5 grams are enough or 5 gallon red wine.

  • william beckett

    i love making wine and your post has lots of info about cutting the costs down thanks great post

  • Shijo

    How much sugar for 8 kg grapes

    • Andy

      Just replied to Martin Robert.

      It’s usually the same measurement of the grapes. so 5 Kg Grapes = 5kg Sugar, having said that. most of them find it too sweet in equal measurement of grapes and sugar. You can play around so even 3.5 – 4 Kg of sugar will also work.

  • nassif ahmed

    finally i will be making wine at home. thanks

  • Rishi

    I m so excited to try this one …..

  • Rishi

    Can sugar be replaced by jaggery ?

  • Syam Krishnan

    I followed your recipe (except for adding egg white) and after about 60 days, I now have some great wine as result. Thanks for the recipe and instructions.

    • simon

      Good brew.. Had you added egg white, the wine would have come sparkling clear

      • Syam Krishnan

        Thanks for the tip. Will do next time. I was thinking of adding a piece of beetroot for more red colour. Is that a good idea?

        • rats

          Maybe not. You would loose the beautiful grape flavor.

          • Syam Krishnan

            Hmm. I was thinking a tiny piece of beetroot so as to only add colour and not any significant flavour. Anyway, I now have a new batch with darker seedless grapes and this one has very deep red/violet colour. So no need of beetroot.

      • sujata fernandes

        hi simon. this is sujata from mumbai. can u pls post me on how to prepare beetroot wine at home. thnks my email is sujatafdes@gmail.com

  • jmjdubainew

    I will definitely make this!!!!!! I have heard of a gooseberry wine which is properly tied and kept under soil.. you know anything like that..

  • satyajit

    m I add little bit honey 4 flaver

  • krishna

    i prepared in this same way and wine came out well
    thank u soooooooooooooo much
    now i stopped drinking beer and started drinking my hand made wine

  • Ritu Bathija-Pinto

    Wonderful… just followed your recipe and turned out good… gonna store it for more days until Christmas.. 😛 would like a nice strong kick lolzz.. thank you for the pictures really helps.. this is an age old method used here in India.. m glad i know it and a part of it!!

  • Sreenivasan Abhiram

    Hi KK/ dear friends,
    last time my wine brew had spoiled it got weird sour taste n smell, Can i use CAMPDEN TABLETS for getting rid of this? if so where can i get this tablets? i have 2 days old grape wine brew now.
    kindly share ur knowledge on this.

    • rishabh

      from where do you buy CAMPDEN TABLETS in india? plz can u give me info, i m finding it from months buy i didnt fond anywhere…:(

      • Amit Khadsare

        Campden tablets = Potassium metabisulfite or KMS. Its a grade-2 preservative used by many food processing industries. Easily available at any local chemical stores.

  • krishnan

    Thanks for the recipe! What if the wine is carbonated?

  • Piyush

    For the 1st 21 days, instead of opening the airtight container if its shaken up (for mixing up the contents) then will it be better or opening & stirring?

    • TISSON

      yes.shaking is enough,me too did so.but u need to just open daily.otherwise fermentation may not occur in the lack of oxygen

  • Asish Kukku

    completed 42 days….but it’s too powerful..coz it’s like dry alcohol …is it the real taste ?

  • Saranjit Singh

    In case ceramic jar is not readily available is it ok in case glass jar is used for making wine. Request for urgent reply.

    • Grashan

      You can use use glass jar or even food grade plastic jar

  • Piyush

    The grapes used here are the pinkish ones, Im using black ones so do I need to alter the sugar content as these grapes are much sweeter?

    • Grashan

      I think Those are good ripen one. you can reduce 100 gms per kg if feel grapes are more sweeter.


      hii…if u want ur wie more red u can do one thing ..u just burn half of the suger as deep brownsolud mass. After cooloing make it powder and add when u start fermentation. This method will give ur red wine more red like setting sun. Thanks…………..SHYAMAL NIYOGI

  • Ved

    Thanks KK!! .. followed ur recipe (Besides egg n wheat) and now its turned out into RED WINE 🙂 🙂 ..Thanks again 4 super wine 😉 … GOD BLESS U

  • sundaresh

    I tried and came out very clear , but specific gravity is 1.15 and its too sweet , is ready to drink

  • sundaresh

    my wine finish

  • sundaresh


  • Tisson Zacharia

    thanks KosuKadi

    • kosukadi

      Thanks for the great pictures. Cheers!


    ready to serve..

  • Chitra

    Can whole wheat be replaced with any other ingredient??

    • patelshrikar

      better to use Whole wheat….

    • Grashan

      Wheat helps to raise alcoholic content.

  • patelshrikar

    Hi KK, Last year I made 6 lts wine as per your precipice, it was ow some.. Few questinon before I start my new batch this year. I got some special wine yeast, so does the time for fermentation remain same or can be reduced ? Last year wine become some what dry, How to avoid it ?

    • kosukadi

      Wine yeast has better alcohol tolerance. So won’t die fast. Will convert more sugar to alcohol.

      • gujjula prathima

        hi , i tried your recipe it was very nice when i did for the first time but when i started doing for the second time it is smelling very bad and sugar dint melt completely, on the second day all the yeast came up and were floating , is this fermentation failed i am not understanding plz tell me

  • PP

    Was this a lady you spoke with from Secunderabad?? My mother made wine for years there and this is the exact recipe…

    • kosukadi

      hahaha. No 🙂

  • Rishi

    20 days and counting ….

  • santy

    Hey there. Thanks for the recipe. I start this process tomorrow morning. Question – are sour grapes ok for wine. I’m planning on making wine goz i have a lotts sour grapes..!

  • Srabashi Basu

    Can we use airtight metal container like pressure-cooker instead of ceramic jars?

    • Ray

      never use metal jars for fermentation, and there has to be a way for the gases to come out (during fermentation) or else u will be making a bomb more than wine. cover the jar lid with either a large balloon (for the gasses to collect) or inset a plastic pipe and dip the other end in a clean glass of water, that way u will allow the gases to come out at the same time prevent outside air to enter the jar (which can seriously contaminate the wine and lead to fungal growth)

  • Raghavan

    Can i use mineral water… Water containing chlorine wont affect the process right???

    • dev

      Sir , can i use green grapes of my plant, its taste naturally “khhata meetha” Sweet n Sour i have 5 kg of grapes , how many kg sugar and other materials i want?

  • Anish

    Finally .. my wine is ready with Pineapple.
    Apply the same recipe .. Thanks Kosukadi ..

  • Sripathi Urala

    I have made wine using your method several times…It comes out quite good…Thank you…Now I am facing a problem…I am making wine in a glass jar…I have already done the first part…21 days completed…in the second part initially I saw few white bubbles on top…now I see that the bubbles have become like baloons…this has never happened…now it is about 24 days old…what could have gone wrong…what do I do next…thank you…

  • denish

    Kosukadi, sry for being naive but how do i know when it is a spoiled ‘wine’.
    In some videos i saw them using sp gravity meter.Wwhats the purpose and what should be the value

  • Tamron

    Hi, just wanted to let u know your recipe is awesome. I live in Az, so I wanted to try it with prickly pear fruit from a native cactus and it came out superb. I’ve a friend who owns a restaurant and want me to to supply her with my wine. I would like to send u a bottle as a gift.

  • Porwal Ranjana

    it is end of search as for other taste we can try sweet wine of beetroot adding teaand lmon juice as tannin
    but here its easy sultanas too can be added thanks a lot

  • Porwal Ranjana

    long ago i prepared wine from grapes sugar ,honey and wheat but have forgotten the recipe .the exact measurers .can some one please pick up the lost threads ? thanx

  • Ambika Balakrishnan

    hi guys… i feel like i used a bit more than 15 grams ..of yeast i guess around 20 grams .. will this b a problem

    • Lapis4u

      No problem. The wine actually multiplies to millions in the vessel when you add it, and will stop multiplying when it saturates. So a few extra grams or less doesn’t matter. Also, it will get killed when the alcohol content gets higher than what it can withstand.

  • Sungmin Ji

    does it HAVE to be black grape??? what happens if its green grapes??

    • Lapis4u

      You’ll get white wine. The tannin in the skin of black grapes gives your wine the claret colour.

  • gd

    hi! kk. awesome recipe. made one batch last year. tasted some and forgot about it :-). then took out some on new year eve. and this is what it looked like. (pic attached : sorry didn’t have proper wine glasses). a friend, who’s a connoisseur, said this is the best looking (in his words – ‘even looking at the wine gives me a high’) and tasting wine he has ever had. and i have put in two batches now! thanks a whole lot buddy!! cheers!!! 🙂 – gd

  • jymoo

    Thanks very very much! 🙂 Please see my first batch of scotch wine. 😛

  • Antriksh

    I am planning on storing it for a long time, do I need to add any preservatives like they do in the commercial red wines?
    Is there any chance of presence of methanol in the wine that I made using this recipe? I am asking because it is poisonous.


