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2011 Top 3 Vodka Brands In TN – # 1 Eristoff Vodka , #2 Magic Moments Vodka , #3 Romanov Vodka

Exactly a year ago, I had written a post about the 3 best Vodka options available in Tamil Nadu / TASMAC.  A year later, there has been  little improvement on the variety of options which one gets in TASMAC not just for Vodka, but for any liquor.

Just a couple of brands added and whole lot of crappy ones added and removed every other day. But towards the end of December 2010 Bacardi white rum started to be available. Also along with Bacardi, there was a very important introduction, which I believe has permanently changed the Vodka scene of Tamil Nadu. In came Eristoff vodka. (more…)