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Let’s face it. You’ve been a happy bachelor every since you remember. You’ve enjoyed drinking and partying since college. No worries, nobody to question you, your parents either you’ve managed to hide this habit nicely or they have lost all hopes after endless advice. Your money, your life and you are livin it up all this while.

Now suddenly you realize that you are getting old and need to settle down. Either you have found a girl to get married to or preparations are at full swing at home to get you married.


Make Wine at Home: Easy and Cheap Home Made Red Wine Recipe

I always had the desire to enjoy drinking something I made myself. Did a lot of researching on how to make wine at home and all I got was wine making methods which was meant to be executed in the USA which uses things like wine fermenter kit,  hydro meters, capdem tablets and those kind of stuff which you don’t get here in India.

I wanted to prepare wine using just materials available in any standard Indian kitchen and not spending too much money.  This search for the indianized wine making technique did not yield any results and I kept trying asking friends and relatives.

At last, I got the opportunity to talk to one pattima (old lady), mother of a good friend, who’s been making wine for years, got the recipe of ingredients, and proportions from her and she ran me through telephone the methodology, tips and tricks of the process. Within 2 hours of talking to her, I was all set to go!


Tamil Rap is Born – Yogi-B & Natchatra’s Vallavan and Madai Thirunthu

My second post on music heh! Well this time it’s not about copied or ripped music but a post of acknowledgment and praise to a band called ‘Yogi-B & Natchatra’ a band from Malaysia who have released their debut album ‘Vallavan’ (not to be confused with our simbu). These guys have released one of music video from this album and it’s going rounds in youtube.