      It is better ot to use any absolute alcohol from market…it may be poisonous.So for selp drink u may use 1 full bottle of stong VODKA wth 4 litres of home made red wine which will make ur stuff better alcohol content.By this process u can have safe alcohol content……… SHYAMAL NIYOGI

      • Lapis4u

        Shyamal, if I were you, I would drink the vodka and let the wine be what comes out of a natural process. Lol! Or perhaps add wine to a small tot of vodka or rum in your glass and drink. Why change the entire brew?

    • kosukadi

      No chance of Methanol. Methanol comes into play only when you distill stuff.

      • gd

        methanol forms in fermentation, but only when you use grains, malted or otherwise. fruit sugars will not give off methanol during fermentation. you actually REMOVE methanol and higher alcohols(called ‘head’ in distillation parlance) during distillation. pls check and confirm bcos i read this long back.

        • Lapis4u

          You’re right. Distillation helps separate “good” alcohol from “bad”.

        • Evan K

          Could you please be more specific by the word grains? i used some rice grains in one of the batches i had prepared, is it going to cause a problem?

    • Lapis4u

      1. A pinch of sodium or potassium metabisulfite (1/8th to 1/4th of a teaspoon for 20 litre of wine collected in the primary fermentation) serves well as a preservative. This is available in departmental stores in the same section as you would find yeast and baking powder. Dissolve it in water and add it to the wine before bottling.
      2. Methanol is not an issue in winemaking. Your produce is clean and safe if you maintain cleanliness while preparing and nurturing.

  • Babloo Buro

    I am an insuline dependent diabetic, aged 70. Want to enjoy making wine at home following your very helpful detailed instructions. I am only scared of the quantity of sugar (min. 750 gms for 4 litres) of wine. How about without sugar? Can’t there be fermentation without sugar or with its substitute?

    • kosukadi

      Sure, you can skip the sugar. If the grapes are sweet enough, then no issues. Otherwise the wine may turn out to be bitter.

      • N Vinnay Noah

        I guess sugar is a mandatory as its the only thing that turns things into alcohol.. You sure about that ?

      • dev

        Sir , can i use green grapes of my plant, its taste naturally “khhata meetha” Sweet n Sour i have 5 kg of grapes , how many kg sugar and other materials i want

    • Lapis4u

      I don’t think the sugar present in the fruit, however sweet, is enough for alcohol conversion in wine. Please consult with a diabetologist friend to find out if you can have dry wine instead. If so, try adding 2/3rds to 3/4th the quantity given in the recipe. This will reduce the free sugar in the finished wine. Add sugar to taste if you find it too dry; no harm. For a fact, good red wine along with regular exercise / diet is excellent for the heart and blood vessel related problems (like cholesterol and tri-G) but you may like to google medical journals for its effect on diabetes.

    • Hanmant

      Add half the sugar initially. Do not add any after 21 days. Wine will be dry and no sugar left.Taste will be wonderful.

  • Pavan

    I squeezed the grapes with bare hand. would it be a problem ?

    • Lapis4u

      Not at all. Just last week, I hand sorted and hand squeezed 25 kg of grapes for my anticipated 50 litre batch after syphoning. The fingers are still paining, though. Lol!

      • Pavan


  • Avika Ananta Ambadekar

    awesome stuff!! potent really!! heehee being in the army i have tasted a lot of wines…off the shel but this one is crazy!!!! half a galss of this is stronger than a full glass of the sulas and madeiras!! heeheee! wd love to send u some! thanks sooo much!!

    • Lapis4u

      Congrats Avika! I can almost taste it just reading your share 🙂 .

  • manik wayne

    Is is necessary to put eggs, and how many eggs we need to put?

  • Pavithran

    thanks for the recipe. i used to make it but little bit of variation. i dont keep the pot airtight during the first 14 days when i have to stir on daily basis. another thing is i use normally wheat powder in place of whole wheat. next time i think i should do as u have said in ur recipe.

  • dingo

    Home-made fruit wines based on Apricot, Apple, and Kiwi, can be made very simply here in H.P., all of which can be delicious. Also have seen plum, strawberry, mulberry etc. I, too, prefer less-sweet wines. BTW, it’s possible to make a kind of “juggad” air-lock lid for the container using surgical or other rubber/plastic tubing fed into a smaller water-filled bottle – this keeps oxygen out (preventing the formation of acetic acid (vinegar): It will then breathe out from fermenting container through tubing, bubbling into water bottle, but can’t breathe oxygen back into the fermenting batch, since the tube end in submersed in the water of the bottle (an elderly Malayalee gentleman (PhD agricultural scientist) shared that tip with me).

    For those with less time / energy to fuss over it, the whole process can be considerably simplified: Throw your washed fruit scraps together in a plastic container, pour water/sugar mix over it (one part sugar to 1-4 parts water, maybe, depending on your tastes) till container is full; put on the air-locked cap and keep for 6-8months (that’s up here, where it’s cool/cold most of the year). No wheat, no yeast, no eggs. Depending on your environment, I guess, the enzymes / bacteria needed for fermentation will be there in the atmosphere naturally (which I guess is how all regional wine-making happened till modern times). No stirring necessary – can shake the container once in awhile if so desired. Once removed / bottled, just rack (siphon and re-bottle) a couple times (well-sealed bottles filled to neck) over the course of a few months to complete the final fermentation. Plenty strong and very tasty. Friends have referred to the result as “apricot di-vine” – which I think was fairly appropriate. :-). Failures can occur, but then, apart from a little sugar lost, there’s not much time/cost liability there (you’d know it was bad before the bottling racking time spent – so maybe 10-minutes’ time and a half-kilo sugar wasted in total). Generally, though, this can work out quite well – at least in this climate. Successful annual batches from around 2006, I guess. If consistency is your aim, be more systematic than I’ve described. IMO, “variety is the spice of life”. Traditional wine-making in Europe, etc, recognizes this year-to-year variability – which is one reason that certain vintages are more desirable / costly.

    I’m seeing home wine-making kits available online in India now (Noida, etc)… does this suggest it’s actually fully legal??? I like wine but don’t like store-bought prices. On the other hand, it’s not worth getting jailed for… and you do see in the papers all these police arrests / raids re: “country liquor”. I realize that it’s the distilled spirits and spurious for-profit operations where the health-risks exist… but would our unenlightened law-enforcement officials know the difference (especially if they were just looking for an excuse to harass / extract money from someone)?

  • Avinash

    Day 7 and the foaming has stopped. Is there anything to worry? While opening the jar to stir I get strong alcohol smell.

  • winnie

    it was fun making grapes wine right now I am fermenting the second time especially for easter

  • anthonyanurag

    Great post. I’ve set my jar around 15 days ago… another week of stirring and then I shall let it rest. Btw, I want a slightly stronger wine which has higher alcohol content. Is it possible? How? Also what summer fruits can I use in the coming months to try other variations? Thanks for you reply in advance. Cheers!

  • Shival

    Instead of sugar can we use jaggery please reply……….

  • Reema

    Hi. Thanks for the recipe. Could u tell me if the end product would be sweet?

    • Hanmant

      Very sweet

  • Pavan

    Is there any way to purify it after 42 days ?

  • Angeli Alvares

    I usually clear my wine after 21 days and strain it so that very little sediment ends up in the glass bottle I put it into…..I add all the sugar at the beginning…….sometimes if the wine is too dry I add some sugar to sweeten it…..nothing like home made wine….way better than even Grover’s which has a horrid chemical taste…..

  • Aporajita

    Hi KK, thanks for sharing this wonderful recipe. I recently tried my hand at pickle making and it is turning out to be delicious…now after reading your post, i feel braver to brew my first ever wine.
    A few question that came to after reading your recipe, please do let me know your thoughts on the same:
    1. After day 21, when I empty the vessel to squeeze the ingredient, do I not wash and sterilize the porcelean jar again? If I do so, what could happen?
    2. After refilling the jar with the wine on day 21, can i let it ferment for a period more than 21 days without opening the jar even once? Would it have a bad impact on my wine?
    3. If I do open the jar on day 42, should I take out only the amount i want to drink or can I empty the jar completely and put them in wine bottles.
    4. Also, is there a best season to start the wine making process? Any month of the year that you recommend considering a Pune climate.
    Thanks alot in advance!! Looking forward to your advise.


    • Hanmant

      For Pune first week of february is good. Purchase grapes when cost is low.

  • Arun B

    Thank u for this excellent recipe.This is the 3rd time I am making wine as per this. Now I feel it is easy and simple…..
    First one (red) is 15 months and other one (golden) is 3 months older.

    • sundar

      thank u very much, for this excellent recipe, after adding the egg white,is it necessary to add a clean egg shell, i read it on a newspaper, please clarify.

  • Arun B

    Thank u for this excellent recipe.This is the 3rd time I am making wine as per this. Now I feel it is easy and simple…..
    First one (red) is 15 months and other one (golden) is 3 months older

  • gujjula prathima

    hi , i tried your recipe it was very nice when i did for the first time
    but when i started doing for the second time it is smelling very bad and
    sugar dint melt completely, on the second day all the yeast came up and
    were floating , is this fermentation failed i am not understanding plz
    tell me

  • Soniya Immaculate

    hi Kosukadi, thank you for this website. i started preparing wine on 18th march and on 20th april the wine got over. this was the first time i prepared wine and it tasted awesome. i have only 200ml left in the jar. im goin to start preparing the wine again. thank you for the recepi

  • rats

    Hurray! Found Potassium Metabisulphite in Chennai. This is manufactured by Bakers Spices Ltd. You can buy it in Nilgiris, Vadapalani. Whilst its the individual’s choice to use it as preservative. Its really easy to sterlize the vessels with the Potassium water solution and avoid the scalding hot water. Just make sure the vessels are thoroughly washed with boiled and cooled water and dried before making wine.

