Resolute Pink Vodka Review

Well, even before I go ahead with any of the stuff which this post is supposed to convey, let me assure you, that even though this continuous relay of posts on liquor on this blog may project that I am an alcoholic ,  I can assure you, I am not and purpose of kosukadi.com is not everything alcohol 🙂

I want to warn everybody around. Let me save as many people as possible before they fall for, (just like I did) and buy this stuff. There is a new vodka in town, available in TASMAC right now, called “Resolute pink vodka”. Costs Rs.170 bucks a quarter. Yes you read it right. Rs. 170 bucks a QUARTER even expensive than the best vodka in TASMAC, the “Magic Moments”.This vodka has a very very fancy bottle , looks amazing, and also smells amazing, BUT tastes no better than varnish. NO I haven’t ever had varnish to drink, but I am sure varnish will taste better than this stuff. Let me explain…….

Went on to get Vodka as usual, only to be ushered by the TASMAC guy, “SIR, Get the new Pink Vodka, new stock and samma smell-u sir”. So I went on to buy this vodka only after a sarcastic “SIR, this is 170 not 70” when I handed the guy a 100 rupee note.

The bottle looks amazing, no doubt, sort of a hip flask shape, work of art by itself.Resolute Pink has a surprise when you open the bottle. It is strawberry flavored and smells like real strawberry. Such a strong pleasant aroma, that people (women) would ditch their deos and splash it on their bodies. The smell is pretty strong that it beats my strawberry flavored car freshner (POPPY) hands down. The guy @ TASMAC was so damm true about the smell. It smells nothing like alcohol, Such a pleasant smell that you would have never expected out of an alcoholic drink. You need to smell it to believe me, you will have the urge to drink it all instantaneously the moment you smell it. Also the vodka has a very mild pink color. If you mix it with water or soda on a clear glass you would notice it.  BUT, let me tell you, the  positives of this vodka ends the moment you open it and smell it, because, the moment you try drinking it, I am sure you would feel like trashing the guy who sold it to you and especially whoever makes it and you would rant about wasting your 170 bucks which would have got you more than 2 quarters of Ramanov. I am not going to try to explain how bad it tastes, but I can assure you it tastes worse than any bad vodka you and I would have ever tasted.

So, who is this “Resoulte PINK vodka” for? If you have a wife / Mother in law / Father in law/ Father / Mother / Elder Brother / Elder Sister / Girl Friend / Boy Friend / Guardian / Dog (or whoever) who is going to be really upset when they get to know you have been drinking, THEN , this is the best drink for you. Drink This stuff, nobody is going to be even guess you have been drinking, infact when they get close to you and smell the strawberry aroma out of your mouth, they will be ready to plant you a kiss and you will be a very happy person, unless if it’s your dog which is trying to kiss you 🙂 BUT let me warn you, you rather go home sober instead of trying to drink this stuff and get kisses 🙂

Verbiage on the bottle which is total garbage:

Resolute Pink Vodka: It is just as versatile as you are. Savor this refreshng vodka neat, right from the bottle or use a creative blend to make a mind blowing cocktail. Resolute pink vodka has a suble strawberry flavor that only can perceive. Sip it slowly. Take your time.www.sippingspirits.com

7x distilled. 5 Times Filtered :
I am sure none of this distillation and filtration claims are true.Taste Absolut to know what 7x distilled is!!!

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  • kishore

    ha ha i too tried..and i wasted my money.its a shit

  • janac

    Hi, on this page of the website


    I had publicly posted my email address. I am the second post, under the name Janac.

    Please remove this post immediately, and I will appreciate it.

    Thank you very much.

  • mala sen

    all i can say is HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAH!!!!!!!!!!!!! this is just tooo funny!

  • raj

    hai kosukadi, like the size of kosu, is like the size of ur attitude, remember the quality will always come with a price tag, this month i bought a full bottle of resolute pink vodka, 2 b true, when mixed with soda, it really tasted like strawberry juice rather than trendy smelly alcohol. Well i will surely recommend this vodka specially for ladies for its non alcoholic smelly stuff. enjoy the resolute in the pink world girls.

  • jimmy

    i got this stuff many times. i love it . kosukadi is bluffing. taste it once, u love it.

  • Nik

    Where would I get it in Bangalore ???

  • Nab

    mix this with cranberry juice itz awesome

  • Saby

    I would not agree to kosukadi… tastes vary from person to person. i am regular pink vodka guy now…i mix it with sprite and little water, it gives me a small feel of the breezer.
    Then again, after 2 quaters, the taste varies…. lol

  • KU


  • ghanoo. .

    It was nice experience with this PINK.Njoyed a lot on 31st night celebration with power team..