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Vodka options in Tamilnadu (TASMAC) : My Top 3

Everybody who lives in Chennai and choosing to drink anywhere other than a Bar or a Pub would definitely acknowledge the fact that it’s is a TERRIBLE experience to buy liquor from the TASMAC shops. Terrible might not be the word which correctly conveys this experience (need a stronger word), especially when trying to buy on a Friday or a Saturday evening ,whew!  Well, but anyways, people like me who, most times,  prefer not to choose a Bar or a Pub have no other option than to buy it from TASMAC.

From the grand old days, since I started drinking, my poison of choice has always been Vodka. Clear, odour less- at least when compared with the other liquor , taste less and readily goes with anything from fruit juice to good old water, Vodka has been my first and mostly my only choice.  This being the case I wanted to list down the Vodka available in our TASMAC shops in order of my preference. (more…)