    • Bishnu Palchaudhuri

      Hello Rats,

      Can you help me ? Send me Potassium Metabisulphite 1 pack(50 grams ). I live in Kolkata but here I am not getting it. I will pay the money all with shipping cost. Please help. Regards, Bishnu

  • Michelle

    Well, Just did the 1st 21 day process and have strained it and added the sugar. I could not obtain the Wheat, so I used Barley instead. Also I did not use as much Sugar , about 2/3rds. I had 22kilos of grapes, so I now have 26 litres of wine. Tryed it while straining and is definitely got a sting to it, yeehar! I used an actual Brew kit barrell, with the breather on it. Am thinking about dropping in a kilo of Sultanas, which will work as well. Will keep you posted. Im in Australia by the way. Cheers Kosukadi 🙂

  • Selvin Moses

    Hi.. Even i started making wine at home after referring your’s and some other sites, Now i used to make banana wine, guava, apple, grape and also with carrot too.. all are successful and fantastic in taste.. thank u K.K

    • Crista

      Hi Selvin,
      Could u plz gimme any specific tips for guava, apple wine? Also shud these fruits be cut or crushed??

    • sujata fernandes

      hi selvin. this is sujata. can you pls post me on how to prepare beetroot wine. thnks my email is sujatafdes@gmail.com

  • Chugani Bob

    I would try to add 1/2 the quantity of sugar from what is prescribed. What you think trhe taste will turn out; bitter grapes and 1/2 the sugar ??

    • kavitha

      if you add less sugar, the wine would be dry in taste. let me know it is taste. reply me.. kavitha35@hotmail.com

  • Saswata Roy

    Hi, I made wine in hostel, with even lesser ingredients. I just had grapes, sugar and yeast from the bio lab (My college is in a village, no one has heard of activated yeast in the market). I wish I had come across this post before I had made it. And unfortunately I don’t have a picture of that wine to share. However, I haven’t heard of the use of whole wheat in wine making before. What is its purpose?

    And you are right, the wine is quite strong.

    • Purshotam

      Thank you for the Great post, I would surely love to make Wine at home
      I have a question

      Whole Wheat is Atta or just grains

      Please clarify so I proceed with the instructions


  • kavitha

    i made wine. i got 4 bottles. while tasting, it is ok when the wine touch my tongue.. but when it get contact with my throat, i get a odd sensation on my throat. i dont know how to explain. i still have 3 bottles full. please anyone advise what to do. my mail id. kavitha35@hotmail.com thanks.

  • Eashwar

    Hi KK, I’ve made three batch successfully. Really great recipe

  • Eashwar

    As this has been such a success, I would like to have a simple and effective recipe like this for making BEER at home!!! hope u understand my ( and many as me) thirst for this wonderful summer drink

  • Eashwar

    All beer making posts in the net are not clear as your wine making one. Hope you have this recipe too up your sleeve. Come on please post for our thirst

  • piyush pandey

    making wine at home?? isnt it a criminal offence…

  • Subrata Chatterjee

    Where can i get red wine yeast

  • Sanjay

    Can you make wine without sugar?

  • Sanjay

    How do you check the alcohol content?

  • Ramesh

    thanks a ton budddy, got 4 bottles like the one in the pic, taste a little sweeter than traditional but amazing wine for me and everyone i served luved it 🙂

    • Ramesh


  • Augustine

    We tried your wine receipe .I increased the quantity of grapes and sugar it became sweet and was loved by all in the family .if you happen to pass by udupi a treat will be given by me to you.thanks for your help and keep making wine.

  • k.k.patel

    hiii k.k.
    canu give me teeps of making wisky at home n cheap????

  • Raj….

    More Sugar will create more alcohol…. as well it needs lot of yeast to change the sugar to alcohol… If Yeasts are not enough active the sugar will remain in wine and will be sweeter…

  • Raj….

    Dont limit urself with Black Grapes…. I used to make wine for the past 5 years with diff. fruits, veggies & flowers… try white grapes, plums, apple, pineapple, gooseberry, guava, banana, ginger, rose petals, combination of diff. fruits.. etc…. 🙂 enjoy the taste…

    • sujata fernandes

      hello raj. this is sujata from mumbai. can u pls post me how to make homemade beetroot wine. thnks my email sujatafdes@gmail.com

  • Rinosh

    i did everything day before yesterday but didnt add water at all to the mixture. is there any problem bcos of not adding water to it and can i add water if its compulsory on 3rd or 4th day of fermentation? pls respond soon.
    thanks in advance.

    • Hanmant

      Add requisite amount of water immediately. AS only a day has passed it will not matter much.

      • Rinosh

        its 3rd day for today. still do u strongly suggest me to add water or leave as it is? i started it on 17th and today its 20th. and what would happen if not added water. pls respond soon Hanmant. only after your response i would proceed further.

        • Anonymous

          Yeast can’t survive in greater alcohol concentration. The wild yeast that come with the skin of the grapes usually die out when the alcoholic concentration of the fermenting stuff reaches 5%. The activated yeast that we inoculate here dies out probably at around 15% to 17% alcohol concentration. So, when water is not added, concentration of alcohol gets high very shortly and yeast may probably die out and fermentation stops prematurely leaving the sugars not utilized.

          • Rinosh

            ok 1st of all thanks for your info buddy. anyway i hv added 2 glasses of water yesterday i.e, on 3rd day after sometime i saw bubbles coming out indicating fermentation. but today when i saw bubbles were very rare. pls tell me is everything going well? will the quality of final outcome of wine be affected because of this?

  • Twyla

    Hello from North Carolina, USA! Love your post. Very well written recipe! Making my own 1st batch now! Salut!

  • burton soares

    Pinapple wine i made at home got a hell of a kick this my second batch after Jamun wine

  • burton soares

    Grape wine check the dark colour very strong third batch after Jamun and Pineapple wines. thank you so much for inspiring us Next coming up is Apple wine i will make in small batch Grape and Pineapple and at first Jamun i made came up to 20 liters and more . Apple i will make of 2 Kilos so will be a small batch Apples are costly . and last Ginger

    • sujata fernandes

      hi burton this is sujata . do you know how to prepare beetroot wine at home thanks

  • Julie

    Hi I am on the 17 day of my wine making and it looks like it is no longer active although I have been moving it every day with a wooden clean spoon it was all going so well does this mean
    The wine is spoiled or does this happen…not sure wether
    I have lost it or this happens can anyone advise me please

  • Rahul Varma

    Thanks alot kosukadi for the recipe . i started the process last night . just stirred it for the first time .:-) just hoping for a wine which is edible 😛

  • vinod

    started the process just now based on ur great inputs & the valuable comments. lets see how it turns out. looking forward to support throughout this process – TIA.

    • vinod

      Squeezing the grapes today. Strong alcohol smell and a pinkish appearance.

  • Saran

    I started the process before 9 days. There were brisk bubbles till yesterday. Suddenly it stopped and the liquid is clear. As the winter is starting there is a drastic temperature fall here. Will that be a reason?

    • vidya

      same problem.. somebody pl help..

  • Saranjit Singh

    We made wine from black grapes, amla, and jamun. All the wines have great taste and to whom so ever we served appreciated it.
    Pl let us know how to check alcohlic content in the wine.
    We are enjoying and many many thanks to you. God Bless.

    • sujata fernandes

      hello saranjit do u know how to prepare homemade beetroot wine. thnks

  • jenin

    Hi… Good recipe… However I have some doubts… In the stage two … we no need to out the air from the vessel. If yes, the jar will not break ya?… Plz answer me… 9443413235

    • Prince

      The fermentation takes place in the 1st stage so at that time its better not to have it airtight. in the 2nd half the fermentation is over its just aging and there is no pressure buildup. so that jar will not break.

    • Ali Shan

      It is correct

  • Vidya

    I’m in the 11th day of wine making it was good all along, now i see lesser bubbles.. is this normal? or did it get spoilt? i’m making this as a bday surprise for my hubby, someone pl reply a i don’t want any bad surprises.. Please….

    • Antonyn

      It’s just a sign of fermenting, Nothing to worry about what’s d jar u r using anyway

      • Vidya

        An air tight Tupperware container..

        • Antonyn

          Except the mud clay pot (paanai) and ever silver , u can use any kind of jar but it should be food grade ,And how it’s going , ur hubby wud really like ur preparation , all the best

          • Arun Kvj

            What happens when clay pot is used..? Wll it be a problem..?

  • Yuvaraj

    Hi, this is the first time i am making wine, after 42 days completed rest of the sugar i added in the second time, it settle in the bottom of the jar completely, the wine is slightly tasteless what will i do Now????

    • Prince

      when adding sugar again you should take out some of the liquid and mix the sugar into that completely and put it back.

