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2011 Top 3 Vodka Brands In TN – # 1 Eristoff Vodka , #2 Magic Moments Vodka , #3 Romanov Vodka

Exactly a year ago, I had written a post about the 3 best Vodka options available in Tamil Nadu / TASMAC.  A year later, there has been  little improvement on the variety of options which one gets in TASMAC not just for Vodka, but for any liquor.

Just a couple of brands added and whole lot of crappy ones added and removed every other day. But towards the end of December 2010 Bacardi white rum started to be available. Also along with Bacardi, there was a very important introduction, which I believe has permanently changed the Vodka scene of Tamil Nadu. In came Eristoff vodka. (more…)


Resolute Pink Vodka Review

Well, even before I go ahead with any of the stuff which this post is supposed to convey, let me assure you, that even though this continuous relay of posts on liquor on this blog may project that I am an alcoholic ,  I can assure you, I am not and purpose of is not everything alcohol 🙂

I want to warn everybody around. Let me save as many people as possible before they fall for, (just like I did) and buy this stuff. There is a new vodka in town, available in TASMAC right now, called “Resolute pink vodka”. Costs Rs.170 bucks a quarter. Yes you read it right. Rs. 170 bucks a QUARTER even expensive than the best vodka in TASMAC, the “Magic Moments”.This vodka has a very very fancy bottle , looks amazing, and also smells amazing, BUT tastes no better than varnish. NO I haven’t ever had varnish to drink, but I am sure varnish will taste better than this stuff. Let me explain……. (more…)


Vodka options in Tamilnadu (TASMAC) : My Top 3

Everybody who lives in Chennai and choosing to drink anywhere other than a Bar or a Pub would definitely acknowledge the fact that it’s is a TERRIBLE experience to buy liquor from the TASMAC shops. Terrible might not be the word which correctly conveys this experience (need a stronger word), especially when trying to buy on a Friday or a Saturday evening ,whew!  Well, but anyways, people like me who, most times,  prefer not to choose a Bar or a Pub have no other option than to buy it from TASMAC.

From the grand old days, since I started drinking, my poison of choice has always been Vodka. Clear, odour less- at least when compared with the other liquor , taste less and readily goes with anything from fruit juice to good old water, Vodka has been my first and mostly my only choice.  This being the case I wanted to list down the Vodka available in our TASMAC shops in order of my preference. (more…)


Eristoff Vodka Review

In my recent visit to Guwahati, I did a bit of vodka shopping. I was amazed by the number of wine shops there. Literally, every second shop is a wine shop and these shops are privately owned. So you can see various lighting and decorations in each of the shops just to make one’s shop better than the other, couple of doors away 🙂  But none of these shops have bar attached. In a place where it’s cold most of the time, I guess it’s obvious that people drink a lot. (more…)


Alcoholic’s > Social Drinker’s > Non Teetotaller’s Guide to getting married and still continue drinking

Let’s face it. You’ve been a happy bachelor every since you remember. You’ve enjoyed drinking and partying since college. No worries, nobody to question you, your parents either you’ve managed to hide this habit nicely or they have lost all hopes after endless advice. Your money, your life and you are livin it up all this while.

Now suddenly you realize that you are getting old and need to settle down. Either you have found a girl to get married to or preparations are at full swing at home to get you married. (more…)


Make Wine at Home: Easy and Cheap Home Made Red Wine Recipe

I always had the desire to enjoy drinking something I made myself. Did a lot of researching on how to make wine at home and all I got was wine making methods which was meant to be executed in the USA which uses things like wine fermenter kit,  hydro meters, capdem tablets and those kind of stuff which you don’t get here in India.

I wanted to prepare wine using just materials available in any standard Indian kitchen and not spending too much money.  This search for the indianized wine making technique did not yield any results and I kept trying asking friends and relatives.

At last, I got the opportunity to talk to one pattima (old lady), mother of a good friend, who’s been making wine for years, got the recipe of ingredients, and proportions from her and she ran me through telephone the methodology, tips and tricks of the process. Within 2 hours of talking to her, I was all set to go! (more…)