Tamil Nadu Dry Days 2012 (liquor shops closed)

Posting the list of dry days in Tamil Nadu (TASMAC) on a dry day 🙂 During dry days, the liquor shops of Tamil Nadu and all bars (in hotels/pubs/clubs) serving liquor will be shut for the ENTIRE day.

However, rarely, some bars serve liquor after 6:00 PM on these days. But like I said rarely and that too just a handful of them. Some hotels provide liquor via room service after 6:00 PM on these as well.

Not included in this list are special days like election dates, poll counting days etc which do not occur every year have not been included. I don’t think, at least at the moment, there are any such special days in Tamil Nadu this year (2012).

So stay alert, set yourself a reminder in your phone calendar or something and ensure you stock up the previous evening. Cheers!

Below dry days list is for 2012. For 2013 dry days list click here

Date Day Reason
16th January 2012 Monday Tiruvallur Day
26th January 2012 Thursday Republic Day
???? ???? Vallalar Death Anniversary
5th February 2012 Sunday Meelad-un-Nabi
5th April 2012 Thursday Mahaveer Jayanti
1st May 2012 Tuesday May Day
15th August 2012 Wednesday Independence Day
2nd October 2012 Tuesday Gandhi Jayanthi

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  • Akash

    Dude … as per your list yesterday was a dry day …. it wasn’t 🙂 You might also want to re check May day.

    • http://www.kosukadi.com KosuKadi

      @Akash .. Thanks a lot for this pointing this out….
      All days/reasons are right. I got it from the official sources, so no confusions with that.
      1) http://www.tn.gov.in/acts-rules/home/licence_permit_rules2008.pdf : See Pg.100 in this document for 5 days which were originally dry days from the very beginning. This of course is the official TN Gov document.
      2) Recently in September 2011, they added 3 more days. See the following quote from TN Gov Press Release

      Viswanathan also announced new initiatives for his department for the year 2011-12, including the increase in the number of dry days in the State, when the sale of liquor is banned, from five days to eight. Viswanathan said the Independence Day, Republic Day and May Day have been added to the list of dry days.

      The problem was, I couldn’t get the proper date for “vallalar ninavu naal” , is it his birth date? or death date? Any idea? I used death date which I guess went wrong.

  • Akash

    Hi … last year it was on 20th Jan as per this article: http://www.thehindu.com/todays-paper/tp-national/tp-tamilnadu/article1098751.ece

    Do a search for “Vadalur Ramalinga Vallalar Memorial Day tasmac”. You will notice that it occurs on different days on different years.

    I just hope that I doesn’t catch us by surprise 😉

    • http://www.kosukadi.com KosuKadi

      @Akash, Thanks once again. Let me figure out the correct date and I will then immediately update the post. Cheers!!

    • Rakhesh

      Vallalar day falls on 7th February, 2012. Tasmac retail shops are closed on this day

      • http://www.kosukadi.com KosuKadi

        @Rakesh. It’s today!!! Thanks for letting us know. Hopefully everybody who needs booze stocked up yesterday

  • i am karna

    Will the bars open today (7 feb 12) after 6pm.

  • Akash

    So no more dry days till the 5th of April … Phew !!!!

  • Bala

    at what time the tasmac shops open during a dry day..like today. Thanks for the reply.

  • Gandhi

    Kudikaara Naaygala.. Why cant u quit Drinking!!! Becoz of Drinking most crimes happen and our country is under developed !!