  • deboshri ghosh

    Hi, I am about to start making wine but am unable to buiy a ceramic pot as of now…is there any other utensil i can use…Can I use normal clay pot. Please reply urgently..

    • Bane

      you can use anything container.. not necessarily a ceramic.. I use plastic containers.. but i make sure they are food grade..

    • Ali Shan

      I have idea

  • Kiran G M

    All the ingredients are set yesterday.. Today the day..:)
    Grapes CHECK
    Sugar CHECK
    Yeast CHECK
    Purified Water CHECK
    Ceramic Jar CHECK
    Wooden Spoon CHECK
    50 gram Wheat …..already gone 4 – 6 shops Nobody has even 10 gram… 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 the last shop remaining is the Civil Supplies shop waiting to open it……..

  • Sumanth

    Last year I made 8 ltr of wine with 5 kg grapes. I added sugar half the amount of grapes, it is not sweet, just tastes like a professional wine. 1 Ltr is remaining and it just tastes amazing. Today I bought 10 kgs for this year’s quota. Waiting for them to ripe completely. Thanks a ton for this guide 🙂

  • Sri

    Thank you, friend. We used 3 kg of grapes. We picked the fruits from the grapeyard in my area. We followed your recipe. Wow!…amazing taste. regret I could not post the photo. Planning to prepare now again.

  • prarthana shetty

    last time I tried grapes wine, it was very nice. This time I want to try amla wine. pl tell me whether it requires yeast. becoz in one article I have seen they have not mentioned yeast in the list of ingredints.

    • Prince

      yeast converts the sugar into alcohol, if you do not use yeast the conversion will be partial and you get a wine that’s too sweet

      • katya

        Hi Prince , I just found this site today after i put my grapes in the barrel . Today is day 5 , Sugar level is 25% and i did not add any more sugar or any water , I have not added east too , Reading here that if there is not east in it , the wine would be too sweet , Can i add this east tomorrow in day 6 in order to make it less sweet , ? I think the fermentation already started . Please help and let me know about this east ? 🙂

  • kevin

    Hi..!! I bottled up my wine few days back and today when i opened to serve my friends i was sediment settled at the bottom of the bottle..!! is that fine?? or is there something wrong happening??

  • trisina

    wow i like it

    • Ali Shan

      I like it

  • Krishna

    Hi can I use jaggery instead of sugar? Hv anyone tried?

    • Prince

      We used jaggery to make goosberry wine it may give a wrong taste for grapes.

  • Prince

    Hi, I used to watch my wife and mom make wines and their heart aches when it sometimes turned sour. So I thought of using dry grapes. I used 5 kgs of dry black grapes and 40 litres of water! I had known that the sugar has to be in proportion to the water and not the grapes so I used 12kgs of sugar. I made it in a large 80ltr plastic container with a lockable lid. I knew that its important to have all the items non contaminated, however boiling up 40 litres of water was going to be a bit of a problem so I used packaged drinking water. Washed the grapes thoroughly and put them into container of water which had been mixed with the sugar. I added two packets of yeast (I think that’s a bit insufficient for so much sugar) and two hand fulls of wheat for clarifying the wine and whites of two eggs. I stirred the whole thing and shut it down with the lid. For the next 21 days I stirred it thoroughly and then kept it tightly shut for another 21 days. Then I siphoned out majority of the liquid into 20 ltr plastic containers. Then strained the rest into a vessel and also put that liquid into another container. I got 40 ltres of good strong medium sweet wine of a deep color that was appreciated by everyone at my son’s engagement. Since we do not serve hard liquor at my house, those who wished for that, were quite satisfied with the alternative and and said that its got a good kick!
    I tried again, but this time, I think there were some contaminants and so it was a bit sour. I did not want to waste so much of wine and so mixed in another 6kgs of sugar and sweetened it a bit and it was alright. A bit sweeter than I liked it, but drinkable all the same. In fact, many people who had tasted it picked it up for Christmas.
    I am getting ready to put in my next batch, this time I am going to be very careful about contamination (which will tend to make your wine sour) Enough yeast to convert your sugar into alcohol. I am also going to add 10gms of Kariyilam patta and 10gms of thathiripoo which you can get from herbal medicine shops to improve the strength. I had added this last time as well, they use it in making bhang drinks. The quantity I used is too small to make much of a difference. Any how lets hope the next batch of dry grape wine turns out well.

  • kanoji

    I used pet bottles without lid otherwise it will blast due to co2

  • Purshotam Kumar


    Could you please clarify Whole Wheat ( you mean wheat grains or ATTA ( wheat flour)


    • vm_delhi

      Its whole wheat .. the seed when you sow germinates

  • chaitu

    Ha…completed 20 days it is pretty good

  • Vijaya

    I live in Delhi. Started my first batch of wine exactly three weeks ago. Wonder if there is any particular range of temperature that is absolutely essential to making wine at home. Can I, for eg , make some in June when the temperature here will be 40 + degrees C?

  • biru

    My wine is on 8th day but some bad smell is coming is it ok?
    If the initial yeast added is of small amount then can I add more yeast on 8-9 th day?

  • Demudu Rongali

    Hi !! Kosu Kadi, Your Wine recipe is nicely written for beginners… I’m going to start it right now… Thank you very much !!

  • Abhijit Sen

    By mistake I have added 100gms of whole wheat instead of 50 gms. Will it cause much damage ?

  • anand ts

    Wine & Limoncella

  • Tarun

    I made first batch with 2 kgs of grapes. It will be completing 42 days in couple of days. I tasted in between, it is turning out to be good!
    Encouraged by the success, today I started my second batch with 5 kgs of grapes 🙂

  • Sophal Teng

    Thank you ,i am Cambodian ,just make vine 7 days after i success i will write to you thank you again

  • Gem

    Thankyou and having a my last trial with no recipe exploded….quite some years ago now…gem….my friend and I had a good laugh at the time, my kitchen needed a big clean!

  • Gem

    My last attempt exploded so here’s to this attempt…..

  • Rajendra Recherla

    Hi I have taken the photo of 2nd fermentation. Please see the photo. The photo is showing some spongy at bottom of wine. Please suggest is it good.

  • Vasant

    Hi Kosukadi , In my 14th day now after following your recipe. 8 more days to go before I know the output. Have been stirring daily, initially the top part used to be thick with grapes and used to bubble when I stirred. But for past 3 days, its more watery and there are few grapes to be found floating on top. But the liquid seems to be good and has got a nice colour. Cheers.

    • Vasant

      Kosukadi …. YOU ARE SUPERRRRRRRRRRRRRR 🙂 Send me your address, if you are in Chennai, I will personally come and give you a bottle.

      Thanks a lot for your precise receipe. I followed it strictly and today is the 21st day, the wine has come out very well 🙂 :-).

  • Nandini

    I have been making wine from the past 5years and is loved by all our friends.. I also add 10 to 12 cloves and black pepper each and 2 to 3 cinnamon sticks.. gives a good flavour. . Do try it next time.

    • yogesh

      Hey nandini, when to add this spices?

  • Bishnu Palchaudhuri

    Thanks >>> 3rd Day is running …. Everything is still ok now …. waiting for Cheers 🙂

  • Bishnu Palchaudhuri

    Started I put 3 tea spoons YEAST but on 4th day fermentation was slow then I put 1 tea spoon YEAST more !!!!! NO FERMENTATION >>>>>>Did I WRONG ? Please help me !!!!! 🙁

  • Sophal Teng

    Thank you ,my grape wine is good delicious ,thank for kosukadi

  • Dilip

    The wine recipe and comments are really wonderful.
    Just like to confirm the yeast used to make wine, as in India generally in grocery stores we get only bakers yeast that is used to make bread and other confectionary products.
    Does this yeast is fine for making wine also.

    • Pratik

      I make wine from bakers yeast. First 21 days gone n it tastes good. Waiting for 1st May. Try it, it’s working.
      If possible 2nd time try wine yeast, I will also do the same.

    • I S Sabharwal

      Only when other zeast is not available. Better to use red label zeast.

      • yogesh

        What is red label zeast and how to use it?

  • vijay soni

    in this method, how do I know how much Methanol alcohol is formed in my wine?

  • vijay soni

    can I use R.O. drinking water straight, without boiling instead of boiled cooled water?

    • vijay soni

      Its done. The taste is great. I have also made white wine. The first 21 days process is over. Thank you. See the pics of white wine

  • dilip

    From B Dilip
    Kosu kadi ,
    i followed your recipe and got 5 lits of very testy and sweet wine . all my friends very happy to taste
    it . thank you very much.

  • குர்ஆன் மட்டும் தான் இஸ்லாம்

    Hi kosu kadi, good information and thank you very much, then need a article at tamil, thank you very much.

  • Dilip

    Wine can be made out of mulberry fruit?

