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Mr. Butler’s soda maker: Tippler’s (MY) best friend

The day the weighing machine at home showed 0 kgs, I stopped using 7up, Mirinda and drinks of that genre as mixing for my drink. The weighing machine showed zero because it went round once and beyond 120 there was just zero again 😉 Well that was 5-6 years ago during my prime. I weigh much much less now.

7-up, pepsi etc has so much sugar and calories, they are definitely unhealthy and that’s why even US (and even some Indian) schools have banned them in their in-campus cafeterias. So the day I stopped on these drinks for mixing, I switched to Soda. I urge everybody do the same (one health grounds). Okay, why soda and not water? Water is the best! I am sure many would argue in these lines. Even though water is my 2nd best alternative, I kind of like the soda’s fizz. (more…)