Mr. Butler’s soda maker: Tippler’s (MY) best friend

The day the weighing machine at home showed 0 kgs, I stopped using 7up, Mirinda and drinks of that genre as mixing for my drink. The weighing machine showed zero because it went round once and beyond 120 there was just zero again 😉 Well that was 5-6 years ago during my prime. I weigh much much less now.

7-up, pepsi etc has so much sugar and calories, they are definitely unhealthy and that’s why even US (and even some Indian) schools have banned them in their in-campus cafeterias. So the day I stopped on these drinks for mixing, I switched to Soda. I urge everybody do the same (one health grounds). Okay, why soda and not water? Water is the best! I am sure many would argue in these lines. Even though water is my 2nd best alternative, I kind of like the soda’s fizz.

Soda is not cheap.Very expensive when compared with water, that 1 litre bottled water costs 12-14 bucks which is the same cost of 600 ml of soda which is just water plus CO2. And given that I need at least a litre of soda to down a double quarter (double quarter sounds exciting and does not raise eyebrows when compared to “half”, right?) it becomes expensive, especially when you  need 4-5 bottles of soda for the weekend. This, plus the looks that guy who bills my stuff at the super market counter every time I check out 5 bottles of soda made me look for alternatives. And the alternative was quickly found and acquired. And since then, every time, I pat myself in the back when I make myself a soda with it. IT? I am referring to my best friend, my personal butler ;), Mr.Butler’s soda maker.

Well the machine costs 1000 odd bucks, I am not too sure of the exact price, because I bought it quite some time ago.The device needs a CO2 cylinder which needs to be changed when the gas runs out. Eery time you buy the cylinder in lieu of the empty cylinder it’s 75 bucks (here in TN). With one cylinder one can make at least, 20 bottles (1 litre each) of soda. The soda maker (kit) came with a bottle, the machine and a cylinder. So 20 bottles of soda for 75 bucks makes the initial investment of 1000 bucks definitely worth it and a huge saving  (10 bottles of lehar/kinley soda is 120 bucks). You will break even with the initial investment when you get the refill for the 7-8th time.  The soda is definitely as good as the lehar or kinley stuff. So you save money (if I don’t buy 5 bottles of soda, I have 60 bucks to get me a quarter ;), save the environment (of not buying plastic bottles 😉 and you get soda any time.

The whole idea of posting this here at kosukadi, is to send the message across. If you are like me, who uses soda for mixing, then you need to get our best friend, Mr.Butler home.

Also in business sense, one thing which Mr.Butler (the company) amazes me is the kind of niche they have discovered. The niche is so small, that other players are not bothered to enter. Kind of Woodwards gripe water niche, no competition bothers to manufacture gripe water BUT extremely cash cow. Constant recurring income of 75 bucks for a CO2 cylinder which would not cost them any more than 10 bucks to refill for a life time. WOW! Hats off to them. This is the only product which is successful for the company, Mr.Butler, but, this one product is more than enough for the company to be successful 😉

I am writing this over vodka mixed with Mr. Butler’s soda!!! Cheers!!!

Update: Just heard from sales department of Mr.Butler’s that the soda maker (the one pictured and the one I have) is currently priced at Rs.2550. A bit steep, but I still think it’s value for money


  • Sunil

    Have gone through the comments on your blog and glad to know you find the device useful. The price of the soda maker given on your blog is not correct. I am unable to reach you on the mobile number provided by you. Please feel free to contact me for any more details you may require. (M) 9567765163. (email) sunil.kumar@mrbutlers.com
    Wishing you all the best and hope you continue to enjoy using your home soda maker.

  • rakeshthalod

    i have just gone through the reply from mr sunil i also own mr butlers soda maker it is a very good product but the problum i am haveing now is that my soda makers cylender is empty and i dont have any address or phone no of service from where i can get it refilled . i stay in navi mumbai it will be a good help if anyone can provide me with the address and contact details of service centre .

    • http://www.kosukadi.com KosuKadi

      Why don’t you try contacting him directly via email or mobile…Am sure in Navi Mumbai you should get it, considering Navi Mumbai is such a big place.

  • Ittoo. K.T

    Sir, I am keeping your product SODA MAKER for about the last 15 years . Earlier the product was supported by a glass bottle of a capacity of about 250 ml. Now it is attached with a plastic bottle with a capacity of about ONE litter.The problem with me is that I am consuming only 250 ml. soda daily and for that purpose I have to fill the gas in ONE litter of water, and if I keep the remaining soda for the next day the gas leaks out and the taste changes. It is my suggestion that if there is no any technical problem, you are requested to provide one more plastic bottle with a capacity of about 250/275 ml. so that People like me can save the gas & money up to 75% —-a waste for me as well as a national waste. Hope I will hear from you. thanks Sir.

    • http://www.kosukadi.com KosuKadi

      @Ittooo I am forwarding this to the person from Butler’s. He should be have a response for you (hopefully)

  • arak

    Mr Soda / Butlers is way too expensive to make Soda. Get a CO2 tank (ask your local welder or compressed gas company like Linde or BOC), a CO2 regulator, 5 feet of food grade vinyl piping, gas lock disconnect and the carbonator cap from Amazon http://www.amazon.com/LiquidBread-The-Carbonater/dp/B0064OKADS . You can make soda for 1/100th the cost of Mr Soda.

    If this is too tedious, you can source the CO2 cylinder and regulator from the local pepsi distributor who handles fountain pepsi. You still will have to get the Carbonator cap though.

    • kosukadi

      The only problem with getting a CO2 tank from a welder is that it’s not food grade gas which is not hygienic plus gives a bad taste to the soda. Maybe a medical quality CO2 tan would be better 🙂

      • arak

        All CO2 tanks and liquid CO2 are sourced by the same air gas companies. You just need the welder to tell you where to buy the tanks and CO2 which will end up being the local distributor for the airgas companies such as Linde or BOC. Hospitals use CO2 for laproscopy surgeries, so if you know any hospitals that would be good as well. Once you get hold of the cylinder, then tell the filling station you need food grade gas. I pay $18 for 10 kg of CO2 which is good for about 3000 liters of soda. A dual regulator helps you know when the tank is empty. Also use Pepsi plastic bottles instead of Coke with the Carbonator since the Coke ones have short neck which causes leaks with the Carbonator.

  • dan

    your crazy…this doesn’t even make sense. Have another vodka!

  • tanu

    can i use the bottles for drinking plane water. store plain water for longer duration. ???

  • tanu

    can i use these bottles for drinking plain water.? can i store plain water for longer duration?