  • Sophal Teng

    Thank you KOSUKADI,I can make pineapple ,mango sticky black rice I am successful thank you


    Thanks for the elaborating the process…..I’ve been brewing since last 3 years. So I’d like to cut short and variate the procedure……I use mixer,grinder to mash the grape. No yeast is added externally… the skin of the grape bears natural yeast….no egg is required… sugar quantity can be less if the grape is sweet enough. It should not be more than half of the grape quantity…otherwise the wine tastes too sweet…Wine can be sweetened up or left dry as per personal taste after preparation. I use grape and boiled/cooled water in equal quantity otherwise the wine is too dilute…….I also prepare white grape wine successfully with same process, Its tastes a bit like Indian toddy, but much smoother & better…..No wonder the toddy is also Indigenous palm wine (but unhygienic)…Try my improvisations and enjoy…. If u do not believe me…..See the Photo……..GILBERT PHILIP…Patna,Bihar

    • katya

      Great point Philip , i’m in Bulgaria and for the first time we are trying to make red wine , But you are absolutely right about the sugar level , When we smash the grapes we them measure the sugar level with hydrometer and it should be between 24% and 25% if is at this scale , we do not add any sugar at all , if is below we add sugar if over we add water , Many recipes here do not explain well about this sugar % which is extremely important

    • yogesh

      Hello Philip , you said no need to add yeast because it contains on grape skin, so is it necessary to wash grapes ?

  • apple boy

    Hello I live in Delhi, I came across your wonderful wine recipe, i wanted to know can I ferment the wine in this weather where temperature reach up to 38 degree celsuis? If yes, then for how many days should I ferment it?

  • Mathew

    My first attempt at wine making with this recipe was 100% success. Thanks a lot for the detailed steps. Now I will starting trying variations. Thank you again. Keep updating.

  • andy jorgensen

    Would you please confirm what you meant in item 4 above “Keep repeating the process, till the wine lasts! Just ensure the jar is airtight everytime you put it back” What is repeating the process? Does it mean ongoing winemaking process, or until we had bottled all the wine that has been fermented in the jar? Have not tried it yet, but want to know all about the process before I start. Thanks.

  • Chandramouli

    I have a catalyst to make the best wine in the world in 7 days 🙂

    • Anonymous


    • Shreevalsan

      what is the name of the catalyst?

  • Sankara Karthik

    It been 5 days into primary fermentation. When i tried to smell it while stirring, I am getting a sharp smell. Is it common or has the wine become spoilt?

    • Anonymous

      It is Common

      • Anie Hubert

        Hi, Thanks for the clear instruction. I prepared wine as per the above instruction. But it gives irritating smell (making me to caugh, when I smell it)..Seems presence of Sulphur. Any way to correct this safely?. Please advise. Waiting for your reply..

  • Thomas

    you mentioned here 1.5 kg grapes , 15 grams yeast. but 8 kg grapes need 75-80 grams yeast correct. please reply

  • pannet1

    I tasted once wine an Angelo Indian made. it was like a drinking fire. he told me that he mixed little rum in his recepie.

  • maria

    Hi, loved your wine recipe and the instruction given step by step. Well just need your advice. my wine taste little sour, actually i added the water without measuring for 5kg of wine around 3-4ltr of water.

  • maria

    Pls. advise me what is the solution to rid of sour taste.
    thanks, maria

  • Sankar Ganesh

    I tried your recipe with wine yeast got tasty wine thanks.
    If someone wants wine yeast please mail me

  • yogesh

    Hello kosukadi and friends
    After two yeard of experiments now I have started preparing wine in large quantity about 30-40 litres per batch. I tried other variations like guava, pomegranate, citrus(santra), green grapes. Special thanks to kosukadi.
    Now the problem with me is for storage of wine. After 42 days I bottle the wine in glass bottles and after bottling fermentation does not ceases the bubbles are seen rising which makes the bottle air tight and very difficult to open. And I always keep the wine bottles box packed in cupboard. Now what to with this problem?
    How to store wine for at least one year ?

    • Rahul Nambiampurath


      I’ve been using this receipe for more than two years. And all the time the output is perfect.
      But never tried a variation, since you’ve mentioned that you’ve tried guava, pomegranate, citrus(santra), green grapes, how did it go?

      How was the wine? Which one was best? In-order to make guava and pomegrante, you did you just substituted grapes with it?

      • yogesh

        Yes I followed the same recipe but I have deleted wheat.
        While making the guava wine crush the guava well and check for any insects.
        In santra wine I have added some cloves which enhance the wine colour.

        • Rahul Nambiampurath

          Thanks a lot.

          I am planning to try Orange [santra] wine. I hope your batch of Santra came well.
          While making Santra should I peel the delicate layer over it? And also the seeds?

          • yogesh

            Just remove the skin and squeeze the fruit. Then filter the juice with cheese cloth and then continue the fermentation process

          • Rahul Nambiampurath

            Once again, thank you.

    • Amit Kumar

      Hi Yogesh,

      Good to hear that you have started making larger batch of wines.

      You got to source something called as fermentation stopper. This mix of some sort of chemicals or preservatives, unfortunately you dont get it in India for retail usage. You will need to import it from US or Europe.

      You may try using potassium metabisulphite if you are not able to source fermentation stopper, it might stop the fermentation for few months and will also work as preservative.

      Other way is to keep the wine refrigerated, generally fermentation will not start again if the wine is kept cold.

      I am scared that your glass bottle might explode due to excessive pressure from inside, So pls use plastic bottles if the wine is still fermenting.

      Hope this helps.

      Regards, Amit

      • yogesh

        Hey thanks a lot for your reply Mr. Amit Kumar.
        Can you please help me with following issues?
        1) For how long time the wine will be safe to drink(prepared by above recipe).
        2) Will normal plastic bottles(packaged water bottles) work for refrigeration?
        3) Is it necessary to open fermentation jar every day for first 21 days if airlocks are there ?
        4) Any natural preservative which is available in super market?
        Thanks and regards

        • Amit Kumar

          Hi Yogesh,
          I hope following helps:
          1) I would not put any number to this, Its too risky and different from case to case. I suggest you make smaller batches and save one or two bottles for long term from each batch and observe over period of time and further update on this blog. I kept my wine for maximum of 11 months. will see if i can keep for longer period in future. But then i am using fermentation stopper and preservative both.

          2) I would avoid normal plastic bottles. Please google reagent bottles, i think they should be ideal for this kind of usage and you can get large size ones. This will increase your cost though. Alternatively you can get empty wine bottles and use a cork on the top. If the pressure inside the bottle goes up then the cork will pop out, atleast the bottle will not explode.
          3) Its fine if you skip once in a while, better to do it atleast alternative day. Airlock is not required in the primary fermentation. My process for primary fermentation only lasts for 7 to 10 days, however my secondary fermentation is longer.
          4) Potassium Meta bisulphite is the only option you got here in India, its packed by brands like Bakers, Eagle and Butterfly for use as preservative in food products. you might have to run around a bit to get this as all the departmental stores dont keep it. This reduces your risk however doesnt eliminate completely.

          Regards, Amit

          • yogesh

            Thanks again for spending your precious time.

    • josh mehta

      I was looking for the same and got potassium metabisulphite from my local grocery store for Rs 25 I plan to use this before bottling, I made a bigger batch this time my last batch was 4 liters and didn’t last 15 days : )

  • srvn

    Hi its sweetness is getting less day by day during first 21 days ,is it commom?……..and its not as tastier as before but smells good. is everything going nice ? plz reply ……it will be a bit helpful……

    • yogesh

      Add more sugar.

  • malky


    • josh mehta

      i mean the Yeast 🙂 typo

  • malky

    what can i do if i have added extra yeast accidently?

    • josh mehta

      It will not make a difference as the alcohol content increases the year will die.

  • BrewMart

    Hey Guys,

    We are a small start-up in the space of home wine making. We understand the problem faced during sourcing brewing items. Have a look at our website and give us your valuable feedback..

    Brewmart India

  • Ranga Eunny

    A big thanks to kk fo r getting me started on wine making. This wine is the first step. But there are a lot of techniques beyond this.

    To make good wine you need to have good fruit and good winec yeast. We don’t get the wine yeast in india you need to look out side for them. … But it’s well worth the effort. And your fruit to wine ratio should be atleast 1:1. More The fruit the better the flavor. The alcohol should be around 12% abv

    Pls get a hydrometer. Look out for Jack kellers web site and read through the wine making basics. I have gone through these and have had an exciting wine making time. .. Started an orange wine recently with banana and raisins. Just planning 6 ltrs as trial batch. Pls get the 5ltrs regent bottles with cork and a hole drilled into the cork. You would need it for the secondary fermentation.

    Our humble papaya peel is the best substitute for pectic enzyme. Pls read about it. ..

    Good luck and happy wine making!

  • Sanjay

    It was my forth day of wine process. I have a doubt , I was used silver vessal , is there any problem using silver vessal instead of ceramic jar..??? Help meeee…

    • josh mehta

      Don’t use silver or most metals it tends to oxidize. I would say move it to Ceramic , Glass, last preference food grade plastic.

  • josh mehta

    This is my second batch with lot of Grapes thanks to Kosukadi : ) this time already completed 21 days and on the next 21. Last batch was 4 liter and go over in 15 days 🙂 all my friends enjoyed. this time I am making two jars 10 liter and 4 liter ceramic jar one change I did was got Wine Yeast from a friend in US and second started early winters as it gets too hot by May. Last time I used bakers yeast it was good but Bakers yeast leaves a flavor the wine yeast doesn’t. Also Wine yeast has eaten all the sugar the wine is not sweet at all also I added sugar in between few spoons to enhance fermentation and get more alcohol.
    Need advise on
    1. Can I try to make sparkling wine ( I have champagne yeast) and how can I try that.
    2. How long should I Age the wine is 3 months good enough. Can I Age in a bottle after 3 months keeping it in a refrigerator.

