2011 Top 3 Vodka Brands In TN – # 1 Eristoff Vodka , #2 Magic Moments Vodka , #3 Romanov Vodka

Exactly a year ago, I had written a post about the 3 best Vodka options available in Tamil Nadu / TASMAC.  A year later, there has been  little improvement on the variety of options which one gets in TASMAC not just for Vodka, but for any liquor.

Just a couple of brands added and whole lot of crappy ones added and removed every other day. But towards the end of December 2010 Bacardi white rum started to be available. Also along with Bacardi, there was a very important introduction, which I believe has permanently changed the Vodka scene of Tamil Nadu. In came Eristoff vodka.

My first encounter with Eristoff Vodka was in 2009 during my trip to Guwahati. I was so impressed, that I brought back quite a few bottles and also immediately wrote about it at KosuKadi. You can read my Eristoff Vodka review here.

Just like I mentioned, the moment Eristoff Vodka hit Chennai’s shores, the Vodka scene changed. It became my undisputed #1 choice of Vodka (available in TASMAC). The quality, the smoothness just blew the rest of the vodka options away.

My 2010 Top 3 Vodka options were

1) Magic Moments Vodka
2) Romanov Vodka
3) MGM Vodka

My 2011 Top 3 vodka options available in TN are

#1. Eristoff Vodka – The undisputed leader

Pros: Smooth, No odour and definitely the best quality vodka available. You can say that it is better distilled and definitely a good quality stuff, not just by it’s smoothness and quality but also the morning after feeling. No hangover or tizzy the next day after a big session the previous night.

Cons: EXPENSIVE. Rs.500 – full / Rs.250 – Half / Rs.125 – quarter. Romanov vodka is just Rs.305 for a full bottle (40% cheaper)

If the price is not a deterrent, then this is the undisputed choice.

#2. Magic Moments Vodka – Still remains a good alternative

Pros: Smooth. Comes in two options. Unflavored and green apple flavor (Eristoff does not have a flavored option)

Cons: I had written about this earlier. I feel this vodka is mild. Kind of does not get you as high/drunk like other vodkas (same quantity) would do. Again, expensive. Rs.430 for a full bottle. Romanov at Rs.305 is around 30% cheaper.

If you love flavored vodka, then this is the best option for you. I guess this is the best option for the ladies. Also Magic Moments is an Indian brand, which you must support 🙂

#3. Romanov Vodka – Solid Value for money alternative

Pros: Flavored options available. Plain, Orange and Apple are the three options. Good solid stuff. Has the best. Economical pricing (Rs. 305 for a full bottle). Sexy looking bottle 😉

Cons: Definitely not as smooth as Eristoff or Magic Moments. Morning after effect is well pronounced after an extended evening.

Romanov has been my staple drink of choice for quite some time. So there is definitely a big loyalty factor involved. If you are looking for Quality + value for money option. Look for elsewhere; Vonamor will be your best friend 😉

Eristoff Vodka Vs other Big two.

In my podium standing for Vodka (internationally, not just our TASMAC). #1 position has always been for Absolut. #2 position has always been for Smirnoff. Not because there are no better Vodka brands other than Absolut and Smirnoff in the whole world. There are much better and expensive options like the Grey Goose and Belvedere around, but for an aam adhmi like me, Absolut and Smirnoff are easily accessible, reasonably priced and within my reach.

So, I wanted to critically examine and see if Eristoff can match these two and wanted to get a death match started between “Chennai’s #1 Vodka Vs. (my) rest of the world #1 Vs. (my) rest of the world #2” i.e. “Eristoff Vs. Absolut Vs. Smirnoff”.

And recently, I had the opportunity and delight of acquiring all three together and so I got this death match going. A plain (unflavored) Absolut from the duty free, An indian made Smirnoff and of course Eristoff from TASMAC is what I had. This was done when all of us (me and a couple of other friends) were completely sober and comparison of the factors mentioned below was all done in succession, one against the other.

It’s just too hard to believe, the TASMAC underdog just blew the competition away.

Smell: Compared to Smirnoff and Absolut, Eristoff had MUCH LESS odour. It was almost odourless. I was shocked about this. I always thought that Absolut was the most refined and odourless. But when I compared it with Eristoff head-to-head at the same time, it was a revelation.

Smoothness: Smoothness was tested by having shots and also on the rocks and how smooth the drink felt. I know smoothness is about personal perception, but generally all of us agreed that Eristoff trumped the other two by a small margin.

Price: Definitely, Eristoff is the cheapest among the three. Actually Smirnoff and Eristoff are almost priced the same in most regions of India where they are available. (a’int I right?) Absolut is around $19 USD in the airport duty free (1 litre)

So, Eristoff came out victorious in the death match, slaying in cold blood both Absolut and Smirnoff.

So, guys, who said that you don’t get good stuff in TASMAC. We get the world’s best vodka in TASMAC – Eristoff!! (At least IMHO). Cheers!

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  • ganz

    Bro am from Chennai and am searching for morpheus brandy.
    May i know in which tasmac i.ll be gettin tat from Chennai?

    • http://www.kosukadi.com KosuKadi

      @ganz , I guess you get it in TASMACs, but not all . I have seen it in Shathi Colony (Anna Nagar) TASMAC

  • Arjun

    I heard new “elite” tasmacs have been opened…i’m looking forward to your reviews of the new brands we get there

    • http://www.kosukadi.com KosuKadi

      @Arjun, the elite TASMAC shops are not yet open as far as I can see. Waiting for them to open. If they do, yes, I will review them immediately 😉

  • Paul

    nice discussion… Have u ever tried Resolute vodka..I am not sure whether it is available in Chennai..as ‘m frm Mumbai..it’s available in Mumbai-Goa…I’ve found it Gr8…Priced around 750/- in Mumbai..available in 2 varieties.. Black & Pink.. u shld try those…

    N.B: posted here as I’m a vodka lover 🙂

    • http://www.kosukadi.com KosuKadi

      @Paul Thanks for your comment. I am a vodka lover too 😉 In fact, the only hard liquor I prefer is Vodka. But, I have a completely different perception about Resolute. I guess you did not see this post => http://www.kosukadi.com/resolute-pink-vodka/

    • Pratik

      There’s a third variant called crystal too… U should try that out

  • Jose

    I bought an Eristoff Vodka Bottle in the first month it was launched here in TN. After i reached home, saw some white particles floating in the bottle. Came back and after a big argument the Tasmac salesman agreed to replace it. To my shock that bottle too had some dirt floating. Paid the extra money and went back home with a bottle of Bacardi white rum.

    • http://www.kosukadi.com KosuKadi

      @Jose, This is very strange. I can tell you , I have consumed at least 50 full bottles of Eristoff so far from Tasmac, I am sure about the number, because I always sell the consumed bottles 🙂 and never have I had any issues of floating particles. Either, your case, the tasmac guys adulterated it, or it may be air bubbles.

      Also, Bacardi rum and Eristoff come from the stables of Bacardi and both Bacardi white rum and Eristoff you get in our TN Tasmac are produced in the same distillery 🙂

      • naveen

        Hi Kosukadi,

        May I know, why I cant get Romanov Vodka and Kingfisher beer in TASMAC’s in Chennai??..If so where it is available, Am a first time drinker and please let me know which are other best beers available than KF?