Top Tamil Rap Songs : Contribute To This List !!!

Making this post at Kosu Kadi with a hope that avid fans of the Tamil Rap genre will contribute to this list of top Tamil Rap songs for the benefit of other Tamil Rap fans. Yogi-B & Natchatra’s Madai thirandhu in 2006, even though a cover / remix of an old Tamil song was a genre starter and I guess that’s when “commercial” Tamil Rap was born. A post about this fabulous song was one of the very first posts in Kosu Kadi.

Now after 6 years, here is a mini compilation of what I believe are one of the best Tamil Rap songs out there. There are zillions of songs on youtube, Sound Cloud etc that will fit into the “Tamil Rap” genre in general, but most are just pure tune to tune remix or remakes of Tamil, Hindi or English songs with just words changed.I haven’t considered such songs for this list. Songs which I feel are complete originals or bearing very little resemblance of the original song are the ones mentioned here. If there are similar songs which you know, kindly post a comment here (with a youtube or similar link) so that fellow fans can get to know of the song and enjoy it. Cheers!

Top Tamil Rap Songs (that I know of) : Original tune or an EXCELLENT cover/remix. In no particular order

Dinesh & Charles Bosco – Kuruvi


Yogi-B & Natchatra – Madai Thirandhu


Kavithai Gundar – Thaniye


Yogi-B & Natchatra – Indian Girls


TN 07 AL 4777 – Aathichudi

How can I leave this song off. Such a fun song!!!

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