  • Venkat Raman

    small notes
    1. try to use venyl gloves instead of surgical rubber gloves ..which is using by suppliers in hotel..
    2.for airtight u can use cling drape …. it is using for food packing self adhesive poly…sure u can get perfect airtight and very user friendly ….5 meter role is 40rs only …
    3. if u want above both materials contact me in venkatmillabs@yahoo.com

  • raju

    how about using instant yeast?

  • raju

    how can i know that my primary fermentation is over?

    • josh mehta

      the bubbling will almost stop and you will see still liquid

  • sujata fernandes

    hello sir iam sujata from mumbai. I have tried this black grape wine receipe and it tuned out fantastic. Thank you very much. Could you please let me know how to prepare beetroot wine. plsssss……..thnks

    my email is sujatafdes@gmail.com

  • Devdatt Godbole

    Hello there,
    I am following this recipe for preparing red wine. Only difference is, I am taking all the measurements in half as mentioned above since I want to try the recipe first.

    1-It is day 6 today and the place where I have kept the wine vessel is full of the aroma of the grapes/wine (I think so). Is that a common thing to have the aroma all around the area of storage. Or is it a fault in the air-tight packing?

    2- On day21, is it possible to taste the wine and to check if all is good. My intention of asking this question is, if something is wrong in taste on day21 when we will put the remaining sugar, can we stop at that point? For that, what should be the criteria of the taste?

    3- Is it mandatory to add the remaining half part of the sugar or I can adjust the taste if I don’t want a sweet wine?

    Looking forward for the feedbacks.

    Thanks & Regards
    Devdatt Godbole

  • Akshatha Adoor

    I tried this recipe and its 2-weeks now. However, the first week, i could see that there was some gas build-up when i open the vessel to stir it daily. Of late (now it is day 15) i see that there is no gas build up at all. Is this normal? Is it that all the initial sugar is consumed and i need to add sugar?
    There is a wine-ish aroma when i open the container and the liquid has a slight sour taste. i have used Baker’s yeast and 750gm sugar as per the proportions listed here.


  • Vinay Rananaware

    Hi KK,
    Thanks for the info. I followed the instruction and got my first bottle. Absolutely perfect. I had put another batch, a little bigger, 4 kg grapes. Put for secondary fermentation, also put an airlock, of course homemade. But I think, something has gone wrong. After 10 days of secondary fermentation when I tasted the stuff, it tasted like a contaminated coconut. What could be the problem? If it’s damaged, can I repair it? Or I’ll have to throw it away? Please help me.

  • Vinay Rananaware

    This is my batch. The right side (In a blue tub) carboy stuff smells and tastes like contaminated coconut.

  • Tarun

    Started the batch for this year with 15kgs of black and 5kgs of white grapes. This is my first attempt for making the white wine, I hope it turns out well. Last year I tried 2 batches of black wine, first one with 2kgs of grapes and second one with 5kgs of grapes. Both turned out to be really good.

    Dates for the current batch:
    Day 0 – 13 Mar
    Day 21 – 3 Apr
    Day 42 – 24 Apr

    This time I won’t be able to stir the wine daily so I am bit worried. I will only be stirring it on weekends. Today, I stirred for the first time and it tasted OK but you don’t judge the wine after the first stir 😉

    • Tarun

      Instead of 21 days I ended up waiting for 28 days. The wine looked and tasted fine. Now I will wait for a month to move the wine to bottles. Or if the wine is not clear I will rack it longer.

      Just a fun tip, try the uncrushed grapes in the jar. You will thank me for the mini party in your mouth 🙂 They are mini shots of wine 🙂

      • Tarun

        I waited till 31 may (80 days) for completing the second fermentation of white wine. Red I have divided into 2 batches. Red1 was completed on 31 may but for Red2 I will wait longer.

        White wine: filled up 5 bottles and kept around 5 lts for racking in a smaller jar, didn’t add any water. Plan to rack it twice for 30 days each.

        Red1: siphoned from one jar to another of same size. topped up with water

        Red2: still under second fermentation

        • Tarun

          July 2 updates:

          White: moved to second round of Racking, topped up with water. The wine already looks very clear but I still want to rack it for another month.

          Red 1: moved from secondary fermentation to Racking; topped up with water. I want to rack it twice, with longer duration of Racking.

          Red 2: moved to second round of Racking; topped up with water. Will rack this one longer than white wine.

          • Tarun

            Aug 28 updates:
            White: bottled the wine after second Racking.
            Reds: remain in respective rounds of fermentation

          • Tarun

            Aug 30: bottled total 7 bottles of white wine (3 on 28 and 4 today). Tastes good, bit sweet but I like it that way.

          • Tarun

            Sep 10 updates: completed the second racking of Red 1after 71 Days – 2 Jul to 10 Sept (Day 183 of wine making)
            In total I got 15 wine bottles of delicious Redd wine.

            RED2: Moved to second racking, did not dilute it with water.

          • Tarun

            3 Feb 2019 updates: after Racking the wine for 883 days (yes that long), I bottled 12 bottles. The wine is really tasty and amazingly clear. But it lost a lot of colour, it now looks more golden than red. But amazing taste, worth the wait.

          • Tarun

            26 Feb 2019: Fresh batch for 2019. With 9 kg red grapes I have just started the fresh batch of wine. Today is day 0.

  • josh mehta

    Completed my second batch this season, thanks to KosuKadi… few changes I made were.
    1. Used good mineral water
    2. Used Wine yeast – the alcohol content is high and there is no yeast flavor also wine is not sweet at all I used extra sugar
    3. Secondary fermentation for 2 months

    I stay in delhi and temp now is about 35 C any suggestion if I can age wine longer in summers without using AC / Refrigerator.

    • Samrat Mukherjee

      where can i get winec yeast in india online?

      • Praful

        Use Blue Bird dry active yeast.

      • josh mehta

        Sorry for long delay in reply you can get wine yeast from amazon .. I used Lalvin beand I assume all brands are good…just ensure that yeast is activated before you start the process. if mixture is too cold or too hot wine yeast does not activate

  • Samrat Mukherjee

    where can i get winec yeast in india online?

    • आलोक पाण्डेय

      From any sweet shop it is used in making jalebi and bread

  • आलोक पाण्डेय

    I got success thanks to kosukadi.

  • आलोक पाण्डेय

    My wine is perfect.

  • Tashi

    I am making wine for first time with the instructions you have mentioned. I have eliminated some ingredients i.e no wheat no egg white and only half kg sugar. 2kg black grapes. 2 litres water. It started well. From day1 there was heavy bubbling. The plastic sheet used to fill with air n i would deflate it by removing the elastic and securing it back at intervals. i stirred on alternate days. Today is just the 4th day. N there is NO sign of bubbling anymore. The color of liquid resembles the color of your picture on day 21. Is everything going on fine? What to i need to do now

  • Anie Hubert

    Hi, Thanks for the clear instruction. I prepared wine as per the above instruction. But it gives irritating smell (making me to caugh, when I smell it)..Seems presence of Sulphur. Any way to correct this safely?. Please advise. Eagerly Waiting for your reply..I dont like to throw it out, as this is prepared from 30 Kg of RED Grapes and appropriate proposion of purified water, sugar and yeast in a food grade plastic container..Please help..

  • Guruswamy Subramania

    Thank you for the most clear and detailed tips for red wine making. I completed my very first brew of 1.5 kg of grapes just 4 days ago. The wine is fantastic! Looks and tastes like one that comes from any vintage wine making unit!! I just knocked off the egg and the rest, I followed your instructions in letter and spirit!! And the spirit finally is excellent. Thanks once again for your brilliant tutorial on wine making at home. Look forward to your tips on beer making!! My compliments to you for your social service.

  • Shaikh Dawoot Masthan

    Dear Bro Mr.Kosukadi

    Everything has done perfect as followed your instructions … almost 35 days has completed .. Color is awesome but the smell getting like Totty ( Kallu ) ( Ooral Smell ) not getting Grape wine smell .. this means its spoiled already or else ?

  • Giri

    I added 8 kg of sugar for 21 kg of crush. Now can i add other half of the sugar (8kg) during formentation little by little ?

  • mukesh

    pls give me chart of makin wine how much sugar i add and yeast i want to make 2 litre wine only at my home so give me some idea

  • Midhun George

    I recommend the author not to use any kind of metal intrusion as shown in pic 1 in filtering process. And colored bottles are the best to store wine. Cheers!!!!!

  • vinod

    Hi Kosukadi,

    I am highly impressed with your Indian friendly recipe and walk through on it, Keep it up….. Cheers 🙂

    I have always been a wine lover and very choosy in picking up my wine, I was in the process of procuring a professional wine making kit (well marketed by a company) with all contents like Stabilizer Powder, Sodium Hydroxide , Phenolphthalein, Acid Blend and Basic Blend . But after spotting on Kosukadi, my decision changed LOl 🙂 I have decided to go with your recipe first.

    I have few questions :-

    1. I am a white Sugar hater – Can I use Palm jaggery or Regular Jaggery instead ?, if not atleast Brown sugar ?
    2. Just out of curiosity – Can we use regular mud pot ( paanai ) for fermentation ?
    3. What is the ideal temperature for smooth fermentation ?

    Vinod Jayapal

  • Mahesh Sharma

    I made the wine almost exactly as directed. What I got was a very fine muscat/ Rose wine which nobody could guess was homemade in blind tasting. The wine is absolutely clear and almost no back taste of yeast, though I used bread yeast. Thanks a lot. My niece is trying another batch today.

  • Mahesh Sharma

    Also, I didnt use any eggs.

  • Bhupi

    Hi Kosukodi & all the members, I made my wine as specified in the procedure given by you. For the first 21 days I kept stirring daily and everything was going perfect, I could see bubbles in the wine, and also the colour of the wine was perfect. But after 21 days, I strained the liquid using a clean new cotton cloth and squeezed the mixture to take out the liquid. And stored this liquid again in the glass container, but now even after 8 days there are absolutely no bubbles in the wine. I could see the sediment settling down and clear liquid at the top……….I dont know why there are NO BUBBLES now. Is it normal or something went WRONG and should I discard the wine.

    • Dipika m

      Did you add half portion of your sugar which you were supposed to add at this stage ?

    • Vibhav Kashyap

      As long as you have added sugar Its fine. You won’t have too many bubbles visible during the secondary fermentation phase

      • C. DeSilva

        the bubbles stopping is a sign that the fermentation process has stopped. this is a GOOD THING and means you ere successful!

  • Bhupi
  • Dipika m

    Never got a chance to say thanks but this is my third year of wine making with this recipe and must say every year demand is very high from my family as the wine turns out to be perfect each time.
    Th only problem I have been facing is that not able to find ceramic/glass containers which could hold 10 litres of wine . ANy help from anyone in this regard would be great . I stay in Bangalore .

    • B.Lokanadhareddy.

      Hai. I stay in Vijayawada. Two days back only i purchased 10 lts cylindrical ceramic jar(not like pot). If u want i can send u one.

    • Leena Kapoor

      Try looking for ceramic jars on IndiaMart. I had a company listed there deliver a 7 ltr jar to my home.

  • Richaa Lal

    Hi I started the process today, exactly as mentioned in the receipe one concern is that I am not in town for 3 days next weekend, I forgot to consider this when I started. If I do not stir it for 2 days will it effect the wine making adversely.

  • Richaa Lal

    I also did not measure the water and sugar but am using 5kg sugar for 5 kg grapes, found lovely big juicy seedless black grapes…

  • Swati Deshmukh

    Hi. I am trying it first time . started today. I took 1.5 kg grapes and by mistake added 1.5 kg sugar. will it affect my end product. Pl reply

    • dishant

      sugar is getting converted to alcohol its just the alcohol level which will be affected by the ratio of sugar added

  • Pankaj Kush

    Please tell me that the ruptured grapes that are squeezed on the 21st day are to be added again in the jar on the 21st day or should be thrown away. Please reply

    • Dipika m

      they r to be thrown after you squeeze all d liquid out

  • Nisha Patel


    I am confused for the step 2.

    After first phase to stir the grapes inside the jar. This is clear to me.

    open up the ceramic jar and to get the liquid filtered in a sterile vessel.
    Add 750 gms of sugar.
    Pour the remaining crushed grapes in the filter in to ceramic jar again.
    Here, my question is, what to do to the remaining filtered liquid which we get from the ceramic jar?
    I am confused for that, is this filtered liquid to add again in the ceramic jar along with the sorted / remaining grapes in the filter?

    Please advise so i could start for the same asap,


    • Jj

      You have to discard the sediments.. Pour the liquid back into the vessel and add 750gms of sugar and close it tight and keep it for 21days.

  • Raj

    Hello Everyone,
    I have tried to make the Black grape wine… everything was smooth and working fine as per the directions…
    Gradually the fermentation stopped and approximately by day 15 i discovered a THIN WHITE FILM on the surface.
    I am scared if my wine is safe …. I read on net about this and it says its a bacteria and wine is being contaminating…

  • Gavin Biggs

    I don’t know who gave you this recipe but this is not the right way. You would get high unless you are a non drinker you do not use a hydrometer to check out the SG what kind of wine is this. And the water is way to much for every kg of grapes you add 1 bottle or 1 1/2 half bottle max now I m talking 750 ml bottles and the lesser the sugar and more the yeast the lesser the ethyl alcohol produced.

  • Farhan Mohammad

    How to know whether the wine is spoilt or good?

  • Cj

    I tried this recipe with sweet green seedless grapes.. as I wanted to make sweet white wine..
    Suffice is to say I made wine with 6kgs of grapes.. distributed to friends and family and it was a big hit. I have just about managed to keep 2 bottles for myself. great reviews! Thanq tons for sharing the recipe.

  • Sangeetha Karthick

    Can the grapes be replaced with pomegranates and the rest of the items be the same???

    • Smita Deshpande

      My husband and I started making wine in December 2015. Cultivated this new hobby to nurture the feeling of togetherness as we grow old! Since then we have tried all fruits. Pomegranate, Guava, Jamun, Custard Apple……Sangeetha go for it!

  • Leena Kapoor

    Here’s a bottle of wine that belongs to the batch that was started on 13th of May 2017, right in the midst of Delhi Summer. Thank God for the successful batch. This is one bottle out of 4 and quarter litres that I made. Third batch of wine from my very first attempt 4 years ago. I still have some remaining from the previous batch.
    Thank you Kosukadi.

  • http://www.articoeps.com Kailash Dhirwani

    8 year old now.. nice informative

  • Divya Joan

    I followed your recipe and made two batches of red wine and one with white grapes 8 years ago…and am back now… planning to start again…thank you for this post…Have you tried making beer? Do you have a simple recipe for making beer?

    • josh mehta

      I also wanted to make beer, its almost similar process with different ingredients. Also beer brews at a much lower temperature, depending on where you live, you may need a modified refrigerate to brew beer. If you can maintain temperature is good as ingredients for beer are available throughout the year.

  • Francis Zaviour

    Hi.i started making red wine as per ur instruction. So far it came out well. I m in day 21 i m about to filter it. I have one small doubt how to fortif y the wine. How much brandy should we mix with the wine.

    • Oman Admirer

      Fortifying the wine means adding sugar (which is converted into alcohol during fermentation), during the fermentation process; not adding brandy to the wine.

  • sri

    Hi, thanks for the recipe.. it works fine.. i have one doubt..did we use Olive instead Grapes?

    • josh mehta

      I dont think so you always need fruits with high fructose content try..Orange, Strawberry, other Citrus fruits..

      • Oman Admirer

        Citrus fruits normally don’t make good wine. The citric acid in the citrus fruits inhibit the yeast and proper fermentation is not obtainable

        • josh mehta

          I tried with Orange it came out well , add sugar and no water

  • RTh

    Today we were all about to taste the first batch of gooseberry wine I made, thanks to you. It tastes beautiful and is almost over. 2 months of hard work goes down in minutes. Alas. However, thank you very very very much for sharing this recipe. You’re amazing!!

  • Oman Admirer

    Hi, the wine making recipe and tips are indeed useful. I’m a wine enthusiast, and takes a rational and scientific approach to wine making. Please permit me to make some observations to your post.
    According to wine connoisseurs, the thumb rule is “Never mix ‘grain’ and ‘grape'”; this applies whether you’re making alcohol or drinking it. Good wines use only the fructose in the grapes; wines with added sugar is called Port Wine, or fortified wine. Wine making has to be done in the absence of oxygen, because oxygen will oxidize the wine. I believe that 21 days of daily stirring will do more harm than good. Ideally, the mixing of the grape mixture (wash) needs to be done only for three days. This is done to spread the yeast, so that they are activated effectively. Once the yeast is fully activated, the jar has to be sealed, because yeast will start acting only in the absence of oxygen (convert the sugars into alcohol and carbon dioxide). Care should be taken not to seal the jar airtight, as the fermentation process will generate carbon dioxide, which is a byproduct of fermentation. Ideally, an air-lock has to be installed on the jar. The air-lock allows the carbon dioxide in the jar to escape, while preventing oxygen from entering the jar. Ideally, for home wine making, a soft rubber gasket can be placed on the neck of the jar, so that gaseous pressure does not build up.
    The filtering of the wine (called racking) can be done after 14 days, which is the time required for “primary fermentation”. The “secondary fermentation” happens after the racking. The egg whites are added at this stage. The function of the egg white is to clarify the wine. The egg whites have to be whipped until it foams, and added to the wine, so that it spreads throughout the surface of the wine. The foam settles on top of the wine and forms a membrane on the surface. This membrane gradually settles to the bottom of the jar, trapping all the floating particles in the wine. The egg whites does not “mix” in the wine, therefore vegetarians need not be apprehensive. If however, they feel bad about egg white, they can use volcanic ash (available online) to clarify the wine

    • josh mehta

      Thanks.. will use an airlock, I had used it for the second batch. One thing I wonder is at what temperature should I store wine, If I wanted to mature it for six months.

      • Oman Admirer

        Hi, glad to learn that my tips were interesting to you. One thing to be borne in mind is that most of the wine-making tips are for the continent, where the climate is cold, where most of the grapes are grown. I reckon you are in India; our climate is tropical, and is ideal for wine making, as yeast thrives in our climate. Storing wine in the bottom shelf of the kitchen cabinet is perfectly in order.
        But bear in mind that where yeast can grow, bacteria can too. It is therefore very important to ensure all wine making implements are very clean. The bacteria that most often spoils wine are milk based bacteria like lacto baccillus.
        As for aging, wine ages well after bottling, so you need not worry about the aging process, unless of course you cannot resist the temptation to drink it. In the case of spirits, they age only in barrels, and the aging process stops after you bottle them. Spirits are very stable fluids, as alcohol is a preservative in itself, and will remain drinkable even after a decade. However in the case of wine, care should be taken to ensure that the fermentation is complete before bottling the wine. If the fermentation is incomplete, the yeast will continue to produce alcohol and carbon dioxide (which is a byproduct), and can lead to popping of the bottle cork, or worse still the bottle exploding. Also, any bacteria in the wine will lead to the wine turning into vinegar. However, if at all the wine turns into vinegar, don’t throw it away; they can be used in meat marination, salad dressings etc.

        • josh mehta

          Thanks 🙂

  • Asha VP

    Can we make tomato wine?

  • Lajwanti Shetty

    Hi I have completed the first leg of wine making i.e. the first 21 days. Uptil now the wine looks gud, I have filtered the wine and closed the lod for thw next 21 days. Thanks for the recipe and if all goes well then next month I shall b tasting the home made wine and thanking u again.

  • josh mehta

    I have been making grape wine using this recipe for last 4 years … every time i learnt more as shared in previous posts, I started using Wine Yeast, i got from Amazon. Using this, you avoid getting the baking smell in wine, also the alcohol content is higher. I did not use eggs and used RO/ mineral water to avoid any water specific flavor.

    Orange Wine – I used orange juice to make wine, it was amazing, process is same except, i did not add water, less sugar, eggs and wheat grains, also add some Orange rind. The brewing process is fast and very vigorous, takes max 10 days, then you can filter and brew for 10 more days. the alcohol content is very high, next time I will measure it…still have to learn how to using a wine hydrometer, one glass will give you a high : )

  • Adu

    if i had to use Raisins to make wine, what is the amount of water i need to use

  • josh mehta

    I tried making Sparkling wine and it came out awsome, this is what I did.
    – After primary fermentation, filtered the wine as mentioned in this recipe
    – Sanitized a used Sparkling wine bottle with boiling water and dried it – try to use only this bottle as its heavy and can stand the pressure
    – Poured over half bottle added sugar and sealed for 21 days
    – The carbon dioxide build up the bubbles
    Be careful when opening – like when you do for champagne or sparkling wine ..enjoy 🙂

    • Anand Kumar

      Hi Josh,
      The result looks amazing. So to understand how u did sparkling wine is basically you bottled the brew after primary fermentation of 21 days and filled half bottle filtered wine along with some sugar and corked it. I am just paraphrasing to understand the process that you did in a better way. Now my question to you is, was there any yeast sediment after 21 days of bottling, while you consumed? I have just started my red wine brew, it is the third day and thinking of making a sparkling wine out of it. Any tip is highly appreciated.

      • josh mehta

        Hello…sorry for the late reply was in travel…basically after 21 days i filtered the wine, added sugar and corked and sealed it. after secondary fermentation i generally keep longer if temperature is less than 25 degrees…please use heavy bottle (previously used sparkling wine) and oven very carefully. BTW i had made sparkling wine even after secondary fermentation.. I had another batch going so added some grapes and yeast from top of that jar to the bottle, added few table spoon sugar and sealed the jar… basally once you get a hang of it try to experiment wonderful batches come out.

  • josh mehta
  • Roshni T

    Hi. After the first 21 days, I filtered the wine (green grapes) and on day 2, there are some floating white particles on it. (pic below) is this normal or is this fungus? Please help!!! https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/6245675466f4a363eee62f9fca0121430562aa387eae02fa11ca24efd9297228.jpg

    • josh mehta

      on day 2 your wine must should be frothy and bubbly …looking at the picture it seems yeast didnt catch up… although its a late reply …in the future you can again add fermentation yeast again to the mixture. …. has happened with me as well on the 2nd day i added when i found the must was not brewing

  • Anand Kumar

    Hi Everyone,
    This blog has inspired a lot of people to try brewing home wine. Absolutely no doubt about it. I am from Pallavaram – Chennai and I am one such person who took that inspiration and have already succeeded in brewing home wine for three times with red wine once (made of paneer dhratchai – local) and green grapes for white wine, twice. Now I am on the 3rd day of my brew on primary fermentation with Black grapes. My brew sits in a ceremic jar (Oorugai Jaadi). I have been doing some research on you tube for further tips on improving the quality of the brew. I list below some doubts for the benefit of all the members here. Any tip is highly appreciated.

    1. Brewing in ceramic jar, how will we know if the yeast growth has stopped before bottling, as there is a risk of the wine turning into vinegar – Can we add campden tablets in the bottle to prevent/stop further growth of yeast? Where can we get Campden tablets?
    2. Egg white as clarifying agent – I understand that one egg white is sufficient for 4 gallons(15 liters) of wine. I am only brewing less than 5 litres. Is it ok to use egg white as a clarifying agent? May be half of the quantity? or should I try other agents? where to find them?
    3. Where can we purchase Demijohns and Carboys in Chennai? Also, airlocks, Bungs/Grommet, wine bottles (sturdy ones), wine corks and siphons for racking. Any contact detail is appreciated.
    4. Is it OK to brew wine in food grade plastic jars?

    Yep, that’s all for now. Hope many of you would have these questions in your mind and let us help each other with this forum.

    Happy brewing All.



  • Pavan Kumar C S

    Can tell me, how to enrich the flavor….

  • Aparna

    Hey… Tried this two times. The small twist i did was to add brown sugar 750 gms and white 500 gms. I don’t drink wine, so I did the better thing. Distributed. Friends loved it. When I see the commercial wine I find they are thicker n richer in colour Can we get a similar effect?

    Other than that, this recipe is good. I did look at a lot of recipes and this is the one that works for me. So, thanks a lot. BTW, I am pure vegetarian so avoided egg white.

  • Rajeev

    Very interesting conversation here. I am an old wine making aspirant but somehow not tried so far. This inspires me. Can we mix two fruits say Grapes and strawberry or peach just for the flavour. Amazon offers a kit on its portal-is it ok to begin with. grateful if Oman Rider could respond

  • Safal

    Why wheat is used in wine? What happens if we don’t use wheat?

  • teena rose

    First of all thank you for this wonderful recipe… it works like magic. I had first found this blog when i was in college, that’s a solid 4 to 5 years back now. And only now did i find the courage to make it. It was a success the flavour was good but too saturated with sweetness and a crowd pleaser. It gives a moderate high at 350 ml of the drink which I had stored in an empty drunken monkey bottle. I was not able to drink any further because it was too sweet for my liking. Does reducing the amount of sugar effect the kick that this recipe gives? The traditional recipe of my ammuma had called for only 3/4 litre of water and sugar for 1 kg of black grapes. Does reducing the water content help increase the kick of the wine? And ammuma’s recipe calls for only the wheat and not the yeast. It was not as strong as this recipe in terms of high but the flavour was more intense in comparison to this recipe and i loved it. Is there a way to get this high but with less sweetness? https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/a84f20bb97eb015fce31c32a970dcfed80c0bab7aefa41fb4210fa14b065972a.jpg

  • Dipika m

    Does anyone know if the author is active online ?? Was just trying to get in touch

    • hyperblack

      Whats the matter? Pretty much online… 🙂

  • Michael Palghadmal

    1.5kg. sugar for 1.5grapes isn’t too much sugar?why add 2.5 ltrs. of water at all? Last 15 years I make grape wine with no water at all

  • Manoj Gaonkar

    I followed your guidelines and after 42 days am very happy with the end result. I used regular market seedless black grapes and the wine turned out just awesome. Thank you so much. Cheers.
    I sampled the wine from the top of the jar. The lower portion seems to be more pulpy. Is there a filtration method some one can recommend. Thanks in advance.

  • Gaurav

    Trust me that is not wine, in any sense.

  • mitul desai

    Just what I needed!! Got wine recipe from a friend’s mom but wanted to have another one to match the two before I try. Only found recipes from US that were nit relevant. This one’s almost same as what I recieved!!! So here I gooooo!! Thanks for a great post!! Relevant even in 2019 😉

  • Prasad Agnihotri

    Can we use jagary except of sugar or molisis

  • Shivappa

    Hi sri
    How to make home med wine
    How to Sela
    Or Indians rules
    Give me infarametions
    email hukkeri.pickles@gmail.com
    Whatsapp 9141629123

  • https://plus.google.com/103824432048624440260 Ashwin M Jain

    Very well written ( step by step procedure). Very much helpful. Thank you.

  • sudarsan

    commenting in 2019..😁 its 42nd day 💥. for my palette it tasted little bit bitter.. i have balanced it by adding sugars